Planet Calypso: Spawning the Hussk - Sunday April 7th

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    In a couple of days on Sunday April 7th (at around 14:00 15:00 MA time) Hijacker will spawn the Hussk once again.

    He has invited everyone to join him on the Volcanic Island to help defeat it.


    Many of you have done this with Hijacker on his previous attempts, but if you haven't then you need to do a few things to prepare.

    The Volcanic Island is a special pvp area which you may not enter without a special one time vaccination. The Vaccine is obtained through a series of missions you need to do on a near by island, click "show spoiler" to view detailed information about them:

    1. First you need to do all of the missions around Naval Station Triton which include. (total cost for all these missions is ~500ped)
      1. Several go to these waypoints and report back type missions, make sure you check down by the docks on the beach as well, there are some NPCs there. (free)
      2. Kill 100 mobs from the island.
      3. Find 20 mining claims on the island.
      4. Kill 600 points worth of Rextelium. (~6-10 points per kill depending on maturity)
      5. When done with all of the missions around Triton you will be given a mission to go to Jameson's Reach.
    2. Once at Jameson's Reach, you need to do all the missions there as well. (~1k ped total, 500 for the first part, and 500 to collect the extra 20 Rex samples at the end)
      1. Kill 20 Aetherax on each of two hills. (they respawn fast, so is a fairly quick mission, just be careful they hit fairly hard)
      2. Several more waypoint/exploring type missions.
      3. Collect 10 samples each from Aetherax, Sabakuma, and Rextelium. (samples aren't actual loot in your window, but a theoretical 'point' you randomly get after killing one of the required mobs)
      4. Collect 20 more samples from Rextelium.
      5. Once you are finished with the missions at Jameson's Reach you will be injected with the vaccine, and can now enter the PVP area of the Volcano Island, and receive a mission to go there.
    3. You should be good to go for the Hussk now, but there are a couple of more interesting things you can do in the mission chain.
      1. In the northern part of the Volcano Island you will find two platforms guarded by turrets and NPC soldiers which is good since the area is heavily populated by high level Malcrutenters and Kingfishers.
      2. One of the the platforms has some terminals on it, but the other has a televator/teleporter which takes you up to the Mothership that is hovering over the island.
      3. There are several NPCs aboard the Mothership which give you more assignments including exploring the volcano and gathering meat from the local mobs.

    The Hussk is spawned by giving specific resources to a special mission broker on the Mothership hovering over the Volcanic Island.

    • 500 000 Vibrant Sweat
    • 1 Raging Daikiba Bull Blood Sample
    • 1 Traeskeron Matriarch Blood Sample
    • 1 Gosubusagi Blood Sample
    • 1 Sand King Blood Sample
    Each blood sample is obtained from the boss mobs in different wave events, and are very rare (and expensive) drops even on them.
    Hijacker has been the only one dedicated enough to collect and purchase the samples (and sweat) needed to spawn the Hussk each time so far, so it really is kind of 'his' mob.
    Once spawned the Hussk is a shared loot Boss and will require everyone working together to kill it.

    With 1,950,000 HP and fast Regen, it is easily the biggest and toughest mob currently in Entropian Lore.


    Even without the Regeneration factored in, it cost nearly 7000ped to kill!
    Depending on how many people are involved to overcome the regeneration factor that cost could be considerably higher.

    You may have noticed some recent conversations when Hussk'ed icon for rating posts with was added.
    Improved Like System Post Ratings

    The first Hussk that Hijacker spawned had the wrong loot settings by MA and not only was it not a 'shared loot' mob, but it ended up also being a no loot mob as well. Because of this the term Hussk'ed has come to refer to (to put it bluntly) being screwed over by MindArk.

    However, the times that the Hussk did contain loot it dropped some pretty nice items.
    These included, Helmet of the Wormslayer and Arms of the Wormslayer.
    (with the amazing stats of 46pen/46burn/43cut/32stb/22shrap/25acid)


    The chance to get nothing vs. the chance at an item like this really heightens the adrenaline and excitement over what is already a big deal of killing a mob that has 1,950,000 HP!

    Because of the thousands of PED he has spent to prepare for the spawning, it would be common courtesy for anyone looting valuable items to give him a share to help cover his costs. (20% was the expected share from last year)

    Hopefully you can make it on Sunday and join in on the excitement. If you do, please take screenshots or video and post them here for those who were unable to complete the missions in time.

    Good Luck and See you there!

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  2. narfi

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    Hijacker just told me work will delay the start till 15:00 for him, so changed that above.
  3. In short:
    Invest 50$ yourself, do tons of missions, killing (+maybe bad loots), reviving, repairing...just to waste 700$ in a group on one mob, that might not loot (again) ?

    I dont know, but a "medipack" selling for 30.000$ back then, sounded way more cool as the Hussk-Preparation sounds today...

    Hell, even in my good times, playing 14 hours per day, investing 50 $ just to be able to shoot a little at the boss mob would have scared me away from that idea. But I never even was thinking about buying thinks like shadowarmor or imp-mk2 either.

    In todays world I can indeed understand why other people on the internet have never even tried Entropia after all those publicity stunts...David and his 26.000$ Treasure Island purchase was another stor(e)y though. :)

    have fun
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