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Spawn calls us noobs at EP, is truly pissed at the truth (again) ^^

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. Sorry for creating a thread about a pissed Spawn (not).

    Since a long time Im done with the delaying tactics by Mindark and a handfull of addicted gamblers supporting it, people getting favoured in a real cash game and exploits beeing tolerated, only if you spend enough money. The spirit is gone.

    This all turned into a neverending forum war, with no changes in sight at the horizon.
    At least I can say I always got a nice amount of entertainment out of this,
    by "Watching the show". :)
    Nothing will ever be forgotten though. Mark my words.

    So, what is this mess about ?

    Rave (avatar from 2005) started a long thread on "How Mindark failed Project Entropia"

    So, the threat title and the thread itself, is about on "How Mindark failed Projet Entropia".

    And Rave clearly describes (with tons of fails missing), how Mindark failed and how he felt in the world of the past. Which had so much potential. Well described...but way too short.

    "all thrown into a mixing bowl and dumped on the floor" -Rave 7/2020

    One more time, the thread is not about repetitive wishes and ideas...its about how Mindark failed Project Entropia and how it once started as a great mature sci-fi mmorpg. Always a niche product, never entering the big market.

    Case closed. Or, is it ?


    Now Spawn shows up and demands solutions, instead of "negativity"...calling us at EP noobs. *sniff* :'(

    Dear Spawn, by now you should have realized, nothing will ever change...nothing will ever get improved anymore, yet you ask the people, that offer you their simple true opinion, on how they would improve Entropia now ?

    You, along with the handfull of selected fanboys, that no longer care about a mature-sci-fi-taming-space-landplots-story-bound-mmorpg-experience...damn, you know exactly what is missing, what needs to be improved, yet you keep crying and making jokes about the people, that start to feel unsatisfied, with all the broken promises, scams, lies and a gigantic silence attached to it. This isnt only your game.
    Is it simply the fault of the unsatisfied players ? Because they offered ideas, fixes and wishes for more than a decade, that never became reality ?

    This once was a nice mature community. A real community !

    Your post will change as much as ours. Nothing. Opinions arent valued in this game anymore.
    There is no communication. Yet you guys keep crying, and making jokes of people, everytime they are not satisfied with your beloved product...until you complain on your own...how dare you ? x'D

    Havent there been enough wishes and ideas over the past 10+ years on the forums ?
    All of them posted at least a dozen times by now.

    Havent there been enough broken promises, scams and lies by Mindark ?

    Wasnt there enough silence for you ?

    Not enough delaying tactics maybe ?

    Not enough (silent) community managers ?

    You followed Mindark for more than a decade...and you might still be around in 10 years,
    hoping and/or claiming it will get better one day...and that you still love and enjoy it anyway...by repeating the same gibberish, again and again and again...always pointing your finger at the unsatisfied customers...because you are satisfied and those unsatisfied are not wanted...they are the real problem, right ? And you dislike their visions of 2003.
    Why the fuck cant these bastards enjoy todays Entropia, just like you do ?! :P

    I will tell you...we/they also still have/had hope for changes, for development, for communication...which never came...while you guys still easily get a boner, when MA officials say "hi" once per year...since 10+ years...we dont and thats what you guys truly dislike and cant fully understand. As you said it in your own words, it is not only your game...its our game too.

    I mean, its not that you are pointing at fresh noobs that just dislike the game...because they lost some money...you pointing your finger at people, that invested & experienced (into) this since more then 15 years. Some even 20 years. Again, its not only your game !

    I mean, even you fanboys are unsatisfied at times...how comes !?!
    Its such a nice online experience and the developer really cares, right ?

    "Project Entropia will never come back, face it and focus on the future changes"

    O'RLY ? We people dont just want the "Project Entropia" of 2003 with its old graphics back.
    You and the other fanboys keep missunderstanding that since 10+ years.

    "McCormick is toxic and only wants to SEE Entropia fail" thats how I get described by some on the other forum. x'D

    You and the other handfull of fanboys are professionals at missunderstanding and missinterpreting. Since 10+ years. Keep that in mind, while you enjoy spending your valuable time and money on this "great online entertainment". Sure, it is your decision but I also made mine.

    On PCF addicts keep talking of "we need more players", "I hope that will bring in more players"...as if that would be the solution and solve existing problems...the servers already moaning, when hundreds of players want to "enjoy" it...so low and beyond the priorities.

    Again, the thread is not about wishes, ideas and fixes, that got repeated so often over the past 10+ years. It is childish to point at oldtimer Rave, asking him for solutions now...omg...ideas and solutions that have been repeated so often, I stopped counting...but I read them all, imagined them all...twice.

    But at least I enjoy watching your show...I hope you can still enjoy us noobs as well. x'D

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  2. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    Mark you should know by now it is best to ignore Spawn. He even once on THIS forum linked a link to viruses remember.

    Focus now i think on new RCE game Q1 2021 :) ;). MA are just winding down now. New Attonsoons etc 1 new family member on staff. Winding down time for sure.


    Getting there :).
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  3. :shots::beerchug::argue::confused1::cool (2)::bandit::gangnam:
    Spawn does indeed post here at ep quite a bit too... (not so much as he used to but well... (honestly think he may have been considering him a n00b in that reference as well since he cashed out to buy a car and is now back to low level 'regular' hunting for the most part instead of trying to up his game to new uber levels. Also think that the comment was intended towards the op on that thread over there, not the folks over here, at least not directly?))

    I do see both sides of the story a bit... and yes, Evey, what Mindark did was made promises that were never kept... a bunch of promises.... cannot help non-historians keep forgetting that part of it. You may not call them promises, but they were indeed promises.

    If Mindark wants to be taken seriously, and does want the future to be looked at well, go back to the past... find all those promises made that were never fulfilled and start working on making them become a promise finally fulfilled even though it may have taken a couple of decades to do it... We can start a list if you'd like but McCormick already kind of did that...

    you got apartments and shops that were never released to participants to own, but entire planets and continents kept getting added, causing existing estates to stop working for months or years as that happened since under the surface adding new estates causes database for old ones to corrupt or something...

    you got system upon system upon system broken or never finished... voting booths... farming... plots... taming partly came back but how long did it take, and why did they stop at the levels they did... several have upped levels on pets to way up their high amounts but your only benefit is to go up to unlock the passives and nothing higher than that...

    the darn list goes on and on and on and on and on...

    you got boring as hell content... most players never actually read half of what the npcs say and just click through to get on to the next grind... when the quest system started out there was potential to tell some level of story... codex supposedly got added to get rid of bloat in that npc system... now that codex is more or less here for good, go back to the main story system and start revising it, using the 'real' story/history stuff that this 'project entropia' started out with... https://www.planetcalypso.com/planet-calypso/the-story-of-calypso/

    look over there in link above... Mars, the Jovian moons and Titan... where are those locations in game that avatars can tp or travel to in a ship?

    Akbal-Cimi system - sure there's an instance, one little instance... where's the entire robot system including both planets?

    Stop adding new useless crap no one asked for and start adding in the stuff that you started or hinted at but never delivered yet. If you do add new stuff look to original storyline and/or new add ons to it for ideas on where to go... don't just 'add Medusa continent for the hell of it'...

    Rocktropia is/was a failure in and of itself since it had ideas that were huge and it was the first initial planet... Neverdie's gone in to hiding/retirement somewhere handing off the planet to no one as POVR... Cyrene is really only planet partner that listens in on forums, and they do make changes but those changes are so slow due to needing to go up the food chain to Mindark... most other planets are more or less dead on the development side of things, even if they are adding a new moon here and there...

    and lets face it moons were just added as a way to get players that don't just want an LA to spend a bit more when they don't the resources to create an entire planet themselves.. that part of the system is for the Strykers, Yodas, Spawns that haven't cashed out to buy cars yet.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2020
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  4. But Spawn is so "entertaining" at times... x'D

    spawn fail x.

    Well written...for the gazzillionth time...but maybe Spawn & Co. just forget about all these things every 2 or 3 months.
    Would explain a lot.

    The best comment I have ever read, after 16 years of Entropia, was by messi91 in 2020 :

    Im feared McCormick gonna destroyyyy zee gaaaameeee one dayyyyy !

    Lovely psyche there... x'D

    Also no idea why my old friend Evey is so pissed about my attitude against this company...and started to believe Im just a toxic idiot in rage mode now and...gonna destroyyy zeee gaaaameeee !!!111
  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Clearly doesn't know I once worked out how to take out servers on demand XD it's those elves you gotta worry about ;) ;) ;)

    "all thrown into a mixing bowl and dumped on the floor" -Rave 7/2020

  6. It's been a really long time since I've actually played EU. I have been keeping my account active just to pop in from time to time and sell a skill chip or two. I think the one big thing I noticed coming back to the actual game play was how little things had changed in terms of the game itself. I sort of backed out of gaming for a very long time because of school and other interests that actually make me money.

    I remember being really disillusioned with Mindark a number of years ago after a bad customer service incident, that is when I sold most of my items and took a very long break. Your timeline image reminded me of all those people that had avatars that I wanted mine to be like and where Mindark could really go with Project Entropia and even Entropia Universe, I was always bummed I didn't start playing when I first heard of Project Entropia but in hindsight I probably wouldn't have looted any special items the way the cards seemed stacked at the time. I still follow a few of the people on social media just to see what they are up to after so many years since I spent a lot of time playing in societies with them but they've mostly moved on from PE/EU.

    I don't regret the many years I played Project Entropia and Entropia Universe. There were some fun times during land grabs and having society rivalries and what new things would pop up during VUs. There is a part of me though that felt like there were members in societies who weren't who they said they were and it was all to easy for them to get the "Golden Ticket" so to speak (such is life). There were a lot of avatars who built skills using auto clickers that seemed to have an unfair advantage in some respects because of it and Mindark either turned a blind eye or they were in on it in some way. It's been a nostalgic little trip these past couple of days but man there is just something gnawing at my gut each time I look at the HoF list and see what is active and what is not. I am still amazed that people actively play EU as much as they do. I just don't have the fervor for it like I once did which isn't a bad thing.

    I am also completely surprised at the shady dealings at Mindark that seem to still be going on but I was always able to get my PED withdraws from the system even if it took forever and a day. At one time I was 100% behind Mindark and their development of EU they could have made money hand over fist with implementation of space and the planets but it seemed to get more and more like their real players were there only to be fleeced. It's a mixed bad of emotions for sure.
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  7. I also did not regret starting in 2004, really enjoying a mature sci-fi-MMOPRG with a storyline and real money attached to it.
    Following 16 years of innovation, fails, lies, crimes and drama. What a show...
    No other online-game-developer was able to mistreat its product this extensive, over such a long time.

    It is truly not about "Entropia evolved and you cant just handle it anymore"
    By far not...but the fanboys will know better.

    Todays Entropia is a nice casino-psycho-show of mature drama queens, that invested so much money into this already, that they are just afraid of any form of negativity...SEE messi91. Its really nothing else...but yes, many newcommers still have the same old dreams...

    Back then ppl were afk fapping 24/7 in front of ignis.
    And while it was 200% ok back then, its considered "this is not the way its meant to be played" in todays Entropia.
    Then it even got punished and finally "fixed".

    Trapping was endorsed by Mindark and even announced as "clever tactic" on the old forums,
    before stone-cold scammers like Mindbuster and 711 showed up.

    Community Manager ? Communications ? The saddest part here...as its non existant since 2009. 11 years.
    Real Content Updates ? Dont even get me started...ridiculous. Yet the fanboys...whatever.

    In todays Entropia the exploits are beeing abused stronger than ever. And its always the same exploits, always the same people.
    Insiders always existed but "just recently" a fucking lot of internal crap hit the daylight.

    Always real money involved...your money.

    Mindark beeing professionals at distracting your view...your mind...so people keep asking/saying "what actually went wrong...and when...ahhh it just the past" .
    What an excuse.

    It became so repetitive over the past decade, I gave up explaining, because people either forgot quickly or adviced me to leave the game, instead of joining the discussions. The main reason I left "the other forum".

    I wouldnt actually want to call gambling on "Explosive Blueprints" playing the game...but it became one of the the main "professions" ingame. 2$ per click, a simple slot machine.

    These reappearing walls of text should be seen as our expression of dissapointment, rather then "I want to SEE this game die".

    It had so much potential.

    And no, we dont just want 2003/2004 back...but we also dont want what it should have never become...yet the handfull of fanboys will...nevermind(ark).

    What a show...another reason while Im still around.
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  8. San


    Everybody is a fanboy of his own vision.
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  9. Love how you always put things into perspective.

    But if the developers dont have a vision anymore...the vision of the players if pretty much...zilch.

    Except they can continue using this sad standard gambling system...getting more skillzzzz...what a vision. ...
  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    "Back then ppl were afk fapping 24/7 in front of ignis."

    Sorry this made me laugh to remember how many years went by before I found out fapping had very different meaning outside of entropia XD
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