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Discussion in 'Skills & professions' started by rwin, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. wow, no posts in hunting for 8 months?
    had a great time on the new person hunt quests last week.....
    pretty good returns,
    commin' back to hunt some hogs....
  2. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    I haven't been to NI for a bit, but I agree, it still is my favorite place to visit!! :) Good luck on the hogs. ;)
  3. I really hope the bamboo curtain is raised soon and we know what's going on

    I still go weekly and take care of my shop there though >^.^<
  4. ok...so many many dead piggies and monkeys.. pretty decent loot w/o a global too. I love the nip..and the nip 1 L too...i think i got the only one available on the planet from kittens shop...no blueprints of it to be found...Starkhov's are running low..and that's the problem with the low population..i just cant effectively resupply here to stay much longer..auction turn around is low....cant mine/hunt/craft all i need myself..
    so ill stay till my rifle fails me...and im off again...;)
  5. I will trya nd craft a few more nip1's and stock them up and for now I tossed one of the brand new GeoTrek H8 (lvl 8 blp) into the shop maybe someone enjoy that

    I really wish I had 2 more item points in that shop booth so I can have 2 shopkeepers O.o
  6. ill prolly do one more day and head back to Cly...id like to get a few lvl 1 bps here too...is the nip L a crafting drop only? has anyone made or seen a nip 2??
  7. i have bp's for nip 1 - 5 all looted from crafting ^.^
  8. i figured that's where they came from...too bad there aren't more on the market, do you have to be crafting on next island to loot them i wonder?
    Havent seen any nip 2's for sale ...very little info on entropidea about them as well.
  9. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Yep any planet specific bp's are looted on the planet they are from. If you want a NIP 2 bp you have to craft weapons on NI to loot them. :)

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