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Discussion in 'Hall of Fame' started by Haruto Rat, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. I was in Calypso Gateway, grinding highland allos for bones, when all out of sudden...
    2013-11-09 -- Highland Allophyl Mature 8 PED .jpg
    Now, I'm pretty sure loots of this size have happened in the past but without swirlies; hence, it's either an one-off glitch, or the most recent update included lowering global threshold to 5 PED (plausible, quite a lot of mobs on e.g. Cyrene have it that low).
    In either case, I might well be the first ever to global on these buggers (a sort of achievement that would justify this post :)); Entropia Life doesn't sort them out properly yet, going to make a support case later.
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  2. RAZER

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    nice one !
    Dont think that mobs is even in the tracker :)
  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Fun :)

    Grats on the swirlies!!
  4. 9 ped is not a global no way, mindark are just crackers.
    A global is anything over 60+ peds and always will be.

    Wonder how many get lured in by this crap.

    How did u get the progress bar in top right screen
  5. Wistrel

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    Allos on Thule? Really? Will have to go look. I think swirlies happen for skill increases now too - sure it wan't just that? Congrats on 8 ped off a tiny though! Nice loot indeed =D
  6. "Highland" allos have been there at least since summer; young is 20 HP, mature 30 HP.
    There are also "phasm pups", "prototype drones" and other puny versions, including even 25 HP Highland Longtooth (two of them, sometimes hard to find). :)
    progress.jpg The progress panel is there since VU 14.3 and is toggled by clicking ►on that small semitransparent panel (it's by default somewhere near top left corner and might be on top of some button as in my case). It's of little use though as it changes the skill/profession displayed quite randomly.
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  7. NotAdmin

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    You mean 50 PED? ;-)

    I'm guessing the changes were made to make the system look busier. More globals = more exposure. At the same time, it also ensures more people show up in trackers, and thus will make it easier to get a more accurate understanding of the actual amount of active participants in EU.
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  8. highlands is nice, but I find rocktropians to be a little less boring at the moment... (at least the music is better on RT, lol) I think the spawn on the baby allo has about 3 mobs in it if I remember correctly. Last time I was there they were in the area west of twins near where the water is at the bottom of the river created by the falls (close to the crashed ship). It's nice hunting ground for low level stuff, but it's kinda boring after a while since mobs don't spawn super fast or super thick, so after you kill one you have to wait around a few minutes to find the next...
  9. Does this look better? ;)
    2013-11-13 -- Highland Allophyl Mature 30 PED .jpg
    Loot also included full Chicara Oni-Ichi (L) (5.70) and full Castorian Pioneer EnBlade-3 (L) (17.00) - not loaded at the moment the screenshot was taken.
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  10. There are two requests that players have been asking for - lowering cost of play and having the game more interesting by having more globals that interrupt the grind. This looks like it ticks off both boxes ;)

    Personally I think it's a good idea.

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