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  1. So I'm back on Calypso now.... flew back while I was sleeping.

    Burned 3 Svempa X1's, and Apis, and an H400. Never looted an Optimus Prime helmet as I always ended up missing the high loot waves. WHY in god's name they put a helmet into the loot of a near NiL HP mob is beyond me. Given the loot distribution system that means SEVERAL will drop in a short period a few times a day duing high loot payout times. Rest of the day a player is real damn lucky to see one. If the mobs had SOME HP like say.... young/mature island sharks then the helmets would have dropped more consistantly in the form of "mini's".

    Now... the stupid helmet mob aside... my returns were REASONABLE considering there's no traffic on NI at all. I TT'd about 300 PED worth of markup due to lack of economy on NI which was a bummer but I expected as much.

    The updates.... EPIC FAIL! Still no way to get the Prime Helmet BP and no way to click the new paint BP's. In fact..... that's why I'm not cycling 10k PED/day there ATM. I got pissed off at the constant barrage of dissappointments EVERY single update NI gets. I LOVE the planet but guys come-on.... I just can't afford to spend the RL money I spend on an incomplete planet.

    PLEASE get it together with Next Island. It's got so much potential yet no Dev team.

    Anywho.... NI got about $300 U.S. from me dumped into their system. Hopefully in the future they'll pull it together and can get some money off of me more often.

  2. Contrary to PEDs, thought is free :)
    -- after William Shakespeare

    Economy, development, etc... All this seems quite complicated.

    Life is really simple. If let us say Portal Guardians were to drop Generic Fuse, Next Island would surely quickly become a favorite planet.
  3. Fair point Wangxiang.

    And extremely easy to implement too, in case anyone from the NI team wants to do something that will push this planet forward.
  4. Actually even if they could make the portal guardians loot other robot parts that would ROCK and make a lot of blueprints suddenly usable on NI

    example Vivo T5
    Medical Compress
    Zinc Ingot
    Simple I Conductors
    Animal Muscle
    Animal Eye Oil
    Robot Low-Loss Link Cable

    so all we would need is robot low loss link cables looting and suddenly there's a great healing kit can be made locally which makes hunting more viable due to component demand

    Even better would of course be a brand new healing kit BP that's UL which makes a (L) tool and the bp needs to be level 1 and come from the technician and use the crystals and monkey parts. Like leather bad of healing oils or something. This would create demand for materials from monkeys which beginning players can hunt and really kick start things XD.

    Make it a biodegradable item usable in Greece and slightly better than the herb kit and suddenly you have double demand

    hmmm actually that should be a item keyword on all items (biodegradable) yes or no like on ice daggers its a yes because they usable in Greece. Put that right in with the item information page or even just in the descriptions. so people know what items can go to the past
  5. So many great player recommendations, so little developer action :(
  6. So looking forward to crafting all this stuff I have looted since the planet opened. I do get the feeling that this planet doesn't get the priority of the other planets, but that is just speculation since I don't know what the developers have sent to MA. Development team please push harder to get your stuff in the updates.
  7. yeah I kind of have to wonder who is spending months to develop not a whole lot. Must not be their first job or anything. If there is even one person working 40 hours a day, how can 4 months only produce 1 quest and supporting ingame objects.
  8. Maybe they were putting more work into Comic Con. Their priority is to still recruit players, not to actually add any content.

    They have obviously brought out my bitchy side with all the FAILED VU, FAILED content, FAILED communications. I am just getting tired of the same shit over and over. My new nickname is going to be Bitchy until I see some actual progress :angry:
  9. actually these new paints once the book is in gives us a item thats great and use local materials I feel excited about it XD
  10. We need a game developer. And sorry Meg, but you don't go from English teacher to qualified game dev in the ~1 year that you have been with NI. Nothing against you, grate on the promo, but when a company moves the PR person into a top management position, it's usually not a good sign for the future of the company. If I where you I'd start handing out resumes right about now.
  11. Well I think meg is going to take all the community great suggestions and do good job ^.^
  12. She can work as hard as she possibly can, it's already to late. Although I haven't given up on NI yet, I have set a deadline. If Meg has been paying attention then she will listen to what we have said, problem is she will still be understaffed. Problem on our side, we assume that their will be a player base. NI as a company has reached her breaking point.
  13. So VERY VERY true. What they need to do is recruit a fistfull of players to take the reigns on the economical side of things. Re-sell, run shops/market booths, manage spawn settings/run events on Land Areas. Auction ANYTHING they can on NI and transport weapons/armor/faps/tools from other planets to place on auction on NI so that visitors can re-aquire gear as their (L) stuff wears out.

    Problem is.... that is a HUGE thing to request of their customers. Simple solution.... take resume's.... "hire" players to help out. Throw them a nice uniform so other players know the position of these players is to boost economy and bump the planet up. You know... make it REAL NICE looking... Maybe Centurion type coat (but reversed colors) with main field red and trim black. Red/black pants/shirt to match with a set of black shades and some headwear. Sounds like alot I know but we're talking about asking players for several hundred hours of their time over a period of X months. Then... have 3 levels of "gifts" to hand out at the end of the targeted end date based on hours involved ON Next Island. The more these people work to give Next Island an economy boost... the better the "thank you" gift. Make these gifts come in the form of UL SIB tool/weapon of profession choice (UL Blueprint, Mining Finder, Weapon, or Fap) which you decide on upon applying for the job.

    I KNOW it sounds like I'm suggesting they offer a "free ride" to people here but if I camp out on Next Island for 3 months it will FOR SURE cost me $2000 U.S. with my game play style... not to mention waiting for returns, or spending time adjusting LA settings, or organizing LA events for one of the LA managers.

    They've been getting the "Freebie Help" for long enough now.... it ain't enough. As much as people want to help NI we just can't afford to do it for free at a level the planet requires. With NI paying via virtual items it costs them almost NOTHING and players would get very handsomly rewarded. (Hey... Calypso's done it with guide programs.)

    Implement this strategy and within a week they'll see signifigant increase in player retention on NI.

  14. Meg, please pay your 5 minutes reading my writing below:

    + Who is your target market NOW? Not the new players. No new player can play at Next Island without deposit, and even if he deposit he cannot survive either. Forgot all the things that MA has said: PP should try to bring their own player base, it's BS. You should only bring new players when your planet is ready and have established a decent economy. Your target market NOW is the current players from Calypso, Rocktropia and Arkadia. Just let them bring new players for you, train new players for you. Your only mission is to attract those players from those planets.

    + In order to fix things in NI, you must release BPs asap and add TT armor in Greece so we can plate them and make hunting possible.

    Please read and think more.
  15. I agree with the above post as well....

    A GOOD and SOLID spawn of Sacred boar where MANY players could tag em' and bag em' without Kill Stealing would help you out immensely!

    Also a solid spawn of Pirate Skeleton Sea Artists would make a great addition as well so people can try something else when loot is down on one or the other. BIG HP mobs which low level players can hunt with cheap gear will mean an ENDLESS flood of PEDs for Next Island.

    I was actually thinking a "Run with the Boars" type migration event... kinda like Spain's "run with the bulls" Where Sacred Boars make their way across the continent and players can follow the spawn for a few weeks. At the same time adjust the PIRATE SKELETON Sea Artist spawn so it's just Sea Artists.

  16. It's an ilussion to base on other planets players. I said long time ago and now become reality that : Planet Partner who can't bring their own players will Die sooner or later. So forst problem for NI it;s to create his advertising sistem who regulary bring players in NI and let NI grow acording of that players growing; that will build a solide economy for planet and when it's seen a solid economy other older/rich/skilled players from all planets will come here too time to time
  17. Agreed.

    Which is why I believe Mindark is not helping Next Island.
  18. LordLongLicious

    LordLongLicious Do you fear death?

    I actually tted over 1kpeds on mats I had stored, and now I have only the ones most valuable that occupy half of the previous space, so Im thinking in selling the full batch to anyone (regardless of the goods for 3k (as at least half of it is worth more than 3 times their values), its over 5000 items, anyone interested?

    On another note, I started developing a planet of my own (Alpha something, something) however I am willing to drop it with my small team and add into the efforts of propping up NI.

    About advertisement the best one possible is mouth to mouth, my soc grew fast most because friends were inviting friends in real life rather than by any advertisement affordable.

    Best regards, and really nice seeing you all still stuck in here :)
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