Some conjecture on Time and Next Island

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  1. Time Flow and Next Island

    An initial study presented to the scientific community of Next Island

    We all know that the robots are very cautious about anyone jumping about in time. They seem to fear that some form of disruption could be caused in the time stream by our messing with the natural order of things.

    However, I am starting to believe that they are overlooking certain events that have happened on the island in the last months, which point towards this disruption having already happened. I believe the reason that they are overlooking them is that they have no memory of them. In fact it seems many of the inhabitants of Next Island have experienced these events, but treated them as though they were everyday occurrences and even as though they had not happened, as did I at the time.

    The first of these events that I can recall is when we woke some months ago to find aspects of the island had changed overnight. The talking Papoo had gone to be replaced by the robots, new structures had been built in what was now called Crystal Center, a new arrivals site had appeared and first waver Arthur was living there, apparently oblivious of any change. There were also further, minor changes changes around the island, but nothing on the scale of Crystal Center.

    More recently the Adamite beach that we all knew changed, again seemingly overnight. It had become Shepherd's beach complete with first waver Dr Shepherd. More interestingly perhaps, Samuel was quite aware of Dr Shepherd and his location, as though they had been there all along.

    I have come to believe that the robots were there all along, as were Arthur and Dr Shepherd, just not on the same island as most of us. My conjecture is that the arrival of the first wavers may have hit this universe like the temporal equivalent of the impact that is believed to have killed the dinosaurs back on Earth. This event not only left some first wavers stranded in other time periods, it also fractured the time line of the island, causing second wavers to arrive in one or more of a series of alternate time lines.

    Now these time lines are starting to merge as nature seeks to rectify the damage caused by the first wavers. So far we have seen the time line of Crystal Center and the robots supersede the time line we had come to know and another fragmentary time line, containing Dr Shepherd, merge in.

    However these have not all been seamless joins. There is still the frozen shade of a Papoo outside the hut at Morion outpost, and who knows who or what is buried beneath the sand dune to the north of there. The floating river by Enchanted village may also be evidence that multiple time lines are co-existing.

    So I expect we may see more changes to the island and more first wavers suddenly appearing, believing they have been here for months if not years. What other strange effects will come, I cannot imagine, but we should be prepared for anything.

    Of course this is just conjecture and will require much further study to confirm, after all this is not my area of speciality.
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  2. Actually its just because I accident left some advanced technology in the past and advanced robot sciences by a lot


    I SORRY!
  3. When is the smoke monster coming?
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Very well written, I would have thought it was part of the story released by the Devs :)

    good job,

  5. Should have been is more like it..

    Great story man :)
  6. Thank's for the comments, much appreciated.

    Softhart:That smoke monster might just be waiting out there somewhere :)
  7. I'll just get out my Proton Pack and capture its ass :)
  8. Hmm, I begin to see a pattern here. Kitten dropping advanced technology in the past and Softhart running round with a proton pack. No wonder time is fractured, the time streams have been crossed, and we all know what happens when you cross the streams :)
  9. Well written, well thought out, thank you SylverDragon.
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