Slayem, Bowles and the reporter from the USA (2014)

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  1. Brock Pierce got elected as Director of the BitCoin Foundation in 2014.
    So why does everyone want to do their own crypto-currency-probably-going-to-be-backed-by-banks now ?
    Even IBM & Samsung are trying now.

    Here is some Brock Pierce interview from Los Angeles Bitcoin Meetup (Jan. 2015)


    Amy Berg & Company interview about that (still unreleased to the public) documentary (10 minutes) :

    1st screening got shut down :

    But ppl have already seen lets hope for distribution...

    Why Corey Haim died : (?)


    and so on and so on....
    Usually its easy to find videos/documentaries on the net...
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  2. there's a clip at

    Hopefully you are right and it'll find some distribution somewhere... it's a message that needs to get out. It's a shame that someone had it shut down... censorship in plain sight.

    Damn sick shit. Unfortunately, it's not just in Hollywood that this type of crap is going on...

    At my old job I used to work for a hospital doing special billing for a variety of special programs such as on hospital bills for folks that had aids, county and state prisoner hospital bills, research programs covered by government grants, and SAFE claims (sexual assault forensic exams), skilled nursing facility (SNF) hospital patient billing, and a whole lotta other stuff (I think there was like 50 or so special programs in all we dealt with regularly).

    You'd be surprised how many SAFE claims there were for patients that were minors, (in many cases 2-5 years old ). Part of my history of not being able to do anything proactive about stopping that type of stuff, as I was dealing with the billing of things that already happened in the past, back then is why I'm working towards a new career at the moment where I'll be on the front line responding to emergency calls. (you can't imagine how much stress, guilt, and other emotions, etc. that there is for folks in billing departments at hospitals dealing with that type of job... Call up a SNF and get told that the patient you are trying to collect a bill on just died 2 days ago about once a week - but we still need to collect that money on em, have to copy graphic (with pics) 100+ page medical record reports and stuff on various things that you have to send to insurance companies, etc. almost daily. It was a pretty brutal job mentally sometimes. Kinda glad I don't have to deal with that any more like I did for 14 years before last year... All that stuff you see on the CSI shows is usually based in reality to some degree... )

    There's a state by state listing of registered sex offenders here in the US... A link to all of em is at

    It's kinda scary to go through some of those lists as you recognize just how many of the sickos are sitting around in your neighborhood waiting to prey on more victims. Many of those sites list the age and race of the victims.. it's really sad. Some of the sites are tied in to google maps so you can work out walking routes in your town for yourself, friends, kids and family, to avoid the seedy back alleys, etc.
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  3. all of that having been said... don't use sex offenders lists as hit lists for real world pvp type activity as you don't want to end up being in jail yourself because of these sick bastards...

    Instead use the lists as a set of warnings for yourself, friends or kids you know as to where you should stay away from and who you should stay away from in your towns, cities, etc.
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  4. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator


    Relevant at 0:58, 1:20, and especially 1:32.

    The trailer just showed up on reddit, which is where I found it. I watched it to see if our "friend" made an appearance, and indeed he did.
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  5. Nice one, thank you !

    Marc Collins Rector showed up quite a lot in this short trailer already. Creepy.
    Now, how about a release date...
  6. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...
    Opening June 5th, but just in a hand full of theatres in the US
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  7. Amber Knightley

    Amber Knightley I see dead people.

    OMFG, this is indeed creepy!!
    I do wonder if it'll be mentioned that fishing is done online as well or if the entire documentary will be based around this actor/Hollywood thing...
  8. I still wonder if the words Slayem, Bowels and/or Entropia Universe will be mentioned in this documentary as well.
  9. Hmmm, ya, such headlines never go without some mud beeing thrown.

    Now let there be a stream, before there are any cuts done ! >_<
  10. looks like Emma Peel is selling out (again?)
    posted on facebook 6 hours ago:
  11. Wish she would say everything she knows about that matter. Thanks for sharing.

    peel sale 2015 1.jpg peel sale 2015 2.jpg

    Still no stream around
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  12. Wow, it seems like impossible finding this...

    I tried to contact Amy Berg by email and via facebook once again.
    Also the production studio "Disarming Films". *sigh*
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  13. Merry christmas :

    Amethera LA 39
    once bought by Slayem for 353,215 PED

    la 39 owners.jpg

    names enlisted Telemachus SokrateX Rhade, Mrs Emma Peel, John ZippO Pathfinder, King Pengin Cafe

    Amethera LA 40 once bought by Bowles 323,016 PED

    la 40 owners.jpg

    name enlisted Mrs Emma Peel,

    PA Mall - Floor 1 Shop #5 L once bought by Bowles (now owned by "Telemachus SokrateX Rhade", quite a hardcore miner with a ATH in 2009)

    Corinth Hangar 17 once bought by Slayem

    East Hangars :
    #1 George Ace Skywalker
    #2 mikael mike jak
    #3 Jos Bernz Bernz
    #4 Rappa Spinks Furse

    #1 Skalman
    #2 Angel Shadow Heart
    #3 kin kingraa raa
    #4 Misao Misao Donno

    West Hangars :
    #1 George Ace Skywalker
    #2 Kenji Ganzo Hiroshi
    #3 Tarjan Armin Arrakis
    #4 Kaywinnit Kaylee Frey
    #5 George Ace Skywalker
    #6 Jet Go Black

    #1 kira red star-rigger
    #2 George Ace Skywalker
    #3 Jason Wanderer Longbow
    #4 Trinner Trinn Trass

    Red names are longtime owners, while George Ace Skywlaker is probably out of quesiton.

    So, which one was formerly called Hangar #17, who is the owner now and to whom got it sold to, right after Slayem "had to leave" ?
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  15. Ty a lot mastermesh !
    I havent seen that interview yet. Even more teasing of how detailed an open secret will be.

    The "Marc Collins Rector" part starts at 25:00 and already reveals why and how he escaped from the USA to the UK, claiming he needed brain surgery...just to grab his toyboy Bowles there and continue what he couldnt do as registered sex offender in the USA anymore. Whyever "Ms Emma Peel" was involved into these ingame trades and visited Marc Collins Rector at his home in the UK... *shivers*

    marc collins rector den.jpg
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  17. Brock Pierce: Bitcoin Foundation 'Close To Running Out of Money'

    Whyever a independent currency would need a "foundation/regulation" in the 1st place.
    Ive seen quite some interviews with Brock Pierce and Im not sure why so many screaming "mastermind!"...

    How in the world could they spend 150.000 $ per month on...aheem... "internal meetings" ?
    How could bitcoins... "dissapear" ? :p

    He can talk a lot, thats for sure though. But calling him mastermind ?
    Keep in mind he was enslaving 400.000 chinese people in sweatshops callling them... "supply chain". ;p

    I ended up building a supply chain of 400,000 people over the years of 2001-2006, that were playing video games professionally and that mined digital currency. I would then go on and sell products, so I’ve been in the digital currency business almost as long as anyone.
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