Slarty's Odds and Sods : Tailoring days

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  1. Slarty's Odds and Sods.
    Shop is located at Genesis HQ, Amethera. Tower B,booth 5
    Tower B is direct beside the TP at Genesis.

    Tailoring days special!:)
    These days only tailoring material offered, have a look

    Fine Wool 106.13%
    Thin Wool 103.07%
    Generic Leather 103.43%
    Paint Can Pink 192.07%
    Paint Can Dark Blue 131.72%
    Paint Can Green 105.4%
    Paint Can Blue 550.56%
    Paint Can Steel Blue 304.9%

    Members of the EuTropians and the Forsaken a discount will be given on most Items!!!

    Waiting for you.
    Cheers and lots of fun!
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  2. Sounds nice, I'll go have a look :D
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