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Selling Skills on Chips

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Lykke TheNun, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Selling the following (Is a little under todays MU and minus an Auction fee :wink: ;)):

    Computer Skills on Chips

    TTMU% (08.01.2012)Price
    15.141023.18%155 PED
    14.401020.57%147 PED
    14.181021.91%145 PED
    13.741018.87%140 PED
    13.341018.84%136 PED
    13.451018.24%137 PED
    11.991017.03%122 PED
    5.361024.98%55 PED

    Handgun Skills on Chips

    TTMU% (08.01.2012)Price
    10.47821.3886 PED
    11.30822.94%93 PED
    10.11820.21%83 PED
    10.06824.65%83 PED
    9.97821.86%82 PED
    13.18826.43%109 PED

    Make Textiles Skills on Chips

    TTMU% (08.01.2012)Price
    11.063435.19380 PED
    6.563425.31%225 PED

    Also selling

    Under 8000 skill points:
    BLP Weaponry Technology, more Handgun,

    Under 7000 skill points:
    Anamtomy, Marksmanship

    Under 6000 skill points:
    Ranged Damage Assessment, Laser Weaponry Technology, Weapons Handling

    Under 5000 skill points:
    Serendipity, Inflict Ranged Damage, Combat Reflexes, Dexterity, Combat Sense,

    Under 4000 skill points:
    Coolness, Wounding, Aim, Athletics, Rifle, Perception

    Under 3000 skill points:
    Mining, Longblades, courage, Bravado, Alertness, Melee Combat,

    Under 2000 skill points:
    Diagnosis, Texture Engineering, Prospecting, Plasma Weaponry Technology, Ground Assessment, Translocation, Tailoring, Extraction, Telepathy, Electrokinesis, Manufacture Armor, Carpentry, Martial Arts

    Under 1000 skill points:
    Fashion Design, Shortblades, Medicine, Manufacture Vehicle, Whip, Melee Damage Assessment, Inflict Melee Damage, Heavy Melee Weapons, Weapon Technology, Power fist, Material Extraction Methodology, Concentration, Drilling

    Under 500 skill points:
    Armor Technology, Manufacture Tools, Treatment, Geology, Wood Processing, Texture Pattern Matching, Vehicle Technology, Wood Carving, Light Melee Weapons, Tools Technology ... rest is small crap (well, all under 500 is very very little)
  2. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Desperately listing belongings on forums, release is getting closer. Do we still count months or is it weeks already?
  3. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    LOL I'm just passing some time :biggrin:
  4. Slick like wet soap!
  5. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    First post updated :)

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