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Planet Calypso: Skill Packs for Vehicle Structural Engineer and Blueprint Comprehension

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by sarrob, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. sarrob


    May 17, 2011
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    Sarrob's Skill Packs


    Reasons to buy:

    1. Looking to start crafting your own tools and weapons? or wanting to just raise your crafting skills and looking for a cheaper way to do it?

    2. For the parents that have children playing, there is hours of endless fun running around on the mothership repairing it!

    3. Wanting to Graduate from your discipleship quicker?

    4. Just bored of the normal hunting and mining grind... break it up with some repairing sessions!

    5. Why wouldn't you want to buy a pack?? :)


    Pack 1: 200 PED (4 packs currently available)

    Pack 1 contains -
    - 9 RK-5 Vehicle repair tools
    - The exact amount of welding wire required for the tools above

    Using this pack you will be able to unlock Blueprint Comprehension and gain crafting skills at a 1000% discount on the cost it would normally needed to be invested crafting normally.

    Once completed you will range from level 3-5 in most crafting Professions and Tier Upgrading.

    Pack 2: 1000 PED (Currently only available by making an order)

    Pack 2 contains -
    - 45 RK-5 Vehicle repair tools
    - The exact amount of welding wire required for the tools above

    Using this pack you will then be able to utilize the RK-20 tool efficiently! and continue gaining bonus crafting skills!

    Spacecrafts for Skilling on:
    You may or may not have to pay for the service on these ships, if any of these are out of date or you want your ship added please let me know.

    The Kronan Owner = SBI Free - I unlocked BPC on the Kronan and can recommend
    The Normandie Owner = JBK
    Starfinder-XXI Owner = toad
    AKOZ Unsure of ship name Owner = AKOZ


    Please keep the thread clean as per the forum rules, but all feedback and questions are welcomed.

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