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shortcuts dont always work

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Shearer, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. hey,

    i , as probably all of you have my weapons, fap, mining equip in a toolbar at top of the screen.

    The problem is they dont work straight away all the time, again tonight during a hunt i went to fap and ended up shooting, this happened 3 times untill i died

    I am pressing the correct symbol as it is highlighted when i drag cursour over it. I have removed and replaced them several times and it still is happening, its really annoying me now.

    It is worse when you are hunting alone and there is no one to fap shoukd you need it

    Any ideas??
  2. Pretty much normal.
    Sometimes I press a shortcut, then the mouse button and my current weapon fires before the new one equips.
    Sometimes they just cease altogether. The other night the mouse button and shortucts were taling it in turns not to work... :(
  3. That's why I killed a Merp with my Marber during the soc hunt.
    Pretty much waste of ammo for this poor mob. But since then the merp is atomized:D
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  4. mmmmnn.........
  5. I agree, was trying my short cut yesterday and even though I hit F10 for my weapon, I was still for some odd reason healing myself instead and killing the Caud that was ever so diligently comin at me!

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