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Entropia Support News: Server Downtime for Patch

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Sep 2, 2020.

  1. On Thursday 2020-09-03 at 08:00 UTC, the Entropia Universe servers will be taken offline for a hotfix related to an issue in release 17.3.0. We estimate a downtime of 30 minutes. For details on UTC time please see www.entropiauniverse.com/utc

  2. "An issue" ? but which one are you talking about ?

    Mayhem amps not working anymore ?
    People do not revive even the counter finished ? (was happening before vu, classic MA feature to waste $$$ from mob regeneration)
    Disgusting systematic so called lag where people get crit each time ? is no issue, but a mindark exploit (happening before vu)
    -> I got screen where it happened to me and another player in same time from same mob, perfect mindark exploit!
    Disgusting systematic crit when people open chat ? is no issue but mindark exploit (happening years before vu)
    Disgusting ninja exploit where mobs respawn on you and attack immediately (hard not to call you mindark fucking cheaters and thieves)
    Disgusting delay on reloading weapon where the 2nd hit is delayed by its reload time (honnestly you are so crazy creative in the ONLY purpose to cheat, hard to not call you guys fucking $cammer$, and people are proud to work at mindark even they know the players are stolen ?, wow... There is really no police in sweden ???) (happening before vu)
    Disgusting feature "OUT OF RANGE" where you hit a mob and then you get 1 or more "out of range" message which in other word means people missed and lost time again... Honnestly mindark, I just can't believe you still find so many new features again against the players in the only purpose to cheat.
    PLEASE mindark, remove your hypocrit rules about cheats and exploits, ONLY YOU are cheaters and since 2003.
    Or the top issue, to never respect your own rules about cheats and exploits, while you release new exploits and cheats VU after VU...
    And I can list many again,
    but LOL, fix "an issue" ? I guess it will be the mothership sound doing "bip" instead of "boop" and none of the ones i listed here...

    The natural avatar regeneration, which was 5% of your hp each 20 seconds in The Project Entropia times = Original Design of the Game, which was changed to 4hp each 20 second in Entropia Universe (huge fuck up and loss for the players), have simply been REMOVED in this VU. Classic Mindark to remove things without telling us, certainly hoping we will not notice, and CLEARLY a fucking disgusting behaviour, I can say approuved by Mr High Integrity CEO... yea blablabla man.

    And I say it again, the yellow node from harvestable trees, which was the way to help to identify a good tree to harvest from non harvestable trees, have been removed by Mindark also without telling us ! Hey Mr CEO, wouldn't you call people doing things in the back beeing fucking dishonnest and fucking scammers particularily in a RCE game where you claim (LOL) it is not a gambling game ? Welcome to Entropia Universe !

    Scan avatars do not show attributes anymore, which was not announced in the VU content, again classic Mindark behaviour to do things in the back without warning us. The VU content tell us they added fucking stupid sounds NOONE cares ! How can you be such fucking low people mindark.... Shame on you.

    30 minutes to fix 1 issue ? How many new exploits will you add and improve in the meantime ?

    Never I've seen so much disgusting cheats in this game,
    but since this new CEO who is bragging to say he is someone with high integrity, what a joke man...

    In the mindark tradition to fix issues noone cares, while we are getting ripped off by disgusting improved exploits again and again...
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  3. I took those 3 screenshots today.
    Which issue do you plan to "fix" or "improve" mindark ?

    Disgusting systematic so called lag where people get crit each time ? is no issue, but a mindark exploit (happening before vu)
    It happened to me and another player in same time from same mob, see this screenshot, perfect mindark exploit!
    And if we were 10, all 10 would receive crit from same mob ? And you dont call this an exploit mindark ?...
    Particularily happening 1 week before the new ATH happen while we were getting ripped off with totally scam loot return.
    This was not happening 2 weeks ago, so how can it become suddenly ? Mindark are magicians...

    Notice the 3 red msg we used to have before have been removed, showing and PROOVING that those so called lag spikes are real mindark features. The "lag" issue is something mindark is improving since 2003, they are experts to implement new lag behaviours.

    Entropia 2020-09-02 Mindark exploits 01.
    Yes, I admit it, my personnal private channel is called "uber-n00b" !

    Disgusting ninja exploit where mobs respawn on you and attack immediately
    (hard not to call you mindark fucking cheaters and thieves)

    Entropia 2020-09-02 Mindark exploits 02.

    Disgusting feature "OUT OF RANGE" where you hit a mob and then you get 1 or more "out of range" message which in other word means people missed and lost time again...
    PLEASE mindark explain me how I can hit a mob with my sword (meaning I am at the right distance of it) and then get 1 or more messages saying I am "Out Of Range" ???? If this is not another mindark exploit, tell me what it is ? And explain me how this can be possible ?...
    Mindark KINGS of exploits ! (rename your office to Ark of Scammers Unlimited)

    Entropia 2020-09-02 Mindark exploits 03.
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  4. If your bugs (and cheats and exploits) are persisting, do not call the support department, they will do nothing to fix them

    Again today, I try to pm smilgs who is ONLINE in my friend list, since he just global'd so so means he is online before mindark pretends he was off (I know their classic BS answers when we do support cases). But the private chat window is showing "?" (ask mindark who is implementing this "?" certainly for some reasons, unless typo appears magically without beeing intended by them...) and finally tells me he is OFFLINE, where my friend list clearly show he is ONLINE.
    There, another mindark bug happening since YEARS and still unfixed.
    To add to your to do list, Mr Integrity CEO.
    Entropia 2020-09-03 Mindark Exploits 04.

    Too far away to loot ?
    Classic totally dumb feature made by "mind" ark, the ark of people who have NOTHING more intelligent to do than add complety dumb red messages...
    Do you plan to remove it Mr Integrity CEO or let like this ? (tip, do option 2 is cool)
    Entropia 2020-09-03 Mindark Exploits 05.
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  5. Healing is diminished while moving

    I WAS NOT MOVING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    More than bored of this 16 year feature that YOU ARE STILL USING even it had been reported thousands of times since 2004 that it was implemented !

    Heals diminished was implemented in 2004, after people complaining (particularily the "Ck Coat Killers" soc mainly composed of swedish players) not beeing able to shoot people in pvp, but this was at a time where avatars were running FAR FASTER than today. Now avatars are FUCKING SNAILS compared to how we ran at that time, and I know because I was there, and with my actual 127 agility I know what I talk about. We paied for those attributes we gained, but classic Mindark completly ruined our agility and now we run really really slow, at such a point that we can find stones or fruits on the ground which was ONLY possible by walking before!

    Old players will remember that mindark tried to improve this disgusting feature by making the mobs push us to make us in movement while we were healing ourselves, but it was SO BIG that it was done in purpose by mindark to motivate the 25% heal message, that they removed it after a massive community complain. Yeah, Mindark KINGS of EXPLOITS !
    And after, that's mindark who locks our accounts or steal peoples skills like they did recently with the DannyO "issue" where mindark are 100% responsible, but still accuse the players and the partners, and display themselves like people with high integrity. In the mindark tradition of excellence, my ASS !

    So the whole community should complain today about this DISGUSTING heal diminished which is a feature which have no sense today, and which just looks like another mindark scam feature, which I say again was reported THOUSANDS of times in the past 16 years and NEVER fixed.

    You can check your super logs, this happened to me many times in the past days...
    And if you find that I was moving, then it means that the mobs are pushing us again, feature that you removed years ago and which is back...
    Btw, do you plan to add again the "this loot is claimed by someone else" scam feature soon ? and let it a full year like you did last time, pretending you do not know how to fix it...


    2020-08-31 10:31:44 [System] [] Healing is diminished while moving

    2020-09-01 18:36:14 [System] [] Healing is diminished while moving

    2020-09-02 10:14:09 [System] [] Healing is diminished while moving

    2020-09-03 07:05:30 [System] [] Healing is diminished while moving
    2020-09-03 07:23:58 [System] [] Healing is diminished while moving

    2020-09-03 07:24:04 [System] [] Healing is diminished while moving
    2020-09-03 07:27:03 [System] [] Healing is diminished while moving

    Entropia 2020-09-03 Mindark Exploits 06.

    FB Link posted by a soc friend today,
    np for me, since I AM someone honnest with high inegrity compared to some swedish CEO who should just STFU, I tell the TRUTH.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2020
  6. Even the true fanboys on PCF are quite dissapointed right now. (for the hundreds time)
    Oh noes...what happened ?

    Nothing...MindArk just beeing MindArk, since 2009...it just took the fanboys a bit longer...again.

    +Lots of more or less negative reveals and useless announcements recently (MA & PP's)
    instead of real updates and important, promised fixes. So many bugs, exploits and glitches around.

    +Official items handed to normal players. Uber items handed out via email, just because they can.
    Makes you wonder what else is going on, if things like this can happen ?

    +Evil lag / bad connections since many, many months.
    MindArk blaming it on corona. Of course.

    +Community Manager silent since May.

    And as a phat bonus...recently announced promised stuff (preparation for stuff) not prepared. No more announcements.

    Keep depositing !

    This is happening since 11 years, nothing has ever changed, it even got worse, yet even the true fanboys start to wonder ? Now ?!
    Uuuhhhh....dark times ahead. x'D
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  7. i'm very thankful that i don't have to care anymore. FUMA!
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  8. And Im thankfull people still support such a clown company with their money...what a show. :'D
  9. As told in my post #3 above, mindark are magicians, since after I posted this big exploit they intentionnally implemented, now this lag + systematic critical hit is not happening anymore after the patch they did (for sure without announcing it is not happening anymore), where people who have a minimum between the ears will immediately KNOW this was without any doubts a mindark exploit (to cheat people and make them waste their money ie increase the cost to play, classic).
    Mindark are magicians because they are able to influence how the lag is behaving, they should work for M$ or the Pentagon!
    Or create their own MindBank (ooops no!)

    Remove your totally hypocrit and fake rules about cheats and exploits,
    and lock the real evil people in this RCE which is not a gambling game lol...

    Again, sorry me Mr CEO and your so high integrity that it touches the stars, but I tell the truth.
    And my avatar is cursed by you mindark and your heavy fingers because i am someone honnest.

    In the swedish tradition blablabla
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  10. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Jut playing the devil's advocate here, but could it be a genuine bug they managed to fix? Maybe there's someone somewhat competent left at the company?
  11. I dont remember seeing mindark remove volontarily exploits or cheats they volontarily implemented before, or you ?
    Or when theose cheats and exploits are just too big, like when mobs pushed us to make us get 25% heals lol.
    The ninja respawns is clearly an exploit, since what, 10+ years ? No need to wonder why our actual CEO with his uber integrity, refuses to make the camera hold when turned like IT USED TO BE BEFORE and was great, since it was asked MANY TIMES on PCF and support cases. The perfect feature again against us, so funny of them when they pretend they listen to the community or do their annual dumb question thread where answers never arrive LOL....

    When mindark decided to add the decay on clothes from removing armors (pretending it would solve the lag issues, and I remember Kimmi on PCF saying this was the BIGGEST MA joke EVER), discreetly in our back, they increased the decay of EK2600, EK2350 faps and fap90 (which was popular at that time) with 1 more pec per clic.
    I spotted it and they let the EK2600 with +1pec and the EK2350 with +1pec, but removed the +1 pec on Fap90.
    Later like 2 VUs after, they added back the +1 pec on Fap90 decay.

    There, classic mindark behaviour.
    And after THEY accuse us to cheat or manipulate prices, or... In the swedish tradition...
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