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  1. ................................................................................short link to this thread on PCF.....................................
    Deal 1: (UL bps --> pets)
    I've decided that if you have spare UNLIMITED blueprints and would like one of my low level pet deeds (puny nusul is all I have so far since I'm on Arkadia... may get more on other planets someday), it's yours in exchange for any unlimited blueprint (or more than one bp if you are feeling generous) that I DON'T have a copy of yet.

    with this trade deal, so please don't offer them (although Unlimited blueprints that are used to craft L items are ok)...

    Below is a list of the blueprints I already have... If you have an UL bp from any planet that is NOT listed below, and want a pet deed in exchange for it, come and get it!

    (Note: I am on a bit of a budget due to some real life financial constraints, so quantities may be limited)).

    Yes, I know that the below list has a few duplicates in it as well as a few L blueprints - that does not mean I want more L or dupes of what is listed below - that's just so that I have a running list for myself of which L and dupes I need to use up or trade off. Any book listed that has no blueprints after its title is currently an empty book - if you have Unlimited bps that go in that book, I might be willing to buy them... )

    Deal 2: (clicky, clicky)
    Note: Although none of the blueprints are for rent, I AM willing to click on any of the UNLIMITED blueprints for anyone if you bring me the ingredients (including any residue to up TT value, etc.) needed to perform the click(s), and you'll get the item back for successful clicks. I'd keep the residue or looted blueprints in any setup like that if anyone is wanting me to try to click for them. I'm not uber skilled yet, and many of the QR ratings are pretty low, but I'm willing to click for you if you really want me to... I'll record the clicks in a video and upload em to youtube if we do something like that so you have proof of how many successes there were.
    Deal 3: (nutrio --> pets)
    I also am willing to trade ONE puny nusul pet deed to you for nutrio. Pay the amount that you feel is adequate, but minimum is 3 nutrio for the ONE pet deed. That's 3 pecs TT value of nutrio if I remember correctly. I need the nutrio since I am skilling one of my pets a bit, but also because I sometimes 'drop' pet deeds as gifts around Celeste Quarry... to do so requires that the pet have 2 nutrio inside of its belly so that the pet deed's tt value is over 1 pec (for some reason pets with less than 2 nutrio have a tt value less than one pec). This nutrio deal is limited to one pet per avatar requesting this deal so that I'm not just handing my pets over to any one particular avatar solely for nutrio...

    Deal 4: (BP Trading...)
    Blueprints in the below list's 'Tradeables' section are available for blueprint to blueprint trades... I'll hand you over one of these 'dupe' blueprints if you hand me over an unlimited bp that I don't have yet. These are not for sale for peds, only via bp to bp trades. Please refer to below list to determine if I already have the bp you are wanting to trade.
    Deal 5: (Let's make a deal!)
    If you have UL Blueprints that are NOT listed below, and would like to try to sell to me, shoot me a private message on forums here, or send an offline or online message at me in game if you are on the planet I'm on (I'm on Arkadia nowadays...). Remember, budget is limited a little...

    (First copy of list is at PCF, second copy of list is at Arkadia Forum, and third is at EntropiaPlanets)

    Special Thanks to Snow Leapord for Entropia Tree View as that and Open Office are the tools I'm using to create the below list
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  2. Below List was updated 11/30/2014 :

    Basic Structure Blueprint
    Trailblazer Boots Blueprint
    Trailblazer Boots Blueprint


    My Blueprints:
    Ancient Greece

    Arkadia Armour
    Musca Arm Guards (L) Blueprint
    Musca Foot Guards (L) Blueprint
    Musca Gloves (L) Blueprint
    Musca Harness (L) Blueprint
    Musca Helmet (L) Blueprint
    Musca Shin Guards (L) Blueprint
    Musca Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint

    Arkadia Attachments
    Bullseye 1 Blueprint
    Bullseye 5 Blueprint
    Bullseye 6 Blueprint
    Headshot 1 Blueprint
    Hotfoot 5 (L) Blueprint
    Rage 5 (L) Blueprint
    Terra Amp 1 (L) Blueprint

    Arkadia Components
    Adaptor Blueprint
    Alloy Hinge Blueprint
    Ball Bearings Blueprint
    Conduit Blueprint
    Discharge Module Blueprint
    Energy Chamber Blueprint
    Extended Bolt Carriage Blueprint
    Extended Breech Blueprint
    Feedback Coupling Blueprint
    Focusing Lens Blueprint
    Gas Plug Blueprint
    Insulators Blueprint
    Long Screws Blueprint
    O Rings Blueprint
    Poly-Alloy Strap Blueprint
    Polymer Rail Blueprint
    Power Regulator Blueprint
    Stimulation Modulator Blueprint
    Tension Straps Blueprint

    Arkadia Furniture
    Corner Retail Counter (C) Blueprint
    Curved Retail Counter (C) Blueprint
    IFN - Medical Partition Blueprint
    Modern Coffee Table Blueprint
    Niko Tall Lamp (C) Blueprint
    Oiled Arkace Boards Blueprint
    Oiled Corria Boards Blueprint
    Oiled Hekia Boards Blueprint
    Oiled Miluca Boards Blueprint
    Outdoor Dining Chair Blueprint
    Outdoor Dining Table Blueprint
    Outdoor Wicker Chair Blueprint
    Outdoor Wicker Couch Blueprint
    Outdoor Wicker Table Blueprint
    Polkadot Curtain Closed (C) Blueprint
    Polkadot Curtain Open (C) Blueprint
    Retail Counter 1.2 (C) Blueprint
    Retail Counter 1.8 (C) Blueprint
    Retail Counter 2.4 (C) Blueprint
    Retail Partition High (C) Blueprint
    Tall Corner Retail Counter (C) Blueprint
    Weapon Cabinet Blueprint

    Arkadia Limited (C)

    Arkadia Material Textures
    Aakas Texture Blueprint
    Aarkan Texture Blueprint
    Carabok Leather Texture Blueprint
    Feran Leather Texture Blueprint
    Hekia Texture Blueprint
    Jori Leather Texture Blueprint
    Miluca Texture Blueprint
    Ospra Texture Blueprint

    Arkadia Tailoring
    Trailblazer Boots Blueprint
    Trailblazer Long Boots (F) Blueprint

    Arkadia Tools
    Arkadian Key 1 Blueprint
    Arkadian Key 2 Blueprint
    Arkadian Key 3 Blueprint
    GYRO FAP-2 (L) Blueprint
    TerraMaster 1 (L) Blueprint

    Arkadia Vehicles

    Arkadia Weapons
    Herman ARK-0 (L) Blueprint
    MAKO FAL-1 (L) Blueprint

    Armor (Vol. I)
    Berserker Face Guard Blueprint
    BodyGuard Arm Guards Blueprint
    BodyGuard Face Guard Blueprint
    BodyGuard Gloves Blueprint
    BodyGuard Harness Blueprint
    BodyGuard Shin Guards Blueprint
    BodyGuard Thigh Guards Blueprint
    Explorer Arm Guards Blueprint
    Explorer Face Guard Blueprint
    Explorer Gloves Blueprint
    Explorer Thigh Guards Blueprint
    Guardian Face Guard Blueprint
    Guardian Gloves Blueprint
    Guardian Harness Blueprint
    Guardian Thigh Guards Blueprint
    Pioneer Gloves Blueprint
    Pioneer Harness Blueprint
    Pioneer Shin Guards Blueprint
    Pioneer Thigh Guards Blueprint
    Settler Arm Guards Blueprint
    Settler Harness Blueprint
    Settler Shin Guards Blueprint
    Settler Thigh Guards Blueprint

    Armor (Vol. II)
    BodyGuard Arm Guards (L) Blueprint
    BodyGuard Face Guard (L) Blueprint
    BodyGuard Foot Guards (L) Blueprint
    BodyGuard Gloves (L) Blueprint
    BodyGuard Harness (L) Blueprint
    BodyGuard Shin Guards (L) Blueprint
    BodyGuard Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint
    Pioneer Arm Guards (L) Blueprint
    Pioneer Face Guard (L) Blueprint
    Pioneer Gloves (L) Blueprint
    Pioneer Shin Guards (L) Blueprint
    Pioneer Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint
    Rascal Arm Guards (L) Blueprint
    Rascal Foot Guards (L) Blueprint
    Rascal Gloves (L) Blueprint
    Rascal Shin Guards (L) Blueprint
    Rascal Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint
    Renegade Arm Guards (L) Blueprint
    Renegade Face Guard (L) Blueprint
    Renegade Gloves (L) Blueprint
    Renegade Gloves Blueprint
    Renegade Harness Blueprint
    Renegade Shin Guards (L) Blueprint
    Renegade Shin Guards Blueprint
    Renegade Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint
    Valiant Face Guard Blueprint
    Zombie Arm Guards (L) Blueprint
    Zombie Face Guard (L) Blueprint
    Zombie Shin Guards (L) Blueprint
    Zombie Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint

    Attachments (Vol. I)
    Abrer Laser Sight Blueprint
    Alekz Precision Scope Blueprint
    Beacin Laser Sight Blueprint
    Bjornir Precision Scope Blueprint
    Castar Laser Sight Blueprint
    Cinclar Precision Scope Blueprint
    Dacascos Precision Scope Blueprint
    Dynera Laser Sight Blueprint
    E-Amp 11 Blueprint
    E-Amp 12 Blueprint
    E-Amp 13 Blueprint
    E-Amp 14 Blueprint
    E-Amp 15 Blueprint
    Ecivox Laser Sight Blueprint
    Elkarr Precision Scope Blueprint
    Flexur Precision Scope Blueprint
    Framur Laser Sight Blueprint
    Hunnir Laser Sight Blueprint
    Ignaritz Laser Sight Blueprint
    Level 1 Finder Amplifier Light (L) Blueprint
    Level 2 Finder Amplifier Light (L) Blueprint

    Blueprints: A.R.C.
    Light Power Cell Blueprint
    Scout Arm Guards Blueprint
    Scout Boots Blueprint
    Scout Gloves Blueprint
    Scout Harness Blueprint
    Scout Helmet Blueprint
    Scout Shin Guards Blueprint
    Scout Thigh Guards Blueprint

    Blueprints: Imperium
    Enkidd Fang S1 (L) Blueprint
    Pilot Scorpion Rank 4 (L) Blueprint

    Blueprints: Turrelion
    Imperium Noble Shoes Blueprint
    Ozpyn BP S1X1 Blueprint
    Ozpyn Cold Armor Plate (L) Blueprint

    Component (Vol. I)
    Advanced Feedback Panel Blueprint
    Advanced Matrix Blueprint
    Advanced Modulator Blueprint
    Advanced Processor Blueprint
    Advanced Security Module Blueprint
    Advanced VisioMem Blueprint
    Basic Auxiliary Socket Blueprint
    Basic Bearings Blueprint
    Basic Coil Blueprint
    Basic Engine Blueprint
    Basic Filters Blueprint
    Basic Nuts Blueprint
    Basic Power System Blueprint
    Basic Processor Blueprint
    Basic Pump Blueprint
    Basic Relay Blueprint
    Basic Rings Blueprint
    Basic Screws Blueprint
    Basic Sensor Blueprint
    Basic Servo Blueprint
    Basic Sheet Metal Blueprint
    Basic Structure Blueprint
    Basic Tube Blueprint
    Basic Wires Blueprint
    Durable Coil Blueprint
    Durable Compressor Blueprint
    Durable Damper Blueprint
    Durable Hood Blueprint
    Durable Motor Blueprint
    Durable Structure Blueprint
    Electropositive Capacitor Blueprint
    Electropositive Communication Blueprint
    Electropositive Connector Blueprint
    Electropositive Modulator Blueprint
    Electropositive Processor Blueprint
    Electropositive Security Module Blueprint
    Hardened Clips Blueprint
    Hardened Foil Blueprint
    Hardened Nuts Blueprint
    Hardened Pipe Blueprint
    Hardened Screws Blueprint
    Heavy Duty Core Blueprint
    Heavy Duty Coupling Blueprint
    Heavy Duty Engine Blueprint
    Heavy Duty Filters Blueprint
    Heavy Duty Joints Blueprint
    Heavy-Duty Seals Blueprint
    High Grade Alloy Blueprint
    High Grade Bearings Blueprint
    High Grade Nuts Blueprint
    High Grade Plugs Blueprint
    High Grade Screws Blueprint
    High Grade Wedge Blueprint
    High Performance Compressor Blueprint
    High Performance Coupling Blueprint
    High Performance Engine Blueprint
    High Performance Filters Blueprint
    High Performance Pump Blueprint
    High Performance Vents Blueprint
    Reinforced Bearings Blueprint
    Reinforced Hinge Blueprint
    Reinforced Nuts Blueprint
    Reinforced Plate Blueprint
    Reinforced Rod Blueprint
    Reinforced Sheet Metal Blueprint
    Standard Compressor Blueprint
    Standard Core Blueprint
    Standard Damper Blueprint
    Standard Feedback Panel Blueprint
    Standard Hinge Blueprint
    Standard Holo Module Blueprint
    Standard Intelligence Module Blueprint
    Standard Lever Blueprint
    Standard Locks Blueprint
    Standard Matrix Blueprint
    Standard Plate Blueprint
    Standard Rod Blueprint
    Standard Springs Blueprint
    Standard Transparency Layer Blueprint
    Standard Valve Blueprint
    Standard Vents Blueprint
    Standard VisioMem Blueprint
    Standard Wedge Blueprint
    Triphased Auxiliary Socket Blueprint
    Triphased Holo Module Blueprint
    Triphased Intelligence Module Blueprint
    Triphased Power Systems Blueprint
    Triphased Transmitter Blueprint
    Triphased Wires Blueprint

    Component (Vol. II)
    Enhanced Mountings Blueprint
    GEC Coil Springs 1M Blueprint
    GEC Spur Gears 1K Blueprint
    GEC Spur Gears 2K Blueprint
    GEC Spur Gears 5k Blueprint
    Galaxy 6V Gel Batteries Blueprint
    Galaxy SI Ion Conductors Blueprint
    Galaxy SII Ion Conductors Blueprint
    Galaxy SIII Ion Conductors Blueprint
    GeoTrek Buttstock Blueprint
    GeoTrek Hardened Buttstock Blueprint
    GeoTrek Hardened Talytic Converters Blueprint
    GeoTrek Super Alloy Buttstock Blueprint
    GeoTrek Super Alloy Talytic Converters Blueprint
    GeoTrek Talytic Converters Blueprint
    Hardened Metal Mountings Blueprint
    Hardened Metal Plating Blueprint
    Hardened Metal Ruds Blueprint
    Metal Mountings Blueprint
    Metal Plating Blueprint
    Metal Ruds Blueprint
    Simple I Conductors Blueprint
    Simple I Plastic Ruds Blueprint
    Simple I Plastic Springs Blueprint
    Simple II Conductors Blueprint
    Simple II Plastic Ruds Blueprint
    Simple II Plastic Springs Blueprint
    Simple III Conductors Blueprint
    Solar 12V Gel Batteries Blueprint
    Solar 14V Gel Batteries Blueprint
    Solar 16V Gel Batteries Blueprint
    Solar 6V Gel Batteries Blueprint
    Solar 8V Gel Batteries Blueprint
    Super Alloy Mountings Blueprint
    Super Alloy Plating Blueprint
    Super Alloy Ruds Blueprint

    Elysian Artistic Patterns

    Elysian Technology
    Lesser Elysia Blueprint

    Enhancers (Vol. I)
    Armor Defense Enhancer I Blueprint
    Medical Tool Economy Enhancer V Blueprint
    Medical Tool Economy Enhancer VI Blueprint
    Medical Tool Heal Enhancer III Blueprint
    Medical Tool Heal Enhancer IV Blueprint
    Medical Tool Heal Enhancer VIII Blueprint
    Mining Excavator Speed Enhancer I Blueprint
    Mining Excavator Speed Enhancer V Blueprint
    Mining Finder Skill Modification Enhancer V Blueprint
    Mining Finder Skill Modification Enhancer VI Blueprint
    Weapon Accuracy Enhancer I Blueprint
    Weapon Accuracy Enhancer VIII Blueprint
    Weapon Range Enhancer I Blueprint
    Weapon Range Enhancer IX Blueprint
    Weapon Skill Modification Enhancer VIII Blueprint

    Furniture (Vol. I)
    Large Plug Blueprint
    Nallo Ceiling Lamp (C) Blueprint
    Pall Stool (C) Blueprint
    Small Plugs Blueprint

    Limited (Vol. I) (C)
    Bull Tac50 (L) Blueprint (L)
    Fine Hessian Fabric Texture Blueprint (L)
    Loughlin Cutter Two (L) Blueprint (L)
    Medium Katu Valance (C) Blueprint (L)
    Medium Tied Insignia Curtain (C) Blueprint (L)
    Plumatergus Leather Texture Blueprint (L)
    Shear XR50 (L) Blueprint (L)
    Vindicator Foot Guards Blueprint (L)
    Welding Wire Blueprint (L)

    Material Textures (Vol. I)
    Aetherex Leather Texture Blueprint
    Allophyl Leather Texture Blueprint
    Argonaut Leather Texture Blueprint
    Armax Leather Texture Blueprint
    Atrax Leather Texture Blueprint
    Atrox Leather Texture Blueprint
    Belkar Texture Blueprint
    Bigwig Texture Blueprint
    Blausariam Texture Blueprint
    Brukite Stone Texture Blueprint
    Brushed Aluminium Texture Blueprint
    Burlap Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Caldorite Texture Blueprint
    Caudatergus Leather Texture Blueprint
    Cbase Plastic Texture Blueprint
    Cersumon Leather Texture Blueprint
    Coarse Frote Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Cobalt Texture Blueprint
    Cornundacauda Leather Texture Blueprint
    Cornundos Leather Texture Blueprint
    Cumbriz Texture Blueprint
    Daikiba Leather Texture Blueprint
    Denim Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Erdorium Texture Blueprint
    Evenweave Cotton Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Exarosaur Leather Texture Blueprint
    Faucervix Leather Texture Blueprint
    Felt Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Fine Frote Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Fine Leather Texture Blueprint
    Fine Silk Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Firn Texture Blueprint
    Flannel Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Formidon Leather Texture Blueprint
    Foul Leather Texture Blueprint
    Frigulite Texture Blueprint
    Ganganite Texture Blueprint
    Gazzurdite Texture Blueprint
    Generic Leather Texture Blueprint
    Hammered Metal Texture Blueprint
    Hessian Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Itumatrox Leather Texture Blueprint
    Kaldon Stone Texture Blueprint
    Lanorium Texture Blueprint
    Large Striped Cotton Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Large Woven Cotton Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Medium Frieze Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Megan Texture Blueprint
    Mermoth Leather Texture Blueprint
    Midastree Texture Blueprint
    Mourner Leather Texture Blueprint
    Narcanisum Texture Blueprint
    Nissit Stone Texture Blueprint
    Oxidized Aluminium Texture Blueprint
    Oxidized Iron Texture Blueprint
    Oxidized Lysterium Texture Blueprint
    Ribbed Velvet Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Rough Metal Texture Blueprint
    Rutol Stone Texture Blueprint
    Sabakuma Leather Texture Blueprint
    Satin Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Snablesnot Leather Texture Blueprint
    Snarksnot Leather Texture Blueprint
    Soft Leather Texture Blueprint
    Sopur Stone Texture Blueprint
    Stinktree Texture Blueprint
    Striped Frote Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Suede Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Tantardion Leather Texture Blueprint
    Terrycloth Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Thermodure Plastic Texture Blueprint
    Tight Knitted Wool Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Trutun Stone Texture Blueprint
    Velvet Fabric Texture Blueprint
    Wrinkled Felt Fabric Texture Blueprint

    Next Island Limited

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Armor Vol I
    Cheap A$$ Arm Guards Blueprint
    Cheap A$$ Face Guard Blueprint
    Cheap A$$ Foot Guards Blueprint
    Cheap A$$ Gloves Blueprint
    Cheap A$$ Harness Blueprint
    Cheap A$$ Shin Guards Blueprint
    Cheap A$$ Thigh Guards Blueprint

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Armor Vol II

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Attachments Vol I

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Attachments Vol II
    Bust-A-BLP Amp Mk II Blueprint
    Road-Monkey Laser Amp Mk I Blueprint
    Roadie BLP Amp Mk I Blueprint

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Components Vol I
    Charisma Potion Blueprint
    Creative Juice Blueprint
    Creative Juice Blueprint
    Creative Juice Remix Blueprint
    Desire Potion Blueprint
    Disapointment Potion Blueprint
    Faith Potion Blueprint
    Flair Potion Blueprint
    Foresight Potion Blueprint
    Insight Potion Blueprint
    Luck Potion Blueprint
    Nepotism Potion Blueprint
    Optimism Potion Blueprint
    Patience Potion Blueprint
    Style Potion Blueprint
    Talent Potion Blueprint

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Components Vol II

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Enhancers Vol I

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Furniture Vol I

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Limited
    Classic Decotown Long Wall Shelf Blueprint
    Classic Decotown Long Wall Shelf Blueprint
    Classic Decotown Short Wall Shelf Blueprint
    Classic Decotown Short Wall Shelf Blueprint
    Grindhouse Sleaze Blueprint
    Grindhouse Sleaze Blueprint
    Lux Deed Case Blueprint (L)
    ROCKtropia War Bond Blueprint (L)

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Mats/Texts Vol I

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Tailoring Vol I
    Buying Trucker Cap Blueprint
    Selling Trucker Cap Blueprint

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Tailoring Vol II

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Tools Vol I
    Hell Key I Blueprint
    Hell Key I Blueprint
    Hell Key III Blueprint
    Hell Key IV Blueprint
    Lockpick Kit I Blueprint
    Lockpick Kit I Blueprint

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Tools Vol II
    Demonic Excavator MK-I Blueprint
    Demonic Excavator MK-I Blueprint
    Demonic Miners Detector MK-I Blueprint
    Demonic Miners Detector MK-I Blueprint
    Demonic Refiner MK-I Blueprint
    Demonic Refiner MK-I Blueprint

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Vehicle Parts Vol I

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Weapons Vol I

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Weapons Vol II

    Rocktropia Blueprint Book Weapons Vol III

    Tailoring (Vol. I)
    Basic Pattern Pants (C) Blueprint
    Basic Pattern Shirt (C) Blueprint
    Luna Pattern Pants (C) Blueprint
    Luna Pattern Shirt (C) Blueprint
    Urban Pattern Pants (C) Blueprint
    Urban Pattern Shirt (C) Blueprint

    Tailoring (Vol. II)
    Flame Pattern Pants (C) Blueprint
    Mannell Shoes (C) Blueprint
    Multi Pattern Shirt (C) Blueprint
    Street Pattern Pants (C) Blueprint
    Street Pattern Shirt (C) Blueprint
    Work Pattern Shirt (C) Blueprint

    Tools (Vol. I)
    EMT Kit Ek-1000 Blueprint
    Finder F-101 Blueprint
    LifeScanner-I Blueprint
    Resource Extractor RE-101 Blueprint
    Resource Extractor RE-104 Blueprint
    Transformer T-101 Blueprint
    Transformer T-102 Blueprint
    Transformer T-103 Blueprint

    Tools (Vol. II)
    Ziplex 'Fashion Line' Bleacher Addon (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex T100 Texturizer (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex Z20 Seeker (L) Blueprint
    Ziplex Z5 Seeker (L) Blueprint

    Toulan Blueprints
    Sabad Finder M2 (L) Blueprint
    Sahra MK2 (L) Blueprint

    Vehicle Parts (Vol. I)
    Chair Frame Blueprint
    Combustor Blueprint
    Disc Brake Blueprint
    Drive Shaft Blueprint
    Girder Beams Blueprint
    Lamp Attachments Blueprint
    Radiator Blueprint
    Rubber Lists Blueprint
    Steering Rod Blueprint
    Wind Screen Blueprint

    Weapons (Vol. I)
    Adapted Force Mace Basher (L) Blueprint
    ClericDagger 1A Blueprint
    ClericDagger 1B Blueprint
    ClericDagger 1C Blueprint
    ClericDagger 2A Blueprint
    ClericDagger 2B Blueprint
    ClericDagger 2C Blueprint
    ClericDagger 3A Blueprint
    ClericDagger 3B Blueprint
    Jashonich AP Blueprint
    Jashonich FP Blueprint
    Jashonich MP Blueprint
    Jester D-1 Blueprint
    Jester D-2 Blueprint
    Jester D-3 Blueprint
    Karma Killer Blueprint
    Killian Broadsword Blueprint
    Killian Broadsword G2 Blueprint
    Killian Longsword Blueprint
    Killian Longsword G2 Blueprint
    Killian Longsword G3 Blueprint
    Killian Sword Blueprint
    Killian Sword G2 Blueprint
    L/Murdand Groover Blueprint
    L/Murdand Styler Blueprint
    Maddox I Blueprint
    Maddox III Blueprint
    Mann MPH Blueprint
    Mann MPH DLx Blueprint
    Mann MPH DLxE Blueprint
    Mann MPH DLxEFi Blueprint
    Mann MPH DLxEGrd Blueprint
    Mar-Peeker Davidov Blueprint
    Mar-Spark Davidov Blueprint
    Mez-1 EnergyGlove Blueprint
    Mir-1 EnergyGlove Blueprint
    Mir-2 EnergyGlove Blueprint
    Mux-1 EnergyGlove Blueprint
    Mux-2 EnergyGlove Blueprint
    Plasma Kyller Blueprint
    Plasma Kyller Zwei Blueprint
    Shriek Back Alley Blueprint
    Shriek Basic Blueprint
    Shriek Combat Blueprint
    Shriek Covert Ops Blueprint
    Shriek Offensive Blueprint
    Shriek Street Blueprint
    True Faith Blueprint

    Weapons (Vol. II)
    Breer P4a (L) Blueprint
    GeoTrek AL15 Taurus (L) Blueprint
    GeoTrek AL17 Auriga (L) Blueprint
    GeoTrek AL21 Canis (L) Blueprint
    GeoTrek AL22 Lupus (L) Blueprint
    GeoTrek H21 Scrof (L) Blueprint
    GeoTrek H23 Crista (L) Blueprint
    GeoTrek H25 Mikus (L) Blueprint
    GeoTrek H26 Elima (L) Blueprint
    GeoTrek H40 Brody (L) Blueprint
    GeoTrek H41 Mina (L) Blueprint
    GeoTrek H45 Ortso (L) Blueprint
    GeoTrek LP120 Niloticus (L) Blueprint
    GeoTrek LP175 Sphyra (L) Blueprint
    GeoTrek LP470 Manis (L) Blueprint
    Kesmek Bett (L) Blueprint
    Kesmek Bik (L) Blueprint
    Kesmek Slo (L) Blueprint
    Kesmek Vass (L) Blueprint
    Loughlin Cutter One (L) Blueprint
    Loughlin Cutter Three (L) Blueprint
    Loughlin Cutter Two (L) Blueprint
    Loughlin Masher One (L) Blueprint
    Loughlin Masher Two (L) Blueprint
    Loughlin Scratcher One (L) Blueprint
    Loughlin Scratcher Two (L) Blueprint
    Loughlin Smacker One (L) Blueprint
    Loughlin Smacker Three (L) Blueprint
    Loughlin Smacker Two (L) Blueprint
    Rutic Bett (L) Blueprint
    Rutic Blix (L) Blueprint
    Rutic Kil (L) Blueprint
    Rutic Slo (L) Blueprint
    Svempa S60 (L) Blueprint
    Svempa T15 (L) Blueprint
    Svempa T5 (L) Blueprint
    Svempa X1 (L) Blueprint
    Willard Heatray A (L) Blueprint
    Willard Heatray B (L) Blueprint

    Weapons (Vol. III)
    Omegaton Bur Ning (L) Blueprint
    Omegaton Caus Tik (L) Blueprint
    Omegaton Flashfire (L) Blueprint
    Omegaton Frostbite (L) Blueprint
    Omegaton Jupiter (L) Blueprint
    Omegaton Sunstorm (L) Blueprint
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  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    You have any ancient strongs?
  4. nope. I did have a few pre-vu 10 pets at one point in time but TTed em about 2 years after the original taming went dead. I might buy some down the road at some point in time as I don't really feel like paying the fee to Mindark to have them fish em out of the TT just quite yet (although all things are possible given the right set of circumstances)
  5. updated list.
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