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selling cloths, leathers and threads

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Shearer, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. having a clearout from my apt.
    list of stuff i have for sale the tt value and the current mark up, if anyone from this forum wants them i will give a small discount, I expect they will be used in crafting and not to go straight in auction to make a couple of peds:53:

    wool thread 35 of . tt 26.25 ped. markup 180%
    fine leather 132 of. tt 99 ped. mark up 105%
    generic leather 1223 of. tt 36.69 ped. markup 108%
    soft leather 155 of. tt 46.50 ped. markup 126%
    wool cloth 52 of. tt 31.20 ped. markup 104%
    molisk enamel buttons 142 of . 55 4.26. mark up 593 %

    either reply here or a pm will do, i will except peds :) or item exchange , not really sure what but open to offers

    if someone takes the lot they will get bigger discount and prehaps a freebie thrown in :)
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  2. aww how nice!

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