Selling Angel male parts

Discussion in 'Trading & services' started by Corey 'GreyFox", Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Okay call it buyers remorse, got an uber and had to buy some over the top gear.

    Would prefer to sell all three pieces as a set.
    Helmet tier 1 SOLD
    Shins tier 1 SOLD
    Thighs tier 1 SOLD
  2. See, if you had let me hold it this wouldn't have happened :)
  3. Lol, well actually this is more a matter of not wanting to spend a tottal 29k on the the set. Figured I'd go for full Jag instead, already got the harness.
  4. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    LOL Yeah if I hit that I would find it hard not to splurge a little as well ;)
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