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    I didnt see any discussion of this here so thought I would start one.

    Neverdie's section of Next Island is no longer located on Next Island. (Next Island is just Next Island stuff now)

    From City of Dreams on rocktropia you can pay one banana to the travel agent and ride the intersteller dragon to secret island. (ND's section of Next Island now located on its own server)

    Lots of it remain the same with little monkeys and drakes and skeletons etc... and most of the landmarks are the same, racetrack and all.
    There are also spawns of lower level Kongs which when enough are killed spawn a tamable one and some special new instances as well as a privelaged area you need to collect resources and turn in before you can enter (like the locked off part of Crystal Palace)

    I havent gotten in yet but am told its a one time purchase and once you are in you can go back as often as you want.

    I am still (re)exploring secret island but hear that I will need another banana to buy my ticket back on the intersteller Dragon to rocktropia.

    I did one of the instances and it is clean and simple, looks nice and was fun.
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  2. ah, so that's why I kept getting errors when I tried the tp... you have to have a banana. The secret island tp next to noobs club has been there a loooong time, so I suspect this has been in the works on paper for a loooong time, just now coming in to the game.
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  3. Maybe SEE is working together with ND again and NI will finally turn into Planet MJ.

    Or it will be planet gorilla...or planet of the many secrets, so much fun, so much action...not -_-
  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    NI is getting prepared for the Next Big Estate Auction. Christmas is coming.
  5. Wistrel

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    If that were the case, I'd be interested in a syndicate possibly depending on what level of development would be possible. Unlikely any though.. and I don't have that much money either
  6. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    From my experiance with possible deveopment at Monria you would be allowed to fly like a dead mouse in a trap ...

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