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Sebastian's return!

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Manny, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Check the Blog!

    I know a lot of people didn't really like him, but i'm really happy Meg listened and brought him back.

    Can't wait to learn more about his back story - and please, please please Meg, have something in about how he lost his previous temp job in Next Island :D
  2. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Hahaha! The new mission will explain where he comes from and why he hates those boar so much! Losing his crystal-giving job to a robot is probably a painful subject, and we shouldn't ask him about it.
  3. Pity...

    Those "secrets" tend to be the salt in the lore...

    Huge thumps up for bringing him back :D
  4. I miss the papoos there, it gave the island a light and fun feeling. The robots have a harsh and stuck up feeling.
  5. I agree. Let's hope that the return of Sebastian will bring something of that aura back.
  6. red


    I like the robots.

    but, I'm okay with sebastian, as long as he's more humble and polite than before.
  7. Tom


    Hey, I'd pay Entropia credits to see a sort of Rise of the Planet of the Papoos, where the Papoos begin tearing down / attacking robots. Sebastian probably just needs a significant other to help him lighten up.

    I do miss the papoo yelling though, as much as it used to grit my teeth.
  8. Much more fitting then Transformers
  9. Rise of the Papoos...

    Now that would be a nice event :D

    (As long as there are some actually usable items in loot of course...)
  10. Rise of the Papoo!!!

    Every leaf in the forest stops, and all is quiet.... Suddenly everything starts moving, the forest moves in one mass, as if it was a tidal wave ready to crush anything in its wake. It gets closer, and closer, and soon you can distinguish high pitch cry's in the oncoming torrent. Its a wall of Papoo and they are destroying everything not native to the planet! Crystal center was a total loss! The Calypsoesque tents are ripped apart, as the refugee NPC's can be seen screaming in emote.... Just as quickly as it arose, the violent thunder is no more, the Island has been sanctified, Paradise is reborn. The Papoo have won. Sebastien gives the bottle back to the Auctioneer, and toasts of the good to come....... off in the distance the smell of burning tents, acting as kindling for last act of celebration. The old owners of the island are being roasted on a spit, just like any papoo used to.... mmmmm bbq or ppq

  11. LOL Love it!
  12. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    Haha! Glad you are excited to see Sebastian's return! I laughed pretty hard at The Rise of The Papoos!

    He's not replacing the robots, of course, they are still the guardians of time-travel. He's going to be back in the same tree, but on the lower platform now, to better survey new arrivals.
  13. So he's demoted...

    Wonder what will happen to his airy corner office with the nice view
  14. Yei, Sebastian! I still have an unfinished mission with 50 boars for you.
  15. It will be nice if people with Sebastian's mission still unfinished are able to complete it. Meg has said he no longer has his crystal giving job, so it will be interesting to see what alternative reward he gives.

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