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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by SevvyS, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. Admin note: After several weeks, no real proof of a scam has come up. Therefore, the name(s) of the accused will be removed from the thread.

    Without prejudice:

    A few of us have been aware of a scammer within TDO. But have wait untill we have some better proof before naming & shaming !

    This scammer will likely be known by most of you as an Ex-TDO member known as ... he pretended to be a irl "she".. and was pretty convincing.

    EMW (ENTROPIAS MOST WANTED) and ... were good in-game friends, to an extent where EMW would loan ... Gear & PED. Including "Malachai Dante (F)" This is one of the keys to connecting ... to ... known as: ... on EF .. a Current TDO member.

    .../ ...also has another EF account, which he gave details to someone who wishes to remain anonamous (will refer to as "anon"). this account is ... on EF, in-game name (inactive) ...

    Re-Cap: .../ ... & ... accounts all belong to the same person and is male !

    The mistake he made was, using the same password for each account..

    Recently, when anon tried to change the password on ..., he noticed the registerd e-mail was ...

    I personaly had recently traded with .. and anon had noticed a message from ...on my EF Profile.

    Anon then tried the password given to him by ...(few months ago) on ...(...) & on ...EF account, all passwords and e-mail adresses are the same.

    Anon then downloaded all PMs Sent and Recived, and sent them to me.. After reading these pm's, i decided to make this thread.

    So there is no doubt that .... and ... are the same person.

    And i'm sure many of you in TDO may not have even known that .... is male, or a scammer untill now.


    Back to what .... actully did;

    A few months ago ... would come to the rig, and hang out with us (DDr) .. EMW was often there too, but neither were a member of Dawn Daemons at this time. We were all good friends, and none of us had any reason to belive ... was a scammer nore actully female !

    Around late January/Early Febuary this year EMW bought .. some Malachai Dante (F) on an agreement that ... would pay him back.

    A couple of weeks later ... is selling these shades on EF


    (We only noticed this today)

    Not too long after this, EMW joined Dawn Daemons.. and ... followed by joining Dawn Daemons Rises.

    About a month later (March~) ... asked to borrow 2kped, and EMW kindly lent this to him.

    After reciving (and selling) the Shades, and borrowing the PED .... became very inactive.. logging in now and again, agreeing to meet EMW, but logging off each time before meeting to return the PED as agreed.

    (This was Pre-VU 10, so not related to the update)

    It then became obvious that ... was actully a scammer, and ofcourse was kicked from DDr.

    A few played dumb, tho suspecting ... to be a scammer, and sent him messages on EF.. getting replys like "My graphics card is bust", "I've had a car crash" & "Been kicked out of 'her' home".


    It also seems ... was attempting to steal EMWs POE.. As 'She' offerd to help sell it, there are PMs Sent from his ... account to ... where ... offers a PSG ML45 Sniper for the POE, to which he then forwarded to EMW !

    So there you have it, TDO Member ... is ..., a Man and a SCAMMER !

    Oh and Safara, I quote you: "The actions of the members of a soc define it."



    Judging by some of the excuses i have seen in the PMs from ... I would take an educated guess that ... is also ... (This is not proven in any way)

  2. safara

    safara Pamwe Chete

    Scammer Discoverd (TDO Society)

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention SevvyS, in the most public fashion. Might a PM to me with your findings have been better? Rather than just a PM alerting me to this thread...

    We will investigate this with all due haste. Could you please forward to me the text of the PM messages you are holding up as proof so I may review all the facts.

    Once the facts have been ascertained, you may rest assured that appropriate action will be taken.

    You are quite correct. And as mentioned above, appropriate action will be taken should it be proved that there has been transgressions.

    Spike - The Disturbed Ones.
  3. Scammer Discoverd (TDO Society)

    I wont send anything, but will answer any questions :)
  4. EMW


    Scammer Discoverd (TDO Society)

    hey spike, just for what its worth this is something we have been looking at for a while, rest assured what sevvy has written is completely true(unfortunately) you guys are a great soc with some of the nicest people i have met ingame, I did tell one of your soc to keep an eye out for a new member trying to join you, as i second guessed his next move, seems he was too sharp and got in anyway, which I am sorry about.

    EMW :)
  5. Scammer Discoverd (TDO Society)

    No, I think Scammers should be named.. also now he has a chance to respond :)

    I personaly dont think it sends any bad message about your Society, just ironic how you made a big deal about it in a thread on EF, and its happening in your own society.

    TDO is a great soc, and an action of one member, imo, does defiantly not define it.
  6. safara

    safara Pamwe Chete

    Scammer Discoverd (TDO Society)

    OK, would you mind answering this then.

    What is the content of these downloaded PM's that you say confirms that ... and ...are the same person?

    Probably better if you answer this question in a PM if you wish - as you will be airing other peoples private messages in public otherwise.
  7. safara

    safara Pamwe Chete

    Scammer Discoverd (TDO Society)

    Ah I see, this is about that thing with the mistaken trade?

    You are quite correct that tha actions of the members of a soc define it. And when a member transgresses then it is up to the leadership of the soc, along with the rest of the soc to put things right.

    And if what you alledge is proven, then ... will no longer be a member of TDO - as simple as that :)

    Thereby retaining the core values of TDO etc.

    With the Mistaken trade ting, a member of your soc made good on the mistake, but only after someone totally unrelated to the soc paid the peds back first. I would hope that Aboo got the peds back of the recipient of the mistaken trade.

    But this is all another topic (however it seems central to your actions here) :)
  8. Scammer Discoverd (TDO Society)

    I sent you a pm.
  9. Scammer Discoverd (TDO Society)

    No its about a Scammer.. i just couldent let the irony go untouched :p
  10. safara

    safara Pamwe Chete

    Scammer Discoverd (TDO Society)

    Your thoughts on the matter are noted SevvyS.
  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Just as a heads up, I removed the society name from the title of the thread. This is a single individual's actions, and associating these actions with an entire soc is misleading.
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  12. I ralised that after, was going to PM Lykke to see if she could change it, ty anyway !

  13. Maybe i misunderstood the opening post, but didn't you claim that ...== .../...... but then, why would he PM himself any offers?
  14. No, you are correct.

    They are all the same person..

    He then forwarded the msgs between ...and EMW.. So to EMW it looks like an intrested party, when infact he is sending msgs to himself.

    I dont know where he was going with this.. but he dident manage to get hold of the POE :p

  15. Ok, that makes some sense...

    Now, is there more proof than just those PMs? Because, "anon"s actions (to access someone elses PM account is a violation of privacy rights and rated as hacking - that he somehow knew the password is irrelevant, as long as he isn't explicitely invited he isn't allowed to read others PMs, let alone forwarding them to others) doesn't exactly make his evidence more credible... PMs are after all just text and can be faked easily, and when you post such accusations in public, it is YOU vouching for it to be correct, otherwise it will pretty quickly backfire at you.

    Passwords and contact details can be changed afterwards on EF iirc, so with access to my account, you could as well make my account looking like i am his 3rd or 4th.

    I'm not claiming anything here, neither that you are right nor wrong - i just want to ensure that we do not start unjustified witchhunts here - i've seen enough of that lately.
  16. Thats all the evidence I have... I'm sure ... will be directed here by his soc-mates.. and protest his innocence.. or give some reasoning.
  17. safara

    safara Pamwe Chete

    I have just been on MSN with EMW. We had a nice chat and I thank him for his time this evening.

    However, he was unable to offer any proof to substantiate these accusations, other than he knows the password on 1 EF member account.

    All we have is the word of EMW and SevvyS

    Investigations are ongoing.
  18. Now you have more proof..
  19. safara

    safara Pamwe Chete

    Yes SevvyS - further information has come to light.

    Investigations continue, thank you all for you time while we sort this out in TDO :)
  20. safara

    safara Pamwe Chete

    After discussion with SevvyS and Entropias Most Wanted at some length this evening I now have their evidence. Thank you both for your time this evening, it is much appreciated :)

    And while there is cause for concern for the credibility of the people mentioned, for which we have taken appropriate action, there as yet, has been no proof of a scam.

    Yes, there does seem to be credible evidence of duplicate EF accounts, one that was held by a member of TDO. But this is it. I have not been presented with any information from either SevvyS or Entropias Most Wanted that a scam has taken place.

    I agree that duplicate EF accounts are untoward, and certainly something that we at TDO take very seriously.
    As mentioned, actions have been taken in this regard pending further response.

    I am not saying that a scam has not occurred. I am just saying that I have seen no evidence of this.

    Where is the proof that a scam has taken place to justify the reason for this thread?

    Should not it have been called "Duplicate EF Account Discovered" ?
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