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Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by HardWrath, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. Back in June/July this year I told a scammer if I ever saw him back in game again I would come forward and post details about things in EU he has done. Today I saw him in game.

    The current avatar this person is using is named Evil GTF Santana however he is better known for the avatar named “Stipe GTF Kamenjarin”. Currently his avatar is in the society EntropiaXtreme

    (Edit - GTF has now been booted from EntropiaXtreme)

    Here is a list of known avatars he has used. If anyone has any information about other avatar(s) he has used please come forward with the information that you have.

    God That Failed
    Stipe GTF Kamenjarin
    Stipe Zvizdan Kamenjarin
    Nice ass Chick
    Doctor Jessica Jovansic
    Ugly But Fat
    Evil GTF Santana
    Ivan Baddo TheBloody (spelling?)
    Sarah Divine Jacobs

    Here are some Entropia Forum accounts that GTF has used:

    Nice Ass Chick

    Below is the short version of the story. During the process of finding out the truth, I recorded two 1 hour long telephone conversations with GTF during which I got a full confession out of him including a confession for the below scam:

    GTF has been known to use his multiple avatars for some pretty elaborate scams. During one incident he introduced himself to miners as a representative of a well-known crafter, made a few legit sales to gain trust, and then disappeared with the money for the next purchase. Well the “miner” who he scammed wasn’t really a miner, it was another avatar that GTF used. With the avatar that supposedly got scammed, he approached the crafter and got full compensation for what was stolen, thus the scam was on the crafter. The name of this crafter will not be revealed per his request.

    Many of you remember when I exposed Travis CEO Byers as a scammer. It was during this incident when GTF appeared on my radar. It seems that Travis scammed GTF and GTF was very angry about this so then GTF tried to get Travis back. During one incident GTF bundled a key logger in a file that he sent to Travis. With this key logger he obtained access to Travis’s “Johnson Spyder Johnson” account, he cleared out all of the items, all of the PED, and then he changed the email address of the account to an email address of his own. With that email address he contacted MindArk and asked them to terminate the account, which they happily did. GTF also did this to someone else with the avatar named “Caiden Hollywood Flames”. To this day I don’t know who owned that avatar.

    During the time Travis went on his scamming spree stealing from many different people, some of his victims and myself were doing everything we could to expose Travis which was making Travis very angry. GTF then created a new EU account and a new email address, with those things he posed as a MindArk official who was working on the side by locking avatars for people for a fee. Travis then hired GTF to lock my account and the account of Mike Pirate Vic, I am told the price was 10,000 PED each.

    Travis then went on bragging to people that my account and Pirate’s account would be locked on July 20th 2009. Meanwhile I got MindArk involved and forwarded them all of the information that I had, which at that point was not much and none of us knew that it was GTF who was behind all of this. He only referred to himself as the “MA Locker”. Every attempt that I made to contact this MA Locker person failed. MindArk explained that it wouldn’t be possible for one of their employees to be behind it and they explained why.

    Time passed and we grew closer and closer to the July 20th date at which point I was contacted by someone on EF claiming to be the MA Locker and still claiming to be a MindArk employee. The person asked me to meet them in game which I did with my roommate’s avatar. The name of the avatar that I met was “Doctor Jessica Jovansic” He informed me that I would be getting a phone call from Travis within minutes and that I should pretend that my account was in fact terminated. The phone call from Travis came as promised and I played along. Then Travis showed up in game and met “Doctor Jessica Jovansic”…. Travis was supposed to pay him for locking my account.

    It turns out that MindArk had taken the initiative to call Travis and enlist his cooperation with busting this MA Locker person. During this time Travis was simply trying to get as much information out of “Doctor Jessica Jovansic”. Meanwhile before and during this meeting, I was forwarding information to MindArk via the Entropia Forum. After the meeting, I also got a phone call from MindArk. It was still unclear who exactly was behind the MA Locker email address and the “Doctor Jessica Jovansic” account. The only definitive information they had was that the IP addresses linked back to a Cyber Caf in Croatia.

    As soon as I found out it was Croatia, naturally I suspected GTF as being the person behind all of this. Because GTF was stupid enough to post pictures of his ID and Passport on ER along with his phone number, I went ahead and called him.

    Before talking to GTF, I contacted Travis and with his help in two different hour long 3-way phone calls to Croatia we were able to get a full confession out of GTF for the whole MA locker thing, for accessing and terminating other people’s EU accounts, as well as some of his other scams in EU. I have all of it recorded.

    It will take some time but I want to cut out certain parts of these recorded phone conversations with GTF and put them together in a short audio file that I will upload to YouTube. I will then link to it here.

    What is clear to me is that GTF is not the only person involved with this MA Locker thing. If anyone has any information that is relevant, please contact me.

    Here is a screen shot of him in game today


    Edit: Here are the clips from the phone conversation

    You will need to turn up the volume on your PC... I cut out 5 different clips from the 2nd recorded conversation that I had with GTF and put them together to make this. For each clip there is text that describes what is happening in the conversation.

    This is the edited version that beeps out the phone number in Croatia that we had the operator call. As per the Admin request, I have removed personal information about GTF. I will say that on Entropia Reality, GTF was stupid enough to post his real life phone number, a pic of himself, a picture of his passport, and a picture of his ID card. The phone number that we dialed is the EXACT same number that GTF posted on ER. If anyone doubts that we were actually calling the real GTF, please PM me and I will provide you with sufficient proof.

    <link removed by admin>

    Here is the audio clip that reveals his current avatar as Evil GTF Santana

    <link removed by admin>

    In this audio clip, GTF confesses to scamming a crafter. The name of that crafter has been replaced with beeps because he does not want to be named. If you know who the crafter is please be respectful and don’t reveal his name.

    <link removed by admin>
  2. Justin Thyme

    Justin Thyme Someone With Opinions

    Oost the recordings or just go away, why do you want to cut things out? Are you worried about revealing things that you have done as well? If Travis was the scammer you say you revealed then please explain why you are working with via phone calls to a thrid party. Did you have that persons permission to record the call?
  3. Justin, I have not done anything that I am ashamed of. Your persistent harassment and your continuous attempts at slandering my name are getting very old.
  4. Justin Thyme

    Justin Thyme Someone With Opinions

    I asked a question. Post the recordings. I didn't slander nor harrass you. Get over yourself.

    So please refrain fromtrying to call everything harrasment and answer the question. You say you have proof then show it in its unedited form.

    I am not one of your fanbois and am not going to believe every little claim you make. So I ask you to prove this or request the mods to remove your post until it is backed up with proof.
  5. Justin... your repetitive attempts over the last several months to antagonize me are harassment. You have done it here, on ER, on EF, in Skype, in game, in IRC, in EF chat, on your radio show, and anywhere else that you can.

    Ill post the recordings when I am ready. Some people that were scammed do not want to be named therefore I wont post the whole recordings.
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  6. Justin Thyme

    Justin Thyme Someone With Opinions


    No I have only responded to your pathetic attempts to attack me.

    If I am so bad please ignore me. No reason to listen to my show.

    I even said hello to you last night as I was alerted when you tuned in.
  7. Just wondering..

    Are you sure the Evil GTF Santana is the same GTF?

    I know it seems so, but could the "GTF" in the middle name be coincidence?


    GTF used to pm me now and then, asking about E-Mine etc.

    I suspected him from the way he would talk, and told him out-right that i thought he was a scammer, and also thought he was "Overkill" on EF. Atleast thats been confirmed now :p

    I dont have any proof, but im pretty sure "Dragon The Entrepreneur" was "Travis CEO".. Dragon used to pester me when i was a noob, then he disappeard, and Travis appeard at the same time, with identical looking Ava, exact same clothes, gear, mannerism etc.

    There was another ava i thought GTF was, but i cant remember atm :S
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  8. Yes I am 100% sure it’s the same guy... somewhere in the phone recordings he goes on to list a lot of his avatars, Evil GTF Santana in EntropiaXtreme is one of them. Ill cut that bit out as well.

    I’m working on putting together this audio file... it’s a time consuming process.
  9. YouTube is processing the upload....
  10. The audio clip is now in the original post
  11. Next Ill cut out the part where he talked about his avatars

    Edit: I updated the original post with that audio clip
  12. LOL @ "I just want to live my life"
  13. molleke

    molleke The Ultimate Turp

    Travis called you to confirm your account was locked and then went ingame to pay someone for locking the account but you account was not locked and you played along:headscratch:

    You all publish your phone numbers all over the internet?

    I did not listen all the audio files of all other supposed phone calls but are you guys for real?

    all sounds like a load of BS to me:bduh:
  14. No "we all" don’t. If you read the post and listen to the recordings then you will understand what is going on. I will explain more:

    I played along with the "MA Locker" person because we were trying to find out the details regarding who he was because up to that point all we had were email addresses which revealed nothing about his identity. Every layer of GTF’s bullshit that I cut through only revealed another layer of bullshit.

    While I was playing along with the MA locker person, I was sending info to MindArk. The mysterious "MA Locker" person would never have revealed his avatar as "Doctor Jessica Jovansic" if I had not played along and convinced Travis that my account was locked. Don’t forget, he thought that he was going to get paid PED from Travis for locking my account thus he needed to meet Travis in game which therefore would reveal his account. What almost screwed things up is that MindArk was on the other line with Travis telling him that my account was in fact not locked. Thankfully Travis put 2 and 2 together and played along telling GTF that he believed that my account was locked and that he would meet him in game to pay him.

    While GTF was meeting Travis in game with the Doctor Jessica Jovansic account, MindArk traced the IP address back to a cyber cafe in Croatia which then allowed Travis and I to connect the dots and figure out that it was GTF.

    Rewinding to the beginning...

    Originally Travis and GTF exchanged phone numbers because Travis was borrowing PED from him. Travis then ended up scamming GTF. Shortly after Travis joined the NBK Elite Miners and almost immediately scammed someone in the NBK which got my attention. I then "skip traced" Travis and got his real life contact information.

    The avatar name "Travis CEO Byers" just happens to contain his real life first and last name. Travis also told some people in-game what the name of his company is. Through some simple Google searches, I was quickly able to figure out that Travis lives in New York. From there I searched the NYS Department of State Division of Corporations database for Travis's contact information. The phone numbers listed with the state were all disconnected however with the address his business was listed under, I was able to figure out which mall he leased a storefront from. I then contacted that mall office and told the lady that I was an out of state client of Travis's company and I had misplaced his phone number. She happily gave me his cell phone number and business phone number.

    I then called Travis and had several heated exchanges with him while I was trying to get to the bottom of Travis's scams. Travis obtained my phone number from his caller ID since I never bothered to block it.

    After things had started to settle down with Travis, GTF then started this whole MA Locker thing. Both MindArk and I got Travis to help us bust GTF.... Travis was more than happy help, probably because GTF was still trying to screw Travis over again.

    I have since been in contact with MindArk and have informed them that I saw GTF in game again... We will see what happens with that.
  15. GTF has been booted from EntropiaXtreme.
  16. molleke

    molleke The Ultimate Turp

    I'm getting more confused I must say.

    But all the way to the start. I'm expected to believe that someone is willing to pay 10.000 PED to get someones accoutn locked? And then 2 people? Thats US$ 2000?

  17. Well considering that Travis scammed more than 20K ped from people and I was the one who destroyed him by exposing him to the community and to MindArk then I would say that I probably pissed him off enough to motivate him to want to pay to get my account locked.

    The thing is that Travis isn’t stupid... shortly after he saw through GTF's little account lock scam, the focus then turned to rooting out the person behind the MA locker email address which happened to be GTF.

    Travis never paid GTF a single PED
  18. CycoKick

    CycoKick Notorius cK

    Complicated story for sure..

    Surpises me that MA didnt Lock anyone pending investigation i must say...
  19. From what I know... he should have been locked.

    I dunno what the issue is
  20. Dear HardWrath

    You are actually once again violating the EULA by linking or posting to identifiable information about another participant in public. Since a few months back that is a bannable offense.

    Scammers or not though, you seem to get off by stalking people which is also illegal IRL
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