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Planet Calypso News: RX Core mission update

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by EP-Newsbot, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. I would like to extend the gratitude of the CDF to all the colonists who assisted us with the last mission into the Core.

    The DSUs recovered from the Core assisted us in reaching the RX cache before the robots. However, by the time our recovery team reached the site, scans revealed that the cache had already been destroyed, possibly by a mining drill. Nevertheless, all fragments of the cache have been recovered to determine if any useful data can be salvaged.

    It is currently unknown if the damage to the cache was caused by the RX Units themselves, or if a miner accidentally destroyed the cache while excavating nearby resources.

    Regardless, the Federal Empire has contacted the CDF and requested that we allow the transfer of an Imperial Guardian from the Aryin System to Calypso to deal with the situation. Since the concentration of Imperial forces is already higher on Calypso than usual (with Sgt. Quintana’s ESTs at Minopolis and the Imperial Guardian Valerius in Zychion), we have agreed to this request on the condition that the Guardian be stationed at the Exodus Space Station, and must be accompanied by CDF personnel during any travels outside said station.

    Once again, thank you all, and good luck out there!

    /Brig. General de Souza


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