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ROCKtropia story: No Way Out of No Way Out!

Discussion in 'ROCKtropia' started by EP-Newsbot, May 4, 2011.

  1. Getting sick of hunting cockroaches, they never Global.. Prison is starting to Stink, the inmates are scared to shower, I wonder why...
    Law and Order on ROCKtropia seems to have gone by the wayside since I was incarcerated, the prison is really filling up.
    No one has Escaped so Far! I've tried a few times, but they keep tagging Me... Seems I can't teleport fast enough to get away from the guards..
    After each escape attempt, my life sentence gets longer! (is that even possible) I Filed another Appeal... They Need to change the law soon.

    I heard someone discovered a Coin that takes you to Hell, i thought I was already in hell, I can't believe it can get any worse..

    Maybe the secret to Slaying the Demon can be found in Hell. It still pains me to think i let it Get Away!
    I think about it alot, I had the Snake in my Grasp, the tail in one hand, it's neck in the other...
    I just couldnt find anyone to Chop its head off... We'll I did find someone an old trusted friend, but the beast is very Clever.
    It took the form of another Old friend who was sick, he begged me to let the snake live, he said he needed the Venom for an antidote.

    I knew what was happening, But I couldn't let my friend die, even if I knew it was all just an illusion.
    The Problem was my friend didn't know it was an Illusion, he would never have forgiven me if i let him die.

    That's the only reason the beast lives, it fights dirty, they don't call them dirty devils for nothing...

    You don't know dirty till You've stared the beast in the Face, there's simply no Spark of Life in those Eyes.
    Its treacherous, is not human Ever, even when it takes human form...

    I gotta get out of here, i have work to do, there's a war to be won.

    Man I wish they had auctioneers in here though, at least there would be some eye candy, the only chicks in here are tattooed onto the Chests of Zomhattan St Boyz and that just don't cut it for me..

    Thats the buzzer! Chow time.​


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