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Roadmap 2018

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Roadmap 2018 - Detour to the stars ?

    This is for historic reasons and to show a bit about how MindArk is working :

    Instead of pointing you towards the mess of my blog and talking about dozens of lies and fails that are so old, that noone will remember them anymore, I decided to pick out the "most precious & recent" ones and combined em to one long and powerfull, emtpy list, that will initiate the end of 2017 :

    Yes, I have better things to do, but as a part of this community...seeing noone else doing such "lists"...I felt responsible.

    I dont expect any of these things to recieve any update in 2018...but ofc, you never know.

    Enjoy ;)

    Taming Stage 2

    Promised and postponed since 2005...its now 2018...no news of rideable mobs, or additional "tricks"...combat support etc.

    Creature Battle Octagons
    Set for late 2014...it is now 2018

    Meant to be as rival pokemon app, especially designed for the mobile market, this game bobs up and down since its start in early 2016. After 2 years of "we are working hard on it" (keep in mind they hired an external team), this game never seemed to leave beta state and never gathered a huge community around itself. With the recent (2017) announcement of "Now we are planing to advertise it", this game died, before it ever went live. No mentionable gameplay/design updates ever happened.

    Compet Deed Payout
    Deeds available since 2014...1st promised payout, dec 2016...but it is now 2018...no payouts recieved

    CLD Land Plots

    Promised in early 2015...people pumped several tenthousands of US Dollars into this "new system"...MA promising gigantic towns and various buildings that actually have a meaning...but all you can do 3 years later, is growing some plants...no more news about it...and again its 2018

    The promsied ingame companies
    Ever heard of "Sphere Ordnance", "Redyne", "Castor Meele Systems", "Ashley & Perin", "Chikara", "Genesis Star" or "Omegaton" ?
    These are the ingame companies since 2001. Mindark always announced big plans about them...what we got was a "Genesis Star Headquarter" in Twin Peaks in 2009. For a single Mining Event, with an NPC inside. The building then dissapeared.
    Also there was a nice RDI building in Port Atlantis...RDI, you know...

    Next Island (lol)

    It died in 2012 and became Calypsos Outpost...ya, right...in october 2016 David Post (original owner) and the society "Big industries" joined forces...announcing the revival of "Next Island", by advertising very old screenshots as "new updates"...even announcing a mobile game of it... just to become silent...and again it is 2018.

    Gigantic Space update with Missions :

    it never happened, but got announced again, now and then

    Partner Buildings at Athena Spaceport
    Announced as new partner program in 2015 (with jobs and education and bitcoins and stuff), these comapnies never ever entered Entropia and the buildings are still empty...no news...and its 2018 by now

    Oculus Rift
    In early 2015, MA announced full support of it...not a word about it ever again...it is now 2018

    MindBank and CashCard :
    Cashcards first appearance was in 2006...it got canceled right after the 1st participants recieved it. Mindbank was about to go live in 2009...but MA failed to secure the required fundings.
    In 2015 David Simmonds started talking about MindBank plans again...no news since then...and its 2018.

    Asteroid mining and tradeable mining claims
    Such announcements are as old as Entropia itself...it got announced several times...but never happened...

    The new promised cinematique trailer, with a professional female actor
    Got announced now and then...since 2007...in 2013 Team Arkadia released a..well...not so professional trailer...without any reallife actors and decent voice acting. This was meant to be the new promised cinematique trailer...

    The smartphone app "Virtual Tycoon"
    "Help Craft The Future Of Entropia Universe With Your Android Mobile Device"
    Announced and released in late 2012, it recieved its last update in mid 2013,
    while some screamed for updates and begged for new features...we reached 2018 by now, without any new announcements about it.

    Online campaigns and advertising aka. marketing
    Announced and promised as "big news" everytime since 2009...we never got anything else but some mini banners, that still pop up here and there on rare ocassions...

    The promised fishing system
    Announced as "its ready" in mid 2012...Kim Timkrans posted in may 2013
    "It only existed on paper...no (more) ETA"

    The facebook emmissary program
    Started with great announcements (unlock stuff and win great items by answering questions) in 2012...it got shut down in the very same year and
    wasnt working correctly anway.

    The Entropia 3D casino, that had absolutely nothing to do with Entropia ;)
    Went live as standard 2D slot machine site in 2015. You could unlock and win prizes, like cars and clothes from Entropia, to play inside a planned 3D world of...Entropia ...which wasnt really Entropia. Got it ? Anway, it never got beyond 2D standard fancy slot machines...and shut down 1 year later, in 2016.

    While the idea of a ingame casino is as old as Entropia itself (fitting Animations and textures could be found in the old clients), this one got set up by "an external"...partner...and ofc, MA had nothing to with a 3D Entropia casino. ;)

    The president of Virtual Reality
    Because of a faked and fucked up voting process, John Jacobs aka. Neverdie became our president...as noone else wanted to pay the 1000$ fee to participate.

    Neverdie wanted to introduce teleportation fees...MindArk said no...Neverdie resigned from office...after doing nothing, but introducing his own houses of parliamnet...blaaaahhhhhhhh

    Neverdie then introduced his first crypto (scam) ICO...together with an announcement of a giant teleporter, which should have been announced on the Mobile World Congress in Brazil...it never got announced..no more news...and his ICO failed...so MindArk tried...with

    The MindArk Blockchain Project
    Announced in dec. 2017...lets wait and SEE

    SoOooOoooOo, these are just some of the more recent&precious ones and I wont mention bugs and lost details here. Still, quite a long one, eh ? ;)

    Which reminds me, that the shop decoration competition from 2009 is still running and noone ever recieved a price after spending up to 3000$ on...decorating their shops...

    Happy New Year !
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  2. Happy new year !
  3. Wonderful post McCormick, thank you very much!

    Although their ongoing lies are almost comical in retrospect I’m sure I’m not the only one who lost many thousands of dollars through naively trusting their promises.

    Still, lesson learned and good riddance EU (other than reading subversive writings in here of course). :)

    Vive la Resistance!
  4. I wouldn't call NEVERDIE ico a fail, he got nearly 5M dollar at the time which is worth 8Million dollar now.

    The market cap of his coin is worth 1.5 Million tho, and has no volume, people can't even sell their stakes as there is no liquidity, way to go ND ;).
    So he fucked people badly for now yes, but a fail nope, he got the money he wanted as the con man and douche bag he is, since that's all he really wanted, to get suckers in and make him instant rich again.
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  5. San


    I still play this game as if it was the old, nice one, nothing else. I haven't "lost" any money I haven't spent willingly and considered gone from that moment. I don't recall ever having bought a product or into an "investment" because of the promises in its advertisement. But then, I didn't believe in my parents' religion from the earliest beginnings of consciousness. Maybe it's in genetics, I don't know.
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  6. So, bascially what you are saying is, Neverdie has about 1.8 to 8 million US Dollars now (if transfered into something else and actually cashed out?)

    So why arent there any gigantic announcements now, that he will hand out teleporter tokens to make people earn revenue ?
    Why arent there huge news of a gigantic teleporter beeing build in another MMORPG ?
    And whatever happened to Lord British ? x'D

    I mean, what else would he probably do with millions of dollars right now ? Except for buying drugs and exclusive alcohol, enjoying the stupidity of his loyal investors ?

    Amagawd, look, his 1st project "Rocktropia" is already live !!!1111 ;)

    Da fucking Neverdie API will make AmeVRica and Asgard VR interoperable with Rocktropia and...did people really believe all this bs in the 1st place ?

    nd games.
  7. You eat that list up every day don't you? I still find it a bit funny that you complain that MA still hasn't release something they stated back in 2001-6 when the game was still early and they were still planning out ideas which never saw the light of day yet you will cry until the end of time for MA to do something with it. right?

    And you do know the story behind The president of Virtual Reality right?

    Well, it's simply but seems your head is so far up your ass you can't see it. My bet here is that this all is just ND plan which he put MA name on it again. Remember ND loved tokens. From what I was told, MA ran with the President idea because it was funny -- which it was kind of.

    Funny fact here: ND loves GoDaddy and guess who is hosting MA's latest project yet again! lol

    Domain Name: DEEPTOKEN.INFO
    Registry Domain ID: D503300000053828565-LRMS
    Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.godaddy.com
    Registrar URL: http://www.godaddy.com
    Updated Date: 2017-10-12T12:56:15Z
    Creation Date: 2017-10-12T12:56:14Z
    Registry Expiry Date: 2018-10-12T12:56:14Z
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date:
    Registrar: GoDaddy.com, LLC
    Registrar IANA ID: 146
    Registrar Abuse Contact Email: abuse@godaddy.com
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  8. Not agreeing with what I write is one thing...not understanding what I write is another.

    In the blockchain thread you agree with what I write.

    "MindArk finally entering the crypto market, because Neverdie convinced em its hip."
    MindArk announced it...because Neverdie convinced em its hip.

    Dear OZTwo, Im fully aware its ND...ty.

    Yet you complain I wouldnt realize...the full truth...about deepshit on godaddy, by talking about my head and my ass...dafaq OZTwo ? :S

    Just for example, David Simmonds was the registrant for the president bullshit...on godaddy...so what ? Its all bullshit...and not even a bit funny...dude ?!
    All MA was hoping for, was 1K $ from some idiot participants...for registration...

    deepshit...look at the registrant...its David Simmonds...not ND

    deepshit is also on amazon..like compet...so what ?

    Does it really matter, if it has a ND tag or a MA tag ?
    Both are tied together. Since day 1.

    I explained this thread is for historic reasons and that I only picked out the "most precious & recent ones"...to not annoy the hell out of people...like you...yet you come along anyway and call me crying back to 2001... -_-

    2001...you know...Entropia was based on reverse developing. Everything was in the client already. Text, textures, 3d models.
    New items, new robots, new mobs. It was all there...nearly no development needed.

    But then came the things that werent in the client loader...and they usually stayed unfinished or never made it into the game.
    Havent you been paying attention the last 7 years ? Did you miss it all ? Do you think I post all this because Im bored and want to harm MA ? With random crap from the past, that has absolutley no meaning at all !?? Wont or cant you SEE that I try to show MAs true face here ?!

    No other gaming company used so many buzzwords and fake announcements over the past years, to fool their community and suck the dollars out of them.

    Pure exorbitance...just like your post, pointing at me, while I try to shake up people, by remembering what was said, what was promised.
    Stuff that needs updates badly...stuff that isnt even half ready since decades, but took thousands of US dollars from the community already...because hope dies last...wow, you want to make me angry OZTwo, dont you ? x'D

    Reading my text is one thing...understanding it is another. Please, read and understand and dont post bullshit about my head and my ass...while you already agreed to what I wrote in another thread...holy shit...man...gaaawwwdd..... :p
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
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  9. You forgot one quite recent one: Political System. Even though, it might be still mentioned on the list as Blockchain Project. I'm referring to this:


    My bet is that blockchain project has nothing to do with ingame currency. With Deepshit, players get to decide what projects/implementations get funded and MindArk doesn't need to deal with conflicts of interest between planet partners, MindArk, players, shareholders etc. as "it's just what players want".

    If it's about something else and totally new, we won't likely hear about it ever again.
  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Few things here. The list is useful and well curated and should serve as a warning that MA investment or media hype projects should always be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism. I always feel sorry for anyone who bought compet deeds or believed the estate system would amount to anything significantly more than shares for example. That said, I still like the Content of oblivion, the only thing about it is that it is hard to know where the updates appear in the document (maybe some html # label linking at the top to the bits that have changed when updates occur might help).

    I can't really comment on ND. I knew he did something with crypto and had a fairly fancy website thingy behind it that couldn't have been cheap. I'm sure whatever he does, he had the best intentions. It sounds like another one of those things where he wanted to do something and MA went "sure kinda" and he ran with it. A bit like space pirates or his dance system.

    I guess despite the hate others feel I still can't help but like Mr Beeblebrox. That said I don't want to be attacked by anyone for this. I don't have too much time or interest in researching things myself. OK I mean I would, but I have other things I want to do more. This said I will always read the work of Mr McCormick on such Entropia related investigations.

    This leads me to Opaloman. I found your post really rather nasty. I get that you don't like what McCormick posts and you perceive him as a broken record. That's fine, I can see why you'd think that. This said there are plenty of people who, as much as you don't like what he posts, DO like what he posts. Sure I don't always find myself in complete agreement with everything he says* and indeed I agree with you that a bunch of features were just alpha/beta ideas and MA are well within their rights to have ditched them. I don't think McCormick is busy stressing over such things either. I think they only get mentioned as a historical record or candle on the cake so to speak or are just there for comedy effect - or maybe they are just ideas that McCormick particularly liked so he is merely being a fan. This is allowed.

    So I guess what I'm saying is that you should maybe accept that McCormick has a personal interest as historian of Entropia as ONE of the things he likes to do in life. I believe he has personally accepted that you don't like his posts. We all have. So maybe it is time you did too?

    McCormick is going to carry on posting stuff about Entropia, you are going to carry on not liking it. The thing is, nothing McCormick ever posts, targets an individual or makes accusations at them like "you don't have a life and need a pond project". Your post really could have been summarised that way.

    Sorry about this. I don't like getting involved with online debates of this kind but this time I couldn't stay silent. I'm going to end by paraphrasing something someone from Mindark once said (iirc):

    "We are aware there is a lot of criticism. While it may be hard to take, it does provide a driving force for us to try and do better. Most importantly though, it shows that people care. What we really need to be afraid of is when people stop caring."


    * oh yeh. I don't really agree that the taming system or MF is as unfinished as Mr McC makes out. Sure we never got to ride our Atrox out into the sunset (which I too am sad about) but aside from that, there is a lot that was done and I see a lot of people using pets in game. But indeed yes we never got the pet battle stuff - maybe it will come with the completion of compets ;)
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  11. I am normaly in team opaloman, but not this time. These were all promises that Mindark made themselves. I remember wanting to ride my exarosaur pet, as I remember a lot of the other announcements. Entropia for me is still one of the best games out there, but they shouldn't promise the world, if they cannot live up to the promise.
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  12. Most of the mentioned things from my blog are indeed promises.
    Some of them can be found ingame, as half assed attempts or close to half ready.
    Some ended up as decoration only.

    They are NOT just "maybe announcements" or "future ideas that might arrive" .

    Promises...broken promises...Im not an idiot. :)
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  13. Yes I know there is even an email you can send to David as I did the first time ND did this. At the time his first email seemed to be as if he was pissed and then the second one was him laughing saying it was a ND thing. But yes, MA drama lol

    But the good side to all this which I was very happy to see that it WAS a godaddy site and not MA site is that most likely this will never see the light of day -- well, ok maybe somehow on RT.

    But we all know ND. I still again laugh to this day when MA sent him to talk about the new Compets (crap ass app fyi) at the phone conference yet he goes and talks about PC games. lol
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
  14. Yes, I know, I wasn't saying that Mc was wrong. Most are spot on just the older ones I was pointing out.
  15. Yes you are right it was kind of harsh there. But that was mostly due to him getting a little pissed that someone question his judgement and starting using profanity.
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  16. It's real, and will see light of day. I suspect they are waiting to put the white paper out til they do the speech thing first... Since it's scheduled for tomorrow, I suspect white paper will be up in the next 48-72 hours.

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  17. Yeah, see ND isn't even talking tomorrow. Wow this could be real! Need to plan on withdrawing soon :)
  18. So, this is where our money goes...non virtual food and drinks. ;)

    ...when Mr. Simmonds starts talking about his 15 years of experience with crypto. ;)

    I really hope Brock Pierce joins as special guest on stage. ;)

    Networking drinks ftw ! David is a professional at creating networks in drunk mode. ;)

    depp token speech.
  19. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    How can anyone in MA claim to have experience with VR? Just because MindArk calls EU VR does not mean EU == VR.

    You actually are considering investing in this? lol
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