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  1. The problem is, it seems to work as they want it to work.

    No more reaching for 1 mio. concurrent users. (might have been a real plan in 2003, but now its just pr-words)
    No mass advertising. (never happened anyway)
    Storyline got completely fucked, we live in a grinding, so called event-world.
    Use names that are in no way connected to our MMO as a PR-stunt. (Warren Buffet)
    Riding waves as PR-gag. (Oculus Rift, Educational Moon, nvidia PhysX etc.)
    Keep talking about MindBank.
    Stretching ETAs to infinity and beyond.
    Fire all creative employees, beeing unable to fix stuff.
    Result = a place for oldtimers, that are 70% idle and new colonists, that wont stay for 10 years like us.
    Slow and steady growth. Eager to SEE MAs financial report 2014...NOT ;D
  2. Nor Alien

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  3. NotAdmin

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    Even the first statement is not necessarily true. Remember Candy Box, for example. Or even Crossy Road or Flappy bird. They were by no means graphical highlights, but they went viral due to great gameplay.

    I still think EU is visually appealing (albeit this effect was far greater directly after the switch than it is nowadays), but whenever I log in now, everything has a very sterile feeling to me. Some of the landscapes and cities are beautiful, but they truly look as if they were built yesterday. According to the "storyline", Calypso is still under constant siege, but the cities show no visual sign of any of it. There's no bullet-holes, no craters, no rubble, no remains of great battles once fought. I played LOTRO again for a bit, and as the story progresses, cities and villages will come under attack, or burnt to the ground. They do not suddenly simply show u as they did before, but remain aflame, or in rubble.

    The fauna also could use some love. I recently did some argos close to the outpost near Twins, and I swear some of the plants look exactly like they did pre-CE2.

    There's no consistency between the graphics, and even less so between the storyline and the graphics.

    I agree with your statement that exciting gameplay or a compelling storyline could make you ignore that, but EU doesn't exactly offer either of those. It's all repetitive. "UH OES, <insert city here> is under attack by <insert mob here>. Go shoot stuff!". Rinse, wash, repeat.

    I still hope Cyrene might break the chain, but strongly get the feeling that MA will forever be the bottleneck, both in implementation speed, as well as in obstruction of creative processes. Let alone the fact their own subsidiary is still running a competitor to their own customers.
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    Well, MA is still a small company with small abilities. To compare it to a game from Bethesda (with tons of staff and billions of dollars in the treasure chest) was a bit unfair. The main questions are:
    1. Does the road they take works for them?
    2. Does it still attract me?
    It seems the answers are "yes" to 1. and "no" to 2. No problem. No reason for whining. I had a great time at PE/EU. I don't regret the nine years and I don't regret the thousands of dollars I spent. It was a wonderful time and experiance - even with the shitty graphics before they switched to CE2. They won't and they shouldn't try to drag me and other elders back to their game. GOGOGO MA! I wish you all the best. I mean ... NINE YEARS!!!!! I doubt TESO can hold me that long ...
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    Speaking of Entropia alternatives... The Repopulation is still looking like it has promise and those videos remind me of PE quite a bit. I just had a shot at getting into the beta.
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    Was the Bethesda comment for me? I don't think I referred to them anywhere?
  7. Jamira

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    Nonono ... I mentioned TESO world here ... it was for my self.
  8. dalewj

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    Nope TheRepop will never be RCE, in fact I think this might be the end of that phase of gaming.
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