Researcher's Knife (L)

Discussion in 'Items' started by WangXiang, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Both blueprint and item are limited.







    Full TT value is 34 PED.

    A special thanks to Manny and Soloman, both members of our "Soaring Eagles" society, who helped to get enough Bronzite Crystal for the crafting attempt. This is an achievement of our society.
  2. omg are they really serious about these materials? this is a joke right? both new bp's are useless... its just appalling what is called development here
  3. Seconded.

    That must be about a week's intensive hunting required to gather materials for one attempt at crafting a 34 PED knife that will be broken in less than 30 minutes.
    It needs to ne UL to justify all that effort. And even then it needs to be much higher TT.

    Just because we put up with weps that break in 5 minutes in AG doesn't mean that we;ll put up with them on NI, where we can use any number of alternatives. And it cerainly doesn'y mean that we'll pay high mu for the privilege! At least the old AG weps can be quickly and easily bought from the TT, and there's nothing to stop you carrying a dozen of them

    Time NI Development team were required to actually play the game.

  4. definetely need least the ice clubs were high tt
  5. I added the BP and weapon to Entropedia. It does not show the correct costs as Entropiabay is reporting some of these as selling for 0%.
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