Rescue Me! Racing Event

Discussion in 'The VCC Rally Series' started by Chrome, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. 1st Place - JohnnyFly and Buddy Tommy
    2nd Place - Novatech Spongey Bob and Stanley Miles Stardust
    3rd Place - Oleg Oleg McMullery and Jacxie Jacx Wox

    Gratz to all who participated in Rescue Me!!!

    This was a first event for the Calypso Coast Guard... hopefully their membership will continue to grow so they can sponsor and organize fantastic FREE events for citizens of Calypso!!!

    • Thanks to Fiona for all of her organizational help...
    • Thanks to those who officiated...
    • Thanks to the prize sponsors...
    • Thanks to MindStar9 (EntropiaPlanets) and Daggert (AtlasHavenRadio) for event coverage...
    • And lastly, thanks to all who participated to make this event a success!
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