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    Yirrk Who Speaks for the Earth?

    Does anyone know the answer to this Q:

    How does MA assign a loot to a mob? Is it that for every mob freshly generated by the MA computers, there is a loot attached (or not)?

    Or does it go like this: When a mob is killed the MA computers calculate what, if anything, it should have, according to the Hunter's Skills, etc., and generate (or not) a loot to match?

    To phrase it another way, does a Global or a HOF or other loot "ride" in an arbitrary mob, or is it calculated after the kill?

  2. Warning: The following is just the opinion of JR. MA does not share such information.

    I believe when a mob is killed, nothing happens until it is looted. Then a loot script runs to determines how much (if any) loot is given and if any items are given. Each mob has a specific list of items that can be dropped with each item having a rarity attached to it (pe-wiki). The more rare, the less likely it is to drop.

    I STRONGLY doubt that the avatar or the weapon used has any affect on loot.

    Of course the larger the mob the higher the average loot and the better the items dropped. There is a formula for max loot although I forget exactly what it is. Something like the mobs stamina times 64. I do know for mobs that 'always loot' the max loot is 4X the original formula (so stamina X 64 X 4, assuming the original formula is correct).

    The only hole in my theory is my belief that Perception gains mean that there is a mob nearby with high than average loot. This would mean the mob already has its loot decided before it is killed. Or maybe Perception gains are indications of a 'luck factor'. However this should probably be in another thread entirely.
  3. Woohooo a loot theory thread !! \\:D/

    Here goes my :twocents:

    First of all i think the loot is not attached to the mob, more likely to the location
    Why? well its simply a choice of programming, that way the "loot script" (its more likely a function then a script but i like the name, so i keep using it) would be generic for both huning and mining
    The mob or the kind och finder you use is just input parameters to the "loot script"

    Second as for what you actually get is related to skills, but not hunting skills, like maybe Perception and other "base skills" but im pretty sure there is another parameter into what you get and so far i call it "mob QR".
    Just like the QR rating on a Bp improves the chances of success and in the end the return i belive there is a QR on each mob category that is individual and raised as you go around killing mobs.

    Last as for the Perception gain i doubt that the gain of Perc really tells you anything
    Cause it seems to increase in a slow but steady pace and i have gotten alot of perc on some hunts and still found zero and vice versa


    * dont stand in one spot to long..move around..cover the area
    * be persistant hunt the same mob over and over again and you will see that the loot slowly improves
    * hunt with the inside of your head, dont go buying the largest gun and find the biggest mob, cause even if you bring it down without skills you will (most likely) only get pecs.

    and as JR pointed out, this is only theories and have never and never will be confirmed by MA

    Happy hunting :Beer:
  4. Again - this is total speculation, my own opinion and not a 'dig' at MA or intended to bad mouth the way they run their empire.

    Ass-covering completed I must say that as I recently withdrew approx 200 PED from the game (still not received after months of waiting), my loots, decay, mining finds, skill gains etc. have ALL changed considerably for the worse.

    I have also observed that loot often follows a depositing cycle. I noticed this by comparing Red (who still deposits sometimes) to myself (I never deposit at the moment, except to test the theory) - and asking various players in the game if they have noticed any patterns.

    So I would conclude that loot is determined at looting time or finding time. This may differ from mining where if you found a named deposit, then did not mark it, in theory another avatar would find an identical deposit. This of course would explain the high amount of 'unknown' finds, and the need for such.

    I would also conclude that the loot script uses as it's parameters the cash flow profile of the avatar, including how much in value is kept inside the game in items, property etc.
    Only after this do I believe that skills, ammo spend, mob location etc. parameters are used to 'weight' the loot decision.

    In teaming I often find that my poor status at the moment drags the team loots downward if on equal loot. When on 'damage' the loot seems to await a mob killed by another avatar. Again this is from watching this happen a few hundred times during team hunts, and coming away significantly 'down' on every hunting trip.

    Finally, when considering damage on mobs, from mobs, miss ratios and critical hit frequency, I can only conclude that this is again heavily weighted toward the avatar, and frequently adjusted downward. Having watched my effectiveness with the same or better equipment spiral slowly downward despite a gradual skill increase I can only conclude that this is the case.

    So, my 2 cents worth. Again I wouldn't play if I found this situation onerous or untenable - I consider EU to be the equal of an online casino in these respects i.e. 'the odds are not neccessarily the odds shown or implied'. I still enjoy playing for the social aspect, I have only lost interest in the virtual 'economy' as I believe this to be a grand title for what resembles a video poker game.
  5. Yirrk

    Yirrk Who Speaks for the Earth?

    Always loot??? Which ones always loot?! (barkin' hound dogs on the trail!)

  6. the ones i know:
    • Atrox Alpha and higher
    • Longu Alpha and higher
    • Formicacida
    • Araneatrox
    • Chompers
    Now dont fool yourself here, allways loot dosen't mean allways profit!!
  7. Again it is tied to Stamina and once again I forget the actual numbers (a search on EF was less than helpful). Mobs over a certain stamina will always give loot. I think the easiest of these creatures I know of is the Armax Bull Provider (or I have been lucky and received loot from 81 in a row).

    I find it absurd that Longu Dominants dont always loot as for me they are way more dificult to kill than Armax Bull Providers.

    And I will have to disagree with Itto on loot being in any way determined by the avatar. I never liked Argo, but I recently went on a 20,000 round Breer hunt on them and got 3 globals. On the next three 20,000 round hunts, I got no globals and lost PEDs on all three hunts (I usually profit on Breer hunts). I think the longer somebody hunts a specific mob the more lkely they are to get a good loot. ie- if you kill 10,000 armax you are more likely to get a nice HoF rather than killing only 1,000.

    I believe once a mob's corpse is clicked on, a loot generator runs that does not know who you are or even how the mob died. Any other method is too open for abuse. Also, look at all the ubers who complain about noobs getting good loots.
  8. When teaming its critical to choose either your teammates or mob carefully!
    Im pretty sure that the Teams is couted as one player when the loot is calculated
    (all players skills added and divided by the number of players or something like that)
    So if you go hunting with a bunch of players with lower skills then yourself or choose a mob that is to powerfull for the team you will most certainly loose big

    So one (uber) skilled player in the team (more then 2 players) will not raise the loot as neither will one noob bring the down that much

    Well that theory is based on the simple fact that the so called uber players loots different stuff then the avg player ever get to see
    I spent several weeks hunting longus in the same are as stryker and we talked alot of what loot was found and i very soon found out that even if we both had a "good day" his was allways a few snap better and he found the valuble items as i got less nice items. Also from speaking to players liks Starman, Vixen im pretty sure the skills play a part in what you loot
    Im pretty sure that alo if you ask players like Buzz & Auktoma you will se that their return on a Bp is higher then yours and mine.

    Im sure the miners can vouch for this too, i doubt that Klod and nisse find the same Ore as Strakkan ...

  9. BP returns are directly related to Engineering skill (Dexterity for tailoring - or so says Etopia). So yes, they wil make more since they items they craft will have a higher average TT ammount.
  10. some opinions and experience from me :

    for the always loot list : Hogglos must be added i think

    Loot depends on the area , same or similar system like mining, this would also explain the perception theory a little.
    Loot ability is bound on the av. There must be such a thing like a biorhytm curve or similar , created at avatar creation process, maybe changes a little by actions done.
    The same system is valid for crafting i think.
    I have no idea how to fit the skill component in this, because my personal experience while growing in skills is very odd. As examples : never seen so much zero (not no loot) or 1pec loots as last times ,high maturity mobs dropping low (<20pec) loots; its not unusual to get 40% return on crafting low lvl equipment.

  11. I think you both are almost right

    MA says every avatar is unique!
    So there is likely some unique "stamp" onto every ava that is created, likely a GUID
    that ensures that avery transaction that ava makes nomatter where or when
    later i think there is a value added to that GUID that determind how "deep you are in" in other words how much you have deposit or own ingame

    for myself i have noticed a decline in loot since i sold my mansion despite i havent withdran a pec, that could ofcourse be explained by bad luck but im personally pretty sure its a game "feature"
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