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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a former Project Entropia / Entropia Universe player, I used to be really active in the french community and on EF. I played from 2003 to 2011 and was in La Faction Beta society. I left all activities in Entropia around 2011 and have never played since then.

    Anyway, If I'm posting here it's because I have a problem with Entropia Life, the website that is recording globals etc.
    They seem to be owned by MA but what I surely know is that they are the only website remaining with my real name linked to Entropia, according that my nickname in game was my firstname/nickname/lastname.
    I have been in touch with them for a long time and the last answer I received is the following

    Entropia Life : If having your real name displayed is a problem ask MA to change your avatarname, they will if it is you used your real name. Once that is done provide us with a copy of the case and we will change it aswell.

    Ok, problem is that Entropia Universe Support is not answering my emails. I sent two cases in june (with the "no account" option since I dont have an account for the last 6 years at least) and I havent even received a confirmation of reading my emails....

    I guess I'm not the first one with this issue, could someone help me with this matter ?

  2. Howdy partner.

    Back in 2005 changing (account)names was no problem at all...yet support always called it "major exception".

    In todays Entropia, I havent heard for (accountname changes since a long least not on public forums.

    So it either still works...or they simply ignore many other support cases.
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    That's easy.

    What EntropiaLife does is simply illegal (and just a heads up, anyone providing data to EntropiaLife is committing illegal acts too).

    Their answer to your request is illegal too.

    Apart from the fact that their acquisition of your data was illegal already you can probably solve this refering to GDPR.

    All you need to do is requesting your data refering to GDPR article 15 and demanding that all your data is deleted.

    Example: "Please provide me all data you have about my activities in Entropia Universe in accordance with GDPR article 15. As the data controller you are obliged to provide me the details about processing of the data, such as
    • the purposes of the processing (Article 15(1)(a))
    • with whom exactly the data is shared (Article 15(1)(c))
    • the envisaged period for which the data will be stored (Article 15(1)(d))
    • how the data was acquired and any available information as to the source of the data (Article 15(1)(g)).
    • the existence of automated decision-making, including profiling, meaningful information about the logic involved, as well as the significance and the envisaged consequences of such processing for me
    • a full copy of the data (Article 15(3)
    Please also delete all data you have about my activities in Entropia Universe."

    You say you are in touch with them for a long time. That's weird too. This should actually be handled very swiftly. EntropiaLife isn't owned by MindArk, it's owned by the same people that now develop Next Island. So EntropiaLife is the only organisation you need to deal with.

    And please let us know how this proceeds, it's a very interesting topic.
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  4. San


    Government: "It's not illegal if we do it."
  5. Thanks Tass for this very clear answer.

    When I wrote I've been in touch with them for a long time it means : a few years after I left the game I saw my name remaining on Google via their website so I connected to Entropia Life and wrote a support case (in 2013 so 2 years after I left the game and Mindark deleted my account). I wrote a support case to ask to close/delete/remove my details and like maybe the next day I stopped caring about the website I never went back on it (I remember they had an option "hide my account" I thought that was enough to hide it from Google Analytic but that was only to hide it from Entropia Life users). It's only a few months ago that I discovered that nothing has been done.

    I'll keep you updated about my case.
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    THANKS! I was going to say something vaguely like this but you nailed it. I might use this as a template to base stuff off for some GDPR stuff I need to hit some companies with.
  7. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    "What EntropiaLife does is simply illegal (and just a heads up, anyone providing data to EntropiaLife is committing illegal acts too)."

    Do you mean generally? or in the case at hand (i.e. clearly one person's personally identifiable data [their name] is being shared both by EL and those who provide data to them)?
  8. Hi Everyone!
    Almost two years later I'm back, I just had no time to update you but here is where I'm am at...

    A few weeks after I created this thread, I wrote to Mindark to explain about my problem and ask for them to change my Name / Lastname.
    And guess what ? Well, they did! In two days they wrote me that they changed my Name / Lastname to what I asked for. Only the nickname remains and that's ok with me.

    I then wrote to Entropia Life support with a copy/paste text of my emails exchange with Mindark (and so the proof that they changed my name). That what the easiest way to me (and for them) to show them the entire discussion / proofs that I had with MindArk and their final decision to change my name/lastname.

    Entropia Life reply that they wanted me to show screenshots (where they don't have any "add file" section in their form).

    For personal reasons I had not the time to reconnect to EntropiaLife and then to show them screenshots.
    I just did, so I hope to have an action really soon from them.
    Otherwise I hope to find people here with maybe similar problems with Entropia Life so we can group and I would be really ready to help people in any way I/we can to move forward with those bastards.

    We are talking about a problem that is still not solved and that took 8 cases over more than 7 years. Just to change two names.

    They also said "As your Entropia data is public information, your threats are futile. Ask your lawyer. Entropia Life is a passion project that generates 0 profit." that made me laugh.

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  9. Ah hell...I left all this behind...thanks to Prophet I logged into the forum today again... :P


    This is just a small part from my "BiG PiCTURE", just in case anyone still wants to know :

    The exact very same people are actually behind :
    ENTROPIALIFE, NEXT ISLAND, DEEPTOKEN, BIG INDUSTRIES, old ingame societies, longterm players etc. blah blah blah account sharing blah gigantic trust scams, blah blah blah...

    The handfull of fanboys and "investors" left on PCF are either a bunch of sociopaths with a sick gamble addiction and/or payed by Mindark to "defend Mindark at all costs" on the forum, if things get "a little out of control". :)

    I almost feel sorry for them at times, having to do the dirty jobs...but in exchange MA feeds their gamble addiction. :)

    You can find the BiG one here :

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  10. i feel a bit guilty now :bigsmile:

    at least it was for a good cause, was it? :loveshower:
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    This is total crap. GDPR specifies personally identifiable information as counting and yes, that includes someone's name. Also Entropia data is not public information. If you specified you name on your avatar yes you consented to having it available to look up in game, and also to appear on the global/HoF feed and score boards, in game properties etc, again, these are in game. It is reasonable to compare this to a bank account. Yes you give them your name and accept they'll use it internally to do their work, but you don't consent to them publishing a named list of their customers on the internet! or indeed giving it to third parties to do similar with. I don't think there is anything in the EULA or ToS about accepting that any personal data you provide is OK to be hoovered up by any third party and displayed on a publicly accessible website for literally the whole world to see.

    It was wrong for them to even tell you to change your avatar name in Entropia, before they take action on updating their own records. It would have taken them less time to write the SQL query* to update their "avatar table", than it would have to tell you to go away and talk to MA. Honestly I'm utterly baffled at why they would even try. They are just making more work for themselves.

    Honestly this sort of stuff does make me mad. It would be a lot of effort and money and indeed I doubt you have the time or inclination, but it really would be cool if could take Entropia Life to court. I'm not sure if it matters if they don't have any money, it might be if they are not running it as a Limited liability company then they themselves are liable to be sued. Just a guess, not a lawyer.

    I guess a potential analogy would be to run a "passion project" website and post damaging stuff about someone on it. You wouldn't be able to go "oh well it's the website's fault and it doesn't have any cash reserves" you own the website ergo, you are surely responsible.


    *Unless their Database is REALLY badly designed.
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    GDPR is no joke. Fines for that get very big very fast. And I highly doubt MA would want to have one of the sites of their close associates tangled up in such legal trouble.
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