Real Life: What did you do today? (one liners)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by narfi, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. Greenbacks became Bluebacks.
  2. 10am, went shopping and picked up some supplies, came home, went for a walk ...
    Now 11am, getting stuck into ESO.

    *stabby stabby* oops that is Viperstrike, ** changes gaming cap **
    Shatterbones ... Battle ROAR! ** Scares the prophet **

    Saw the PowerMetal version of Shatterbones bard tavern song and :puke: up my mug of rum!
    Ordered the bard to be :nutkick: for decimation of spirited music. :wise: .... :banghead::banghead: :curse::curse: :banghead::banghead:

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  3. 5pm, dinner on hold ...
    Ran into some crafting in ESO, hmm ... how do you say Fook Me in the ancient dov language ...
    Maybe I will just create a new shout, ROAR! :rofl:
    There are so many paths you can take and secret places to craft things, so exciting ...

    Opens up Keen Eye ...
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  4. 6pm, Awesome electrical storm lightshow and thunder started where I live so went out and watched it!
    6.15 Storm settled so went for a walk under the gloomy sky while sheet lightning was going on, looked freakin' amazing. Zappaz0rz!
    6.30 came home all drenched, in a really good mood after that short but awesome adventure.
    Almost 7pm now, had a shower and shave lol and bro has just walked in the door with subways for dinner.

    Nom! Healthy stuff :)
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  5. 8pm logged out of ESO, checked email ... um yea lol ... Got this from a friend :)
    She is a bit whacky IRL but a lot of fun to be around too :bigsmile:

  6. 9pm to almost 1am, played ESO, lovin' it so far, some real funny and freaky stuff that I have encountered, and ofc ran into the epic sweet roll shortage lol.

    Time to crash! G'nite.
  7. Wokeup early, playing ESO. Starting to get right into it now, so may disappear for a week or two :)
  8. Wokeup!
    Did all those wonderful early morning activities one normally goes through that have become routine.
    Checked gaming pulse! Read a little more on updates on other games underway and all that good jazz.

    Posted a few replies here on EP forums and kept the negativity down about Entropia (A major achivement);
    However in tradition, I had to keep Viperstrike's daggers sharp :evil: :naughty:.

    Now getting into a day of ESO mindset :)
  9. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Here's my day so far:
    • woke up
    • peed
    • left my usual note for Obie on Skype (he's 2 hrs behind me)
    • made coffee and breakfast
    • cruised FB and the forums
    • did some research at the Neverwinter forums on the Control Wizard (my 2nd character)
    • ..... took a lot of time to do that, so ...
    • made some lunch, then ...
    • skilled my Control Wizard a little bit
    • it is now 6:12pm and I'm taking a break
    Will probably play the big kids with Obie later and/or watch a movie.

    Hope everyone's day was good.
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  10. Damn us mortals and those things we must do to survive, :johnbates: especially after having some :wine:
    But hey, it is not all bad :buddies:
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  11. 9:30 now, in the right mood to hit the ESO verse!
    ... Dovakin style :biggrin: ...

    I might even bump into Raz':ninja:r .. 'Er! A Khajiit whos destiny is still a mystery.....

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  12. 1pm not sure how, but managed to break off a piece of my back molar (tooth), hurting like buggery atm.
    Used some oil of cloves on it which has dampened the pain, and made an appointment to go see the dentist which will be on Wednesday.
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  13. 2.30pm still in pain ... Forte taken and kicked in ...
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  14. Well, that was ... interesting, went out like a light a short while after taking Forte, very trippy experience.
    First time in years, bro said it worked good for toothaches :)

    Sure does lol. Well awake now and no pain, just past 6pm. Tooth chipped though and not looking good.

    Dinner, well idk yet. Not hungry.
  15. 6.30 - Checked email, friend from Sydney reading EP forums lol embarassed now! :P
    She sent me something she thought i might like ... Well hell yes! Thanks :hug:

    Had to share it ...
    Episode 10 ... Overview first then battle starts @ 4:05 ... Enjoy!

    Alternate ending, Scorpion Fatality!

    From my post on ESO here >

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  16. Wokeup, 9am and posted some replies on EP, realised I already the 350r in SC, so didn't need a second one lol. Replied to one of Wistel's post, struggled emmensely with keeping the negativity down about Entropia;

    in the end gong for a balanced response containing both positive and negative opinionated views/feelings/etc.

    11:30am, tooth still hanging in there,
    So may play some eso if I can manage to get into the right state of mind for it.
  17. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Crazy day at work, boss is looking into buying a couple more airplanes so doing tons of research on their backgrounds etc...
    Little more planning for vacation. (first one in 5+ years and starts in just 3 weeks!)
    Thinking about finishing the basement as a stand alone 2 bedroom appt. Some friends might need a place so would work good for both of us if it happened.
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  18. 7am woke up, did all the usual routine ...
    10am getting ready to see the wonderful dentist to have a tooth extracted ... fun fun!

    Well there is always the happy gas to look forward to lol
  19. 11am Psyching myself for my first molar extraction lol

    Doesn't look too dramatic .. Just a big bleeding hole left afterwards.
    Yes, I hate dentists, needles etc.
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