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RE: Entropia Universe going Mainstream

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by MindStar9, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. Because its a niche game...or because of the worst reputation around the net ?

    To be honest, I enjyoed the "niche factor" in 2004. 200 people playing. 200 mature people. Great immersive landscapes with lots of leovely details. Exploring (online) was never so cool.

    Today, not much is left of this. 1 mio. ppl palying (lol). 12 year olds, using the worst abusive language one can imagine, scriptkiddies, bot users, scammers, etc. etc. etc.
    A FarCry theme, most towns turned into shopcotainers etc. blablabla etc.
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  2. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    Every old man will tell you that it was better before...when he was young...food tasted better...sky was blueer...people were better...games were better...cars were better.
    If you read most comments on Steam for Monria is "This look awasome", but most PE players will say "No, it was better before". May be after 5 more years I will say the same thing. For now I can say: "EU IS THE BEST GAME EVER SO FAR" :afro:
    btw the music really was better when I was young...and the movies...well the food too...and they did more reliable cars...and the air was better and people nicer, but my point is EU ROCKS:cheer:
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  3. Dear Axe Murderer, it is clearly not(!) about "it was better back then"...man...it is about "MindArk failing to retain identy...the love of detail is gone, the reverse engineering of the game fails too often, WAY(!) too many promises have been broken already...jesus(!)...the story got kicked with feet...ugly 3d models of cars/boats/helicopters of the 80s/90s(!) got added to the future world of Calypso...what the fucking fook(!?)...the same bugs keep returning and returning, again and again and fucking again...support is usually a joke...ahhh the egg/taming/emotes/buildings/factories/beverages/food/cashcard/mindbank/GNN/Pandorra Tower/Hangars/robot factory/grenades/shop decoration competetion/massive ads/minopolis/umbranoids/scanning profession/usual nerfs/NASA/ESA/voting terminals/oxford/ingame companies/a google search on EU reveals either publicity stunts OR pure scepticism merged with negativity...since 2002"

    Cant you SEE what I mean ? It is not just about "it was better back then"...this product gets fucked too often, its customers get fucked too often.

    Please dont even try to deny the above, or I certify you with the Stockholm Syndrom. ;)

    "This looks awesome" is the result of a MMO in combination with CE2...you dont SEE that too often on the net in combination with RCE. Seriously, of course it does look "awesome"...palm trees, beaches...everywhere. (ok,not on Monria...but ofc it looks "awesome")

    But thats not why you think EU rocks, is it ?
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  4. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Winner! I do see why folks get confused. Mr McC is all about the love not being there rather than saying "its not as good as it once was" and the strange disfocused random nature of how MA have gone about changing things and forgetting about other things.... or something like that...

    I don't share all his sentiments and believe there is love creeping through... I think the alien world is trying to exist again and the spirit is trapped in a box at the back of a locked filing cabinet in JWT's office, kicking and screaming to be let out.

    I believe someone cares but they are not on the board of directors

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  5. My quick 2 pecs is that I love this crazy, fun, and evil game. So, I want to see it do well for years to come.
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  6. Hi,

    I'm such, and might tell ya what's that we have lost:

    Imagine a young Xandra, ages ago, with only a few (minor) full armor sets, with only old school weapons (Axe 2x0, and Honor + Determination as panic weapons). Atrax always was my favorite companions, and at this time Atrax Alpha meant certain death.
    I usually hunted in far away regions, where Alpha wasn't an exactly rare occurrence ...

    It was "hunting" as spelled back then, running 30 minutes (avoiding hordes of mobs) until I reached the area, then searching for medium Atrax. Doing this meant that I'd be swarmed often by lower Atrax and medium Chicken, any wrong move could mean a trip to revival and another 30 min journey.

    But it was this much fun! It was real hunting, dangerous, challenging, exciting! And rewarding: these young Atrax even looted cool stuff, sometimes! You'll not remember, even young Caudatergus looted ESIs once!

    This is what we have lost. These old days you didn't need to waste a lot of HP to be able to get some serious loot. You didn't need to kill insane-HP mobs with huge regeneration to loot nice things. You could play for fun solely, and would still hit small jackpots every now and then. Even from young Atrax (Marber Bravo here) or young Anything (multiple ESI's here).
    (Just for the record, you'd still always loose to the house, and only rarely get a MU item - but you got them, occasionally!)

    These was times when the idea of PE/ EU worked not for all, but for quite some.
    No "mainstream" still ...

    Today as comparison? I don't need to tell ya.

    No fun. :/
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  7. Yes we get it man. You love the state of EU. Cheer away. have fun.
    Doesn't change the fact that this game is not now, and will never be a mainstream game, which was the point of the thread. I have my doubt you even read what the thread was about, cause you were so excited to cheerlead you couldn't be bothered.
    Go look at the numbers other games put up daily, then go take the very best guestimate as to current active EU players, then double it just to be generous and to make sure we didn't miss a few, and you'll find it's still sad numbers for a game that's been in existence for so long.
    As I said earlier in this thread. It's a niche game, always was always will be.
    But hey they've always been able to find a new group of cheerleaders...you proove that. Hopefully for them they'll always be able to find a few more than they lose.
  8. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia

    I had to google mainstream, but still don't know what it is.
    I can't tell you if it will go mainstream.
    ''It's a niche game.'' OK. it is. So is Eve Online and Star Citizen.
    But if it always will be, who can tell. We will see after 5 years.
    ''I don't like EU it is too user friendly and has more players now.'' :)
    All PE players need that pen from MiB that erases memories and try EU now for the first time. I think they will like it.
  9. damage over time needs you to wait more or less to deal damage, in which mobs regenerate, especially fast regenerating ones, doubt it stops their regen?
    thus, it leads to more cost, not useful to do, since its rece

    vampiric cloak, life steal ability, rivals with fap, would need some calculation done, but i would bet its more expensive than fapping afterwards with say herb box, in that case useless, since its rce
    nanostuff, does that come into the lootpool so you loot more?
    the L amps are ecowise a disaster, more so the tier enhancers
    token stuff i dont know, but i bet it comes with a cost
    now if MA can prove that any additional cost come back in terms of loot, i would agree that those are viable options!
    imo tho, they are not, since its rce
    i haven't played recently though, so maybe they are, cant know that one

    better games than EU? many, pretty much all for that matter
    id name Minecraft though. some neat servers around too with more ppl if you are after that
    mob AI beats the EU one as well :)

    what kept me going during the grinding in EU was mostly watching tv shows (stargate, weee :) )
    i don't see how a rce would go mainstream possibly, since you simply can't apply the standard gaming rules of useful rewards for quests or "fun gameplay" with many abilities and stuff without having them cost more in some way
    what EU, or rather PE had and made the game survive are the people who actually came there and played it
    when i deposited by first 10$ i played for 3 months with them (yeah, ive always been an eco nut, but i started as sweater, turning each pec twice is necessary then)
    amethera wasnt covered by LAs back then totally, so you could actually move around tax free AND find markup stuff, believe it or not, it was possible
    markup got totally destroyed by tons of different loot and shit too, so less interest from older ppl
    tailoring profession kinda destroyed, bad for older ppl especially, and so on
    but i stop here before it gets too long ^^

    basically, MA did and does their best to get rid of those who actually made this game stay alive so long (and its not just the investors, those guys take money out, you know)

    since it went EU it went downhill imo
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  10. WOW, thats like...erasing the memories of the very 1st games you played in the 80s/90s, not beeing able to talk about it anymore with others, sharing "how cool it still is, and that such things will probably never return"....erasing childhood...

    As mentioned, sure, the "palm trees and beaches theme" goes well with any online world since FarCry...I dont say it looks shit.

    Before playing with MiB toys, you maybe should hop into a DeLorean, travelling back 10 years...

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  11. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    OMG McC ... that has to be my favorite video of all time, it's brilliant, as always, and definitely stirred a lot of old memories and feelings ... thank you. :thumbsup:
  12. Remember all the bot invasions from back in the day when they were "testing the servers"? Fun times... TP to wherever the invasion was and just keep reviving over and over and over getting dodge skills in the process since you couldn't get 5 feet away from the revive unless MA staff came in with overpowered guns and invincible armor as turrets were turned off. It was fun a time or two, but got old fast as it started happening almost every other month back then.
  13. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    It's interesting to me that some of EU's supporters end up referring to Draconian methods. Recently magyar said MA should legallt ban everyone from using 'entropia' in their domain name if it didn't fiddle to MA's tune, now old players need their memory erased.

    Both, extreme measures of censorship.

    If those are the kind of efforts people feel would 'help' the product, what a sad state of affairs this is.

    Is there any other product in the world where you think critics should get the same treatment?
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  14. I dont remember it, but I had this bug at the small oirlig some months ago. I kept reviving at the small oilrig again and again and again...and again...as I was drunk, it was fun to kill everyone...so, just another bug returning :)
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  15. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Well, it is a long and partly bad story. To make it short: When life at planet Earth became too hard for me I fled to Project Entropia in 2005. My niche even ... just to hide away. I did have some fights with MA already, believe me. But I would do everything to defend our little universe ... just for personal reasons. I am happy with many of the new features - such as appeareance and makeup, vehicles and Space, new planets. I am not interested very much in missions, L-items and such. I am pissed off of many unfixed things like my shower cabin, some clothes and other things. All in all I love my little hideaway here. Development has it's price. Look, McCormick, what did you put in besides of memories of an old world and whining about loosing it since years? I definitely enjoy your memories. And your price-winning video was one of the anchors to drag me into the game. ("Things are not what they seem!"). I put in something lately and enjoy it. It is good for me and I hope it'll help to make it more enjoyable to other folks as well.
  16. AxeMurderer

    AxeMurderer Master Of Entropia


  17. Good to hear, Id say. ;) And yes, our video was about "The Truth" already..."it is not safe here"...still, they let us win... :p

    And yes, EU does have a bad reputation out there. Since 2000.

    While I might just sound nostalgic to most of you, I always try to show up MAs attitude towards the community since many years now. Their repetetive broken promises, repetetive mistakes, repetetive bugs and repetetive insults towards us. The way they develop. They way they announce...and fail so often.
    A steady history repeating ! But there might be still hope...I think...I hope...

    Another reason while I stay. To keep hope alive and to make people aware of whats going on in here, besides the "good stuff"....since more then 10 years now.

    Its not just fancy images of the past I post. Its about kicking a good product with feet.
    I did not flee into this world...I wanted to live this world.

    I close this post with a :
    .ahhh the egg/taming/emotes/buildings/factories/beverages/food/cashcard/mindbank/GNN/Pandorra Tower/Hangars/robot factory/grenades/shop decoration competetion/massive ads/minopolis/umbranoids/scanning profession/usual nerfs/NASA/ESA/voting terminals/oxford/ingame companies/never ending story/etc. etc. etc.

    Just a small selection of examples...not just fancy memories of the past...
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  18. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    I know McCormick, I know ... :-)
  19. Can't EU be both? Both a virtual world and a game? It will never be "main stream" because of the RCE and the slow avatar development/skilling.

    I also sometimes have difficulties to understand "the old PE was better". Most of that is because is was new and fresh for you, and now it's not new anymore. You probably would have felt the same joy if you started as a new player today. But I agree on that the skill system and abilities of avatars should be improved. Each new skill should unlock a benefit or a new ability, even if it only a small thing with no big benefit, just something. They also need to make the game cheaper to play for the average player.

    One of the issues is that the loot feels, and probably are, not so good as it was earlier. We don't find as many items in the loot anymore and mostly no markup. In the earlier years the player base was expanding, not it has stalled for some years, the demand for things goes down when the growth is stalling. MA was forced to cut down on the items in the loot or we would end up items with no markup at all.

    In a more general view, I also think MA expanded a bit to fast when the player growth and revenue was on top, around 2006/2007?, so when the growth stopped they had a too big staff and that cost them too much, they was forced to cut down a bit. They also have added the planet partners and CLD owners and must share the revenues with them, that means even lower revenues for MA, but they must still do the same task, development and maintenance of EU. We also have more different system in the game now compared with the earlier years, more things that can go wrong (bugs), so takes more resources fix bugs and keep everything running. Coordinating development with the different planet partners probably also takes a lot time and resources, it was easier in the old time when everything was done in the same office. So it's not so strange that things don't work as smoothly as we which it would. The declining revenue probably have effected the loot/returns negatively and made the game more expansive to play. Maybe the planet partner system came a bit too early or came at a bad time, when the player base had stopped growing.

    I think a mix of virtual world and game is the right way to go, but I also understand it very difficult to pull it off with the RCE. I still think MA are one the right path, but it goes so slowwww....... probably because of lack of resources (money).
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  20. Actually, back in the old PE the loot still sucked, lol. I do agree about the fresh newness you are talking about. That's one reason I am currently on RT instead of Caly. The same old same old environment gets old if you stare at it for year after year after year. VU 10 did kill Caly since a lot of places got really ugly really fast, and great estates became horrible due to turned around building, weeds in basements of apartments, etc. They are slowly working on fixing it with stuff like Athena and the PA remake, but they've focused way too much energy on that location since they've redone it about 3 times in like 5 years or something while the "promises" of new facilities in Omegaton and elsewhere just continue as broken promises. That's part of the reason I finally uprooted and left Caly (well that and I needed some fast cash irl even though ma took several more months to get the cash to me than they should have). As an estate owner you get very sick of constantly getting put on the bottom of the priority list on fixes for bugs, visual glitches, etc. I do miss owning estates, but not much....

    P.S. if anyone ever buys my old shop at Omegaton (Delta, 1a) , thank Frank for the free 20 item points on it. Back when they first offered that I was going to meet with him to make a payment or negotiate on it for "the right price" for that upgrade, but we never got a chance to meet in game - however, they were nice enough to upgrade it the next vu anyways! Just shows you how disorganized they are - and how nice they can be in certain cases even if they don't intend to be - that was what I call a nice little silent global due to MA incompetence even though I don't still own the place (I do miss it a little but not much since it got a bit lonely there - The Thing's oil rig is sometimes just as lonely, but not as miserable since there's not a bunch of residents here moaning and groaning all the time in local chat like there was back in Omegaton all the time)... good times... ;)

    Happy Holidays Everyone!:)
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2013

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