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Entropia News: Quote|MindArk Formerly "Darkaruki Dorkaruki Kakiro" now works for MA

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by narfi, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Quote from Quote on PCF,


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  2. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Hey @Darkaruki, that's great news. MA certainly needs more power in the QA area.

    Also cool that you want to keep looking into community resources. EntropiaPlanets wiki, the only actual wiki about Entropia Universe certainly needs some more attention too. We are in the process of moving to another server and then resume wiki development, it's gonna be great.

    A MA official looking into Discord stuff is cool too. By the way the first EU community Discord server was the one we've created; we've been Twitch partner during Discord's Beta and that way became early adopters and Discord partner too. The idea was to make it a Discord server "owned" by the community involving all the community projects, not like the other that was created by a single person for their own personal benefits, obviously we just didn't spam "our" server as hard, but maybe we can still make it great with your help? Would also be cool if we could be added to EU's official listing for community project, for example in the Client Loader, maybe you could put in a good word for


    Hey @Mindark I'm working for the EU community since 2007, since 2009 -that's 10 years ago- my focus is on non-commercial open-source creative commons licensed truly community-orientated projects instead of commercial stuff like PCF. I'm actually administrating a forum running on state-of-the-art tech, and I'm administrating a real wiki based on the same software as Wikipedia, I've created the first community Twitch channel focussed on Entropia Universe and the first community Discord server for Entropia Universe. Over the years I've surely put up 1000s of hours into these projects and also a significant amount of money. Maybe you have a job for me too?

    I was a project manager for high end bleeding edge IT projects for global players mostly in the financial, automotive and IT sector, some of these projects had budgets bigger than MA's market capitalization. I'm currently self-employed, mostly working as a consultant for e-commerce companies. Hey, considering the developments of the recent years I could be even qualified for CEO. Oh, as some sort of "producer" I ran a Twitch channel from 0 to partnership in ~7 months too, without any budget or support from anyone. And oh, I've actual have some basic professional education in gaming, when I studied media science at one and media production at another university I did as much game related stuff as possible, towards the end of my studies my university was the first to be granted a CE2 educational license and I've attended multipe courses given by Crytek senior staff, one of the guys was mentoring you too during your switch to CE2. So just in case you could imagine to have professionals working for you, can I have a job too? :)
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  3. Thanks for sharing ! I tried to stay away...and not to post...but this is great news ! ,-)

    How very unexpected (not), they were choosing him, as their next rape-victim.
    Poor dude.

    They are always acting soooOOoooOOoo careless, posting this "Im now working for Mindark, z0mfg ! :D *fanfare*".

    I know and talked to enough of the current and previous "undercover avatars and/or helpers"...I mean, they dont even get paid...and think that they can change the world, by feeling so very special now...while drowning in the "work", MA hands to them...thank god they acted very special before already, so they wont feel the betrayal aka. burnout early. =)

    MA chooses their "loyal patrons" very, very carefully. At least something, they are really, really good at. ;)

    While I honestly set my hopes high for Darkaruki, in the 1st days of his super polite PRO-Mindark...lol...nah...I did not...

    Super...great news, I can literally feel the change that is... *lol*
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  4. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Damnit, @Darkaruki. Is this why my loot has been crap all day? You need to get paid? ;)

    I hope you'll be able to help out with some QA. Lootius knows it's needed.
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  5. San


    I was operating in the bowels of the system rather than managing the project, then suddenly tasked with peddling it to financial institutions on the other side of the earth... all the rest is so familiar. Alas, it's not what gets you a job in this world. Or if you do, you learn the price. But you know this already. Hope you have it better where you are now.
  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    RIP Darkaruki
  7. dark01.
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  8. You are saying Darkuriki is dishonest?
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  9. works for Mindark...in the swedish tradition of dishonest people.
    works for Mindark...in the swedish tradition of dishonest people.
    works for Mindark...in the swedish tradition of dishonest people.
    works for Mindark...in the swedish tradition of dishonest people.
    works for Mindark...in the swedish tradition of dishonest people.
    works for Mindark...in the swedish tradition of dishonest people.
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  10. Indeed !
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  11. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I don't trust anyone who went to MA and gave "feedback" on that control system. If it had been me, i'd have sat on the CEO's desk and refused to leave till they cancelled the whole thing. All of them let the community down badly
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  12. case closed
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  13. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Wow, that was fast, like 32 days or so.

    What happened? @Darkaruki

    I hope you didn't relocate to Sweden already.

    If you are still not fed up with EU we can make you a moderator on EntropiaPlanets, although there wouldn't be much to actually moderate, it would be more content curation and organization and such.
  14. >Naive boyscout gets hired by MA
    >Fired shortly after

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  15. Liu


    Pandora box is open now regarding why he left xD
  16. mindark official Ludvig aka nighthawk announcement
    Indeed, pretty frightning.

    Mindark official thread selling Darkaruki's gear is still alive.

    He did

    NO WAY !!!

    But i'd be ok to read him explaining to us the TRUTH about why he was sacked from & by mindark so quick.
    He felt so proud to be part of them and move to sweden (lol)...

    So now show us you are someone honnest by revealing the TRUTH (if you have balls).
    Or Shut the fuck up, and stay away from EP.


    Last edited: May 24, 2019
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  18. When bugs affect mindark, they are fixed immediately !

    But not professionnally, classic mindark.
    In the swedish tradition lol...

  19. Noone that ever got tied to Mindarks "Non-Disclosure Agreements" and/or "Confidential Disclosure Agreements", has ever spoken in public.
    But I have heard it all...twice.

    People on the other forum already make it sound like "Darkaruki fucked with Mindarks image"...hence Mindark fired him.

    User "SupaPres" claims that some people already know the truth.

    Id like to hear the truth as well...usually you dont asslick for months, suddenly giving up everything, selling your avatar, even moving to sweden...just to fuck with your gods "out of nowhere".

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