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Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. *drama ahead* ;D

    Today I decided, that playing their game, automatically means, that "you are supporting it"...even without depositing.

    It doesnt feel well anymore, "supporting" this criminal casino institution.
    The last months of Entropia-Experience have felt...so wrong...I want to finally stop it.

    I explored other games, VR experiences and arcade stuff, that fullfill my gaming experience.

    Ill follow this forum, until this IPX and DeepToken bullshit is over and I will try to keep comments to a minimum. I hope it will all end up well. ;D
    After this disaster, I will be out for good.

    It is no longer worth my time, as there are simply no changes or no reactions at all and there are truly better things to do in this world...for example, supporting other games. Good games ! Excellent games !
    But Id love to stay in contact with you guys and girls. You defined this game as well. :')

    I play since 2004...14 years...and I loved most of it....but the last 5 years have been the worst gaming experience ever. No other developer managed to fuck up and betray like this...in my opinion.
    And only, in my opinion. ;)

    Support never really answered, to dozens and dozens of "evil bugs and glitches".
    Its literally worthless, to report em.

    Any new "phantasms", "ventures" and so called "marketing efforts", by MindArk, will be ignored by me, from now on. Promised. Its just repetitive MindArk lies and PR-bullshit...not worth beeing mentioned anymore. Just their steady blahblahblah.

    The time of work, to make people remember, to search and enlist everything, again and again and again, feels way too precious to me now. DIE, content of oblivon !!!!11

    A complete waste of time, without things ever changing.
    I honestly enjoyed posting and communicating here, still hoping to change something.
    But it did not work. It works much, much better on other communities and other games...oh Lord.

    MindArk doesnt listen, they dont care. And I have indeed better things to do, than to keep posting lists of lies and PR-bullshit...that always get forgotten anyway...while the "news sites" keep saying "oh, I never heard about Entropia before...sounds interesting...go on !"

    I tried to "fight for details" since 10 years by now. For nothing, but some dieing forum discussions.

    Entropia slowly vanished. I thought I might stay until the end... but I dont care anymore.

    Right now, I feel like releasing videos of all the fucked up fuck shit fuck blah things...but I want to avoid, getting my account banned, as I still have skills, weapons, armor and decoration items left, that Id like to cash out another day...until then, have a nice day ! MindArk rules !
    I might sound a bit like EMW here...but Im not. Im Mc.

    I really love this forum and its community (remnants). But I got to stop.

    The day I cash out the rest....I will reveal everything...yeeahhh, my 30 seconds of faaammmeeee...uuhhhh...ahhhhhhh....oohhhhh.... ;D

    If you SEE me ingame, Im trying to sell stuff...dont you dare to pm me, ala "Hey, I thought you quit!?" ;p
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  2. McCormick don’t blame you and please post the names of the games you enjoy playing before/if you disappear completely.

    Community and forums best thing about PE/EU for sure although I did enjoy playing more before I discovered the forums (that was like discovering Santa wasn’t real).

    EU now seems like it’s been taken over by evil Zombies who have killed the fantastic PE staff and destroyed all their work.

    *drama ahead* sounds like it should have its own icon or graphic. If only there was a talented, creative graphics guy around who could make such a thing. ;)
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  3. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Maybe I should do the same, McC. I also don't think anything will ever really seriously improve, and I'm actually thinking this ICO fiasco might be the final nail in the coffin for MindArk.

    Once the dust has settled, I hope (but don't believe for one moment that it will actually happen) that "management" will take a long hard look in the mirror and realize they destroyed so much potential with their ignorance, arrogance, and complete and utter contempt for their customers.
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  4. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Finally! Welcome to the club McCormick. I sold out four years ago. It was kinda salvation and enabled me to buy some impressive RL items. Among others this babe:
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  5. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Yep, its a tragedy. It was once my chance to escape from my RL depressions. With all the community. Alas, its gone ...
    Probably you should follow McCormick. I assume you still own a lot of worthy items. Sell them and check your account!
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2018
  6. Let me guess? You did start up a Pond project didn't you? SEE I told you it would help :)
  7. If the ICO fiasco does indeed turn out to be an embarrassing flop, and it’s certainly looking that way, it does beg the question for MindArk ‘what next?’.

    But maybe there will be a last minute clamour to buy Deeptokens so that the thousands cashing out can get their money back quicker and before it runs out? ;)
  8. No pond, but my very own build arcade cabinet with gazillion of games :)

    Additionally having recieved lots of prototype games from the 90s as well, ranging from console to Amiga..."work" awaits. :)
    On top of that PS4, Nintendo Switch, a bit of Wolfenstein & Far Cry 5, mobile games, Netflix etc.
    Digital stuff I love and enjoy...sadly Entropia has stopped delivering such emotions...thanks to lazy/greedy MindArk.

    I dont care what will be next anymore, in terms of MindArk lies. Its over now. I enjoyed the discussions about it.
    You all here know my point of view. There is no need to tear apart their next bullshit announcements. Waste of time.

    I enjoyed digging in the dirt...I enjoyed making videos...but nothing ever changed. I made some people aware, which is good.

    Ill find another MMO to glitch around. The real money aspect shouldnt be the only "great thing" in a game...which is the case now.
    Ill post here again when I decided which MMO it will be.


    Dont drink and drive ;D

    I also bought random stuff for the money I cashed out now and then. And I will do it again.

    Im not done with ComPet and N-IX, though... ;D
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  9. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Hehe, that was at our courtyard, 10 meters away from the garage :-) And it was the day when the very stylish dented Rimowa suitcase arrived. Was for sure worth to have a beer.

    I have to admit that I prefer this one with 160 hp meanwhile
    Unfortunately I didn't get enough money back from MA.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2018
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  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Haha literally NOTHING gets past you does it Mr McC? :D Observant to the end :D

    Well it's sad to see you so deflated but hope you will stick around here and keep popping in as we all do. I think we all (or at least the remainers) need this place. It feels like the old people's home of Entropia. A place where we come and claim everything was better in the old days.

    TBH though I think you need a break from caring about Entropia. Indeed you are right, there is a lot of other stuff out there, lots of great games not even the old ones but a ton of creativity and awesomeness going on. We are very lucky that games became what they are today. Tons in the past, tons in the present.

    I always remember as a kid when games got to White Label and were re released at half price. For a long time though these games were shit compared to the latest whizzy new graphics but eventually there came a time, not long after every game became 3d more or less, where there wasn't much difference between this year's game and last year's game to the point that now it is this decade's game vs last decade's game. Heck it doesn't even matter if the game isn't 3d anymore. Many indie hits have proven this over and over.

    Sure the big whizzy graphics games still have their place but I can't help feeling it isn't so much now about the graphics but more about the content or the refinement of the game play. i.e. how long is the game, is it using mocap and actors, how polished is it and so on.

    Heck I mean I'm spending most of my gaming time replaying the (now with voice acting) PC release of 999 (Released with VLR as Nonary Games) and loving it - even though I played it already but the voices really add something - defo looking forward to replaying VLR after. Other than that I'm playing Phoenix Wright 15 million or whatever number they are on now on 3DS with a couple more similar games waiting in line on there too.

    When time allows I'll get to other things, I have other stuff waiting in line or part started. Several graphic adventures and 3 tomb raider games to mention a few. At some point I will properly do Planet Explorers too. But yeh there is so much out there to enjoy now so cheap and so easily, like how Jamira inspired me to start learning CAD. All these things are fun and valuable and take up the times. So why waste on a thing that only upsets you? Take a break, it will be there later when you want to come back and see how far the ship has sunk.

    There is one thing though... if you go on a MMO hunt let me know what you find. I think you may have done this before and found similar to me that somehow there just isn't anything like the first one. Well maybe this was my experience. I do wander if it wasn't the place but the time. We can't go back. I can never re-live that summer where I read all the Gate magazines and got excited about the CK highwaymen holding up the PVP3 zone. This is all gone. The times have changed. Back then games were still fewer and not so many choices, there was no netflix or social media or youtube or smart phones. People were more invested back then, now they are not. If it isn't right, you can drop it for the next thing. I hear even that this is half the problem with those dating app things too, people treat other people like something you can swipe out of your life and forget.

    Loyalty and dedication to games now has become a rarer thing. Elite has it and no doubt other things do too. This is likely why poeple don't stop and chat in the wilderness of Eudoria any more. When I do talk to people now I get the impression they think I'm a freak. Like the crazy person in the tube train that tries to strike up a conversation :D

    But yeh MMO's I was liking what I saw of Wildstar actually bit admit in typical Wistrel style I barely made it out of the first room. Same with The secret world, never made it past training although I liked what I saw. Somehow though that draw wasn't there. I guess I felt like someone reading a book with a thousand people sitting next to me reading the same book. We were all getting the same experience but none of us were getting it together. With Entropia it felt like we were in the story and could talk to each other. In fact my first day in Entropia I don't think I will ever forget. Someone came and talked to me almost the moment I arrived.

    Anyhow yeh I yabber on. Stay in contact McCormmick. You'll always be a total legend to me. Lets take a back seat now and see how this play finishes up but take some time to smell the roses now.


    PS read Ready Player One if you didn't already.

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  11. Tbh, i'm happy that i'm gone from EU, ofc also still everything inside there, might start to slowly sell the crap, and leave it forever.
    And indeed there is alot more then only EU.
    I found my new thing also like 7 months ago.
    After playing guitar hero, and phase shift for hours and hours, few years back, I finally bought a guitar and a second one 2 months later. (couldn't get used to the fake feeling of the other 2 games)
    And omg i'm so happy I did, if I only would have known long ago that I would love it that much.

    Anyway, not much of a talker here.
    I also will have a look ofc on the forums now and then, but it will get less and less for sure.

    Have a good one everyone.
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  12. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Weird thought.... I wonder if Marco ever looks in on the forums or posts (probably under a hidden ID). Are they among us...?

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  13. Awww Wisty

    You truly understand :)
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  14. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I hope I do. 'Tis hard to be sure, but I do my best.
  15. CU in 1.5 - 3 years when you log in again. ;)
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
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  16. Good Luck Mc Cormick.
  17. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Here is my ultimate goodbye picture. Somewhere at the east coast of Arkadia if I remember right. Bye EU. I once loved you ...
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