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What is the best "home" or startng planet?

  1. New island

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  2. Planet Arkadia

  3. Planet Cyrene

  4. Rocktopia

  5. Planet Calypso

  1. Hi, I am a noob when it comes to this game but i am a dedicated mmo player. I have been researching this game and it seems very interesting. Upon researching different planets I think I want to start on Arkadia or New Island, so that they get profit from any thing I do in the game, to help support these newer planets that dont have the backing of the parent company. However I have 2 questions:

    Main Question regarding CLD's:
    1) If I start on a different planet but I grow to like the game and want to make an investment in it can i still purchase Calypso Land Deed's even with my home world not being on Calypso?

    Secondary Question of Opinion:
    2) what planet do you think i should choose as a home? The Calypso planet seems too commercial and the developer tends to treat the newer worlds with unfair regard and I want to support developing planets, the time travel feature in new island is intruiging but so is the treasure hunt feature on Arkadia, and I dont know much about Cyrene. Based on players experience which planet do you like the most and why?

    Ill make the second question a poll, but it would be appreciated if you explained why you chose what you did. The first question is the main one I am concerned about though.

    Edit: I just seen a thread stating that New Island was basically dead, Please still respond to the poll and questions excluding this planet.
  2. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Answer for question one.... Yes you can. ;)
    Answer for question two.... A bit more difficult. If you don't mind spending a bit more money, I would say Cyrene is a good choice. You need a good size bank roll for this planet as it may take some time to sell your loot, but it is worth it in the end.

    If you have a more moderate bank roll, then Ark is a good choice as well.

    If you want to play for free, the your best bet is Caly. This doesn't mean that you can't play for free or use smaller amounts of cash on Cyrene or Ark, it's just a bit harder and takes a lot more time. Again, it is worth it. ;)

    I the end, if you have done your research well enough, you can make it on any planet, with any amout of money, including Next Island. ;)

    Gl and have fun. :D
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  3. I agree on this, all this three planets have some benefits on their own. I like the visuals of the mobs and landscape of Cyrene and the concept of the planet. I would have chosen Cyrene if they had a bigger player base and if more of the development of the planet was finished. I must confess my knowledge about Cyrene is a bit limited because, I have been there only two or three times.

    Arkadia have attracted a big enough player base to make the economy of the planet at least "okey", even if it still lacks in some areas. The planet is also developing with new features in a decent pace. But the landscape, at least in my opinion is a bit boring compared to Calypso and Cyrene. At I also don't like the big mob spawns on Arkadia. But Arkadia is the planet I have been playing on most of my time the last year or so.

    Calypso where the majority of the players are have the most to offer regarding types of mobs and gaming elements. It's also easier to find what you need here because of the bigger player base/economy, at the same time the competition is harder.

    You can always create you avatar on one planet and then later travel to Calypso and play there for some time to learn the basics of the game and then go back to your planet of choice.
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  4. Tass

    Tass Administrator


    1.) Yes. Everyone can buy and sell CLDs. From an investment perspective I would not recommend them. Considering the market price and revenues of the last months the ROI is ~15%.

    2.) Difficult.

    The time travel feature of Next Island is indeed intriguing but its potential was never really exploited by the developer. In general Next Island is quite abandoned, not actively developed anymore and the beginners quest chains seem to be severely bugged. So not really recommended to start there.

    Calypso is definitely the biggest planet, most content, biggest player-base, most developed economy. But: it's also the oldest planet, direction changed many times in its history resulting in somewhat of a patchwork: inconsistent overall design, inconsistent partially abandoned story lines (if at all), beta content next to high end content, ... And also Calypso is still more attached to the classical EU gameplay (if you really want to call it like that) than any of the other planets: click the same bunch of pixels thousands of times and get micro-taxed for each click. And right, the developer of Calypso is a 100% subsidiary of the platform provider and they definitely have a bias towards Calypso and unfortunately to the detriment of other planets. The fact that you care about such things definitely speaks for you :thumbup:

    Arkadia is probably the planet closest to Calypso, regarding economy, setting and player base. It is regularly criticized as being a "copy of Calypso", probably not without good reason. Ozi, the boss of Arkadia, is a veteran EU player and Arkadia looks a little bit like a version of Calypso that is trying not to repeat Calypso's failures: consistent setting, storylines and overall design, paying attention to details, community involvement, ... And in that respect they are definitely doing a good job. The Treasure Hunting part is probably a little bit overrated, it's actually 'just' another button on regular mining tools, producing other loot.

    Cyrene is the newest planet and probably the most underrated. When it launched the existing EU player base was already spread across 4 other planets and embedded in 'local' communities. Also they obviously were not able to launch all of their content because the platform wasn't/isn't ready yet. That also results in Cyrene releasing the max allowed (by platform provider MindArk) amount of new content in every planet update and there are still large amounts of content ready to be released. Ed 3 - Cyrene and Kris - Cyrene who are heading the development are veteran MMO players and Cyrene is probably the planet closest to classical MMO gameplay. The development of the missions system, instance system and mech system for EU is probably to be owed to the requirements of Planet Cyrene (tyvm guys!).

    Not to forget ROCKtropia. You don't mention it in your post so you probably ruled it out already. Rt is indeed special in several ways. It's probably the planet least adopting classical MMO gameplay. Its pop/music/movie culture settings makes it quite a patchwork by default but also offers unique opportunities, for example locations like "Hunt The THING". ROCKtropia is developed by a veteran EU player too (NEVERDIE) and meanwhile features a fair amount of content.

    If I had the chance to re-start in EU again then I would prefer the planets in this order:

    1. Cyrene
    2. Calypso/Arkadia
    4. ROCKtropia (Hunt The THING)
    5. Next Island
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  5. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I agree with everything that Tass wrote, except my choices for what planet to start on would have been in the order as follows:

    1. Arkadia ... (excellent communication and great attention to details - beautiful planet - great community - love this planet)

    2. Cyrene ... (I used to be an official of this planet and I think the quality is absolutely outstanding, especially with the creatures - great community and love this planet too)

    3. Calypso ... (has the largest population, the least amount of communication, broken and fragmented storyline, inconsistent and poor decision-making, largest economy, and a detriment to other Planet Partners due to platform developer's (MindArk) personal involvement - I go there as little as possible - I could go on, but I'm saving it for my "2013 EU State of Mind" article that will be published here at EP soon.

    However, I've been in this universe 8+ years and Calypso was the only planet available at the time I signed up, so no other choices.

    Welcome to EP, and I wish you the best with your decisions. :smile:
  6. I'd also have to agree with those above, Arkadia is probably the best planet to start on now, and you would have a good base to work from and you can always visit any other planet.

    I started on Next Island and even when there was a staff it wasn't growing as it should have. Next Island is a beautiful planet and well worth a visit, but not a good choice as a home planet.

    However, if I was starting now and I knew the planets as I do now, I would probably choose to start on Cyrene, just because it's the newest planet.
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  7. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Each planet comes with its own set of Fans and own set of Haters and all the politics that are involved with both.

    IMO if you remove all of the politics and look at just the numbers, then Rocktropia is the best planet to start out on and the best planet to be a mid lvl player on.

    Mining for high markup at beginner levels is easy.
    Hunting for high markup at beginner levels is easy.
    Beginner Mission (hunt the thing) is arguably one of the best mission chains in the game.

    You really have to ask yourself what is really important to you?

    Do you want high population planet with crowded starter areas and full auction house? Then start on Calypso.

    Do you want a polished planet with well laid out mobs and easy to understand gear stats and progression with great dev<->player communication?
    Then start on Arkadia.

    Do you want one of the most beautiful and relaxing places with low population and do not care too much about the auction house? (perhaps a place for you and your spouse to play quietly together?)
    Then start on Next Island.

    Do you want a unique place that will change and progress rapidly with a high budget driving the developers behind making it the best?
    Then start on Cyrene.

    Are you looking for something that is dark and quirky with the easiest potential to grind for skills or profit?
    Then start on Rocktropia.

    Are you looking to be a part of something at the very beginning and be one of the leaders in a community not yet formed and take the risk of being a pioneer of the unknown and uncharted?
    Then look into Toulan or Monria and join them once they are launched.

    Do you have 6million USD (probably less would still work) and want to create your own perfect planet with your own storylines, items, and monsters?
    Then become a Planet Partner and create your own planet in the Entropia Universe.

    GL and have fun, I am :D


    (spoken as a self admitted Rock fan)
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