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Planet Calypso News: Queen of Caverns

Discussion in 'Planet Calypso' started by EP-Newsbot, May 17, 2017.

  1. Get low, filth! Eat dirt. Breathe mud. Toil, food-fetcher!


    Your claw is not yours. Is Mine.

    Your teeth are not yours. Are mine.

    Mine to crush, cast away. Mine to command, control.

    I am Hive Mind. I am Queen.

    There is no ‘you’. No ‘yours’.

    Only mine.

    Now DIG!


    Worm-slime all! Bad Brood bad brood BAD! Weak as whimpers, ALL! Mewling spitgobs! Soil-soft and sickening!

    And Screechers getting stronger. Getting nearer. I hear them. Hear them creeping scraping scuttling closer, closer...

    What to do what to do WHAT?! Calm. Be calm. Be Queen.

    Useless broodlings must be Hardened. Sharpened. Strong.

    A Shell-Wall.

    A Shell-Wall against the Screechers!


    Why not use the Soft-Shells? Yes!

    Let the Soft-Shells crush the weak and siphon the slime-bloods!

    Then only Pure-Bloods remain! A Pure-Blood Brood!

    A perfect Shell-Wall against the Screechers! Yes!




    Up up up FILTH!

    Up through cave, cavern and crust!

    Up as fighters, not workers! Up to taste blood, not mud!

    Up to battle!

    Up to Soft-Shells!

  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

  3. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    You are the beginning? The end? The one who is many? You bring order to chaos???

    We definitely need more bosses in EU. But we also need the mechanics, gameplay and settings that make boss fights exciting. We are stuck with the absolutely boring click-till-it's-dead-while-paying-nano-transactions method for 15 years already.
  4. I wish Oztwo wasn't right. But he is.. all you ever do in here at anything new is bicker bicker bicker. You should hold contests who can be the most negative about entropia!
  5. Tass

    Tass Administrator


    = I absolutely appreciate the introduction of the Queen of Caverns as an epic boss enemy to Planet Calypso, as I interpret this little story snippet as the first hint to that, and I appreciate the storytelling too. I hope we get a vast underground area, with facilities, several factions opposing each other, a big set of story-driven missions that exhaust Entropia's mission system to the max, several innovative instances that exhaust Entropia's instance system to the max, all embedded in a great story and setting incl. detailed environmental story-telling and all, mini-bosses, bosses and the Queen of Caverns as biggest boss of all. Please no more standard mobs, please no more "iron challenge" missions, please no more items, we have too many already.

    ... the rest of my statement is unfortunately a fact too. It's great that you still can find joy in EU's core mechanics after 15 years without any significant changes. I want additions to the core gameplay so that more people can enjoy the actual game, not just the global hunting meta-game, not just the omg-it's-real-money thrill.
  6. San


    I have a certain suspicion what "Battle Simulator" is about. It came as surprise, unannounced, even when they pretended to be working on something else...
  7. Well Battle Simulator is certainly something different, like the hub, the new taming system, treasure hunting on arkadia, mario and luigi, introduction of harvesting trees and farming fruits, mini-instances on rocktropia, the whole secret island skull mission. upgradeable armour/weapons/tools on different planets by grinding (mod viceroy, adjusted ep-41, stolen imperium armor, modified 5b plates), the option to save up peds by investing in calypso and arkadia deeds, the addition of melee amps. 15 years and the core maybe the same, but a hell of a lot got introduced, and this is only what I could think of in 3 minutes.
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