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    Thoughts about Medusa's Head Auction

    Star mentions Qeteshakoz... Several other threads seem to imply in various locations that Qetesh and Akoz are one in the same. Anyone got any proof, or explanation about this? Is this a case of multiple avatars, husband/wife teaming, or something else?
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    akoz is Qetesh. all the lands Akoz owned were transfered to Qetesh, a previously unknown avatar. its pretty commonly known and was soooo blatant that MA must be aware.

    in fact, i think it may have even occured after an event that caused Akoz to worry about security/getting locked. there are legitimate situations for this. ask MA if a company can own an avatar and the answer is "yes" (or was when i asked). or maybe it is partner/sibling/"best friend" who is the official rl account holder. frankly it really doesnt matter one jot and only goes to show how silly some of MA's rules are.
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    So true about their rules being silly. They only enforce selectively and as needed. But that too is part of the disenfranchisement we`ve seen lately regarding the Neverdie issue regarding his owning a planet(s) and remaining a player like the rest of us. I so wish they could enforce the no second avatar rule but if you can`t beat them join them. I think my wife is going to finally start playing!
  4. IMO, the rule with just one AVA is useless. If anyone have a need for a second ava it would be OK. My "kids" have two avatars that "they" used to help me with my Monomyth event in 2009.
    When there was a sweat cap people used second avatars to gather sweat. Today I don't see any big advance in having a second avatar except if you use is for scamming. In Quetesh/Akoz case it doesn't matter at all.
  5. Thorn

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    Well there have been many cases where having a second avatar is beneficial. One was being able to avoid transportation fees between a planet and the asteroid to maintain shops by having an on sight inventory checker. This brought the cost of operation down and took PED out of the pockets of pilots. Another is where people used macros to have bot healers which save them PED especially on regen mobs and takes away potential work from fappers. One could also operate two avatars to have one trading in cities while their main one is out hunting, mining or crafting.

    Having a second avatar has also been used to hide the true identity of a player that may have gotten a bad reputation. All of these are done to increase profit potential and in many cases avoid having to pay others and has an impact however small on the economy and it`s effect on others. Land owners coul dalso use a second avatar solely for holding land deeds and maintaining lands so that their main avatar could be free to do anything where trhe possibility of being locked out or banned is concerned without fear of losing thie land income.

    Imagine if everyone had multiple avatars and stationed one on each planet, asteroid and space station. While not very practical seeing as they would all be limiting themselves in skills it would erase the need for pilots and any income derived from teleport fees. That`s an extreme example but shows the type of effect second avatars can have on EU.

    MA made this rule for a reason. But it is basically on the honor system since it can`t be enforced.
  6. Doubt anything gets done about it... but
  7. Sionkiewicz

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    I guess the game has updated or something because last I checked even if you did have two avatars there was no easy or secure way to transfer items between them without having both accounts up and perform a trade between them which means they have to meet.

    Has mail or some other system been added that allows for items to be sent to other avatars? Otherwise there is no benefit from a transportation cast savings perspective enjoyed by those individuals with two avatars.

    Edit: realized that Thorn was speaking to having Avatars that are used as Utility accounts for maintaining business interests on different planets but still do not see the large advantage this would give to an individual.
  8. Has anyone entertained the idea that they don't enforce it for reasons of financial gain?..Surprize there?..They know the older players will top out and do exactly that ,either gripe or make a second avatar when they get tired ot talking and ppl will get tired of hearing it.If second avatar is made THEY GET YOUR MONEY!!!..you have to buy all new guns/clothes/armor/ammo/vehicles...AGAIN!!..just like 5 years ago..Hello!!!!! So why in any forward thinking persons mind, enforce a rule that either weeds out the "Back when players " who have all the armor already and guns and apts and vehicles(Who arent going to buy more Crap really)..Or get them to buy it all over again and stop speaking about their dishonesty if your going to do the same.Its really simple!!
  9. and take twice as much of the uber gear away from the newer players, just like the tiering did before it changed...
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