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Purchasing Mining amps

Discussion in 'Guides and help' started by Phenakist, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. I have a question with regards to purchasing mining amps. Obviously they are crafted and what is even more obvious is that they have mark up.

    My question is two part but I will begin with this. Do you lose value when purchasing say for example half TT amps + MU vs purchasing a fully TT amp + MU?

    Secondly what kind of effect does efficiency have on mining? I find it difficult understanding the difference between level 2's and terra amps, which I should buy or at what price and what time if MU's change.
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Dont worry about effeciency, just calculate the decay that is added.

    If you use an amp that adds 1ped decay per drop, then it will make your enmatter drops 1.50ped (vs. .50) and your ore drops 2ped (vs. 1)

    The consider the markup lost for each drop.
    This is where whole amps are more eco than partial if buying at the same markup.

    Each amp has 3% unusable, so if you buy a partial amp a larger % of your markup goes to that unused bit than if you had buught a full amp.

    For example say you bought a D-Class amp (sold in my Emerald Lakes floor 2 shop 7 shopkeeper as well as my Hell booth at Firewall ridge) for 188ped.

    TT on the amp is 160, so you paid 28ped of markup.

    You do ores only to make the math simple for this example....

    39 ped of probes + 188ped of amp - 4ped of unusable amp = 223ped spent counting markup for probes + amp.

    223ped(tt+mu) / 195(tt value) = 114.35% is your actual cost per drop for the probes+amp.

    now lets say we bought 2x 1/2 tt amps for the same % markup.

    38 ped of probes + 188ped of amps - 8 ped of unusable amp = 218ped spent counting markup for probes + amp

    218ped(tt+mu) / 190(tt value) = 114.74% is your actual cost per drop for the probes + amp.

    The higher the level of the amp, the more impact Markup has to the ratio between probes and amp.

    hopefully that isnt too confusing :D

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  3. thank you very much for that, I assumed the 3% condition would make value more of an issue, just for some reason my brain couldn't work it out if I was making any sense or not! :)

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