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Project Entropia Version Update in progress - 04 May 2005

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by itto, May 4, 2005.

  1. Project Entropia VU 7.3 is being applied to the virtual universe system. ETA To Be Determined.
    Stay tuned for more info.

    The VU content list is available below.



    General Information
    The Version Update 7.3 (â??VU 7.3â?) for Project Entropia information is located in this document.



    Land Area Management
    The Land Management System allows for customized land areas and creature habitats. The land areas that have this support have a Fertilizing station present, in which the owner of the land can make his or her decisions about the future of the area.

    To create a well functioning local eco system, the land needs to be rich and fertile. To achieve this, Energized Fertilizer needs to be added and distributed from the fertilizer station

    The Energized Fertilizer is a unique compound made out of animal dung and growth molecules. The creature dung may be collected from the ground, while the growth molecules is a newly discovered energy matter. Adding Energized Fertilizer will give you Improvement Points (IPs) that can be used to modify the land. All changes to the land area have a cost of IPs. Also, sustaining high level creature maturity or numbers will cost IPs over time.

    In order to implant various creatures, the owner needs to gather complete samples of creature DNA. Once this is acquired and processed, the creature may be added to the lands fauna. This is done by dragging the DNA sample icon to the interface. Once added, the process begins by dispatching food chain algorithms to attract the creatures to the land, and quite soon the area's eco-system is altered in the preferred way.

    New Cities
    Two new cities completed â?? Treasure Island City and Sakura City. They are located on Amethera; TIC on Treasure Island, and Sakura City to the south.

    Auction Procurement Orders
    You can now set a procurement order in the auction. An order is an outstanding order on items, meaning you can try to buy a bulk lot from several different sellers, at a set price, or a single item not currently on the market. You select the item type, choose a quantity you want, and a price. All current selling offers in the auction is compared to your order and those that match will be handled directly. Only full offers with a buyout value set is considered. The order will not split a selling offer if the offer is larger than the quantity the order has set, it will instead be ignored.

    If your quantity isn't met, the order will stay for as long as you choose, trying to match any selling offers that comes to market.

    The price to add an order is 1 PED per day you wish the order to be active. This fee is paid in advance, regardless of the actual number of days the order is active. For instance, if you have paid for having an order for five days, and the entire quantity is met within three days, the cost will still be the 5 PEDâ??s initially paid.

    Creature Maturity Levels
    The various creatures in Project Entropia have received an overhaul to their titles (or maturity levels), meaning that creatures that share titles now have them corresponding correctly. Previously, an â??oldâ? creature of one kind could be maturity level 6 while another â??oldâ? creature could be of maturity level 3. This will result in some changes to how the creaturesâ?? names and location will look like after the release, as some creatures in an areas previously occupied by, for example, â??adultâ? creatures now have â??oldâ? creatures instead.

    Even though some confusion is expected, especially from the veteran participants, we are sure you will soon learn the new maturity levels, and as they are much more coherent now than before, it will be easier overall to assay creatures and their challenge rating.

    All items that are worn when used have a durability rating, which shows the general level of deterioration when used. The items that have the lowest deterioration are noted as having â??Exceptionalâ? durability while the ones that are most prone to high wear and tear are noted as being â??Fragileâ?, with a scale in between.

    Treasure Island lots
    Twenty new lots added to Treasure Island to the Lake View community, together with new house designs.

    More Creatures Roaming the wilderness
    The overall creature activity on Calypso is increased, somehow...

    Music and Sounds
    The Project Entropia experience is improved a great deal, with a multitude of new sound effects, ambient sounds, and music.

    Jingle player
    A new jingle player is added to various locations.

    Updated Newcomer information
    The information booths in Port Atlantis are updated with some new and more accurate information.

    Focus Mindforce enhancements
    The Focus Mindforce powers have been upgraded with better feedback, functionality, and security.

    New Revival points
    The cities on Amethera containing apartments have new Revival terminals installed.

    Marketplaces in Amethera cities
    The cities on Amethera have received new market places to allow for inter-participant trading.

    Additions to the Toxic Zone
    When an avatar kills another avatar in the Toxic Zone (â??PvP3â?), and the killer receives more than 50 PED in loot, a global message is shown.

    Added dung
    While walking around the countryside one may stumble upon animal dung, simply called Common Dung. It is claimed it can be used together with the Growth Molecules.

    Added Energy matters
    A new energy matter called Growth Molecules has been discovered. It can be used in conjunction with Common Dung.

    Added DNA
    DNA samples can be located, and can be used in the land management system.

    Added Mindforce
    Several high-level Mindforce powers added.

    Added skills
    Two new skills added; Clubs and Gauss Weaponry Technology.

    Added clothes
    New pieces of clothing added, some of which are tailorable, including shirts and pants. The tuxedo and dress is now tailorable.

    Added weapons
    A great deal of weapons added, including clubs, swords, axes, and Gauss rifles (a.k.a. â??Rail Gunsâ?). Some items are craftable. There are rumors about unique items being spotted as well.

    Added armor
    New armor added. There are rumors about unique items being spotted as well.

    Housing decorations added
    Dozens of items designed for making a home nice and comfortable have been added, including pedestals, flowers, carpets, tables and masks.

    General items added
    A number of other items added to expand the range of items in Project Entropia.

    Visual enhancements
    Several areas in Project Entropia, ranging from clothes, avatars, items and nature have been reviewed and updated from a visual standpoint, in order to remove oddities, like holes in clothes etc.

    Anti-Toxic shots clarification
    If you take an anti-toxic shot and you already are protected, the shot action will fail, notifying you why.

    Apartment Televators
    The apartment tower televators are now more predictable.

    You can now remove items from a shopkeeper that is at zero condition. The visual range of the shopkeeper is greatly increased, both on radar and in main view.

    Fix: Rex Top hat
    Male versions may now be made.

    Driver check
    Project Entropia will evaluate the current graphic driver and audio codecs in use on the client computer in order to see if you have the required software installed on your computer. For more info about codecs, please see the Project Entropia Support section.

    Client stability
    Several potential crash issues are removed from the Project Entropia client software.

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