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    Not long after mankind colonized Calypso, the continent of Amethera was declared non-governed, meaning that it would be up to the colonists to defend themselves, rather than being protected by the policed safe-havens established on Eudoria.

    2008 LandGrab - Still taken from YouTube preview. Credit: Unknown.

    As Amethera was a massive stretch of land, containing some unique wildlife and mine-able resources, land plots were drawn up that the government either sold off, or had the colonists fight one another for control over.

    Lone rangers stood little chance at a shot at gaining control over these lands, ensuring Land Grab consisted of societies battling one another for hours in order to be able to gain the lucrative temporary land control income.

    It typically involved a society heading over to a land area they would want to control, and claiming it at the land marker once land grab started.They would then have to remain in control of the land marker for a predetermined amount of time. Should another society manage to claim it in the meantime, the countdown would start over, until a society managed to keep the land claimed for the designated time.

    The first land grab took place in October 2004, and was proclaimed to be a major success by MindArk:

    The next rounds of land grab were plagues with technical issues, ranging from cases of lag, to bugs that caused societies to lose control of their claimed Land Area. The 2006 land grab especially was plagued with lag, that MindArk attributed to the (ab)use of auto-clickers:

    As a compensation, affected societies were randomly given control of some LAs:


    2007 did not see a land grab, possibly due to MindArk trying to fix the technical issues leading to the 2006 troubles. The 2008 version of Land Grab was even more problematic, with some servers rebooting, and leading to BAHQ somehow being unable to secure their LA in the meantime (where other societies did not have such issues on their LAs). This resulted in the final stage of Land Grab 2008 to be postponed at the very last minute.

    Land grab 2009 had an interesting addition to the requirements in that only the top 50 skilled societies were able to participate in it. However, a group of top societies decided to band together to control one or more areas and to keep some of the other societies from getting a shot at securing the LA. They agreed to split the income between the participating factions (by having different societies claim the individual LAs), and thus ensuring the decay during the event was minimal. This manifested itself most clearly during phase 3 of Land Grab, during which no blood was spilled, nor decay spent, and "The Alliance" walked away owning most or all of the land areas, and thus essentially getting taxes for free, and without putting any of the decay money into MAs coffers.

    LG 2009. Credit: MindStar9.

    As a result, MA decided to change the way Land grab worked, and the system was put in the freezer for a while, until post-VU 10, a revamped version of land grab was released, which involves societies battling it out in forts:


    All in all, a total number of 5 land grabs were held over the years, most in multiple phases.

    Despite the technical difficulties with the Land grab, and the fact they were targeted almost exclusively at the uber societies in-game, land grab was always an event that brought a lot of excitement to Entropia, with numerous people taking a day off in order to either fight with their society or allies, or simply to witness the event as a spectator or reporter. Others simply took advantage of the fact there was massive amounts of on-going decay and ensured they would hunt or mine on a different server in the hope of scoring a little extra in loot.

    It was also always interesting to see what strategies would be employed by societies. Some confidently stood around the marker waiting to face their enemies heads-on, while others employed the use of scouts from recruitment societies, or mob trains to bring chaos to what already would be a rabid battlefield. There was even a bunch of noobs from the Church of Lootius society who during the 2006 Land grab figured they could create such amount of lag (by placing hundreds of individual around the claim marker) that it would be impossible for anyone to get close enough to kill them all. This cunning plan was thwarted by a single uber in Shadow mowing them down without flinching. And Lootius wept.

    Care to share your experience with Land grab?

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    Summary / outcome of the land grabs:

    2004 (3 phases):
    cK (Coat Killers): 4 (LA 3, 10, 11, 16)
    Calypso Conquerors: 4 (LA 6, 7, 13, 14)
    Desert Rangers: 3 (LA 1, 5, 19)
    Warants: 3 (LA 2, 9, 17)
    Reservoir Dags: 1 (LA 4)
    White Tigers: 2 (LA 15, 18)
    PAC (Project-Asylum Corp): 1 (LA 8)
    Team LV: 1 (LA 12)

    2005 (2 phases):
    Calypso Conquerors: 3 (LA 4, 6, 7)
    Desert Rangers: 2 (LA 1, 8)
    Warants: 2 (LA 2, 17)
    cK (Coat Killers): 2 (LA 3, 5)
    BAHQ (Black Angels HQ): 1 (LA 9)
    Universal Brotherhood: 1 (LA 10)
    Shaolin: 1 (LA 11)
    Team LV: 1 (LA 12)
    Ex Cons: 1 (LA 13)
    PAC (Project-Asylum Corp): 1 (LA 14)
    White Tigers: 1 (LA 15)
    Menace to Society: 1 (LA 18)
    Amethera Demons: 1 (LA 19)

    2006 (2 phases):
    Riga Team: 3 (LA 2, 5, 8)
    Warants: 2 (LA 3, 6*)
    BAHQ (Black Angels HQ): 2 (LA 4, 15)
    cK (Coat Killers): 2 (LA 7*, 13*)
    Calypso Conquerors: 2 (LA 9, 18*)
    Dark Knights: 2 (LA 10, 14)
    Shaolin: 2 (LA 11, 19*)
    Menace to Society: 1 (LA 1)
    Amethera Demons: 1 (LA 12*)
    Elite Group: 1 (LA 16)
    Calypso Conquerors Cadets: 1 (LA 17)

    (* indicates an LA given as compensation for suffering from lag due to abuse of auto-clickers by third parties)

    2008 (3 phases):
    cK (Coat Killers): 4 (LA 1, 10, 17, 19)
    Art of War: 4 (LA 7, 8, 9, 14)
    Warants: 3 (LA 3, 5, 18)
    Menace to Society: 3 (LA 4, 11, 16)
    Chaos Crew: 1 (LA 2)
    BAHQ (Black Angels HQ): 1 (LA 6)
    Shaolin: 1 (LA 12)
    Mod Deja Vu: 1 (LA 13)
    Dark Knights: 1 (LA 15)

    Menace to Society: 4 (LA 2, 4, 14, 17, and bonus LA 7 + Chomper DNA for securing most wins)
    Art of War: 3 (LA 3, 9, 11)
    cK (Coat Killers): 3 (LA 5, 8, 10)
    Shaolin: 2 (LA 1, 6)
    cK Shadows: 2 (LA 10, 19)
    Dawn Daemons: 2 (LA 12, 13)
    BlackAngels Evolution: 1 (LA 15)
    BlackAngels HQ: 1 (LA 18)
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    Rules of the Land Grabs:

    Changes this time around includes no requirements as to skill levels and the addition of a Fertilizing station to each area.

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  4. Great times, in a couple of years we going to re-experience them.
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    We still have land grabs though right? But they are weekly or monthly or something instead? I've heard they are a lot of fun cause of the reduction in cost of ammo so you can blast away with your biggest gun and not feel your bum clenching.
  6. Here's a video of mine production in 2008 ! :)
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  8. isn't the cld system suppossed to consist of something similar to a landgrab? Also I guess you could call the entire Planet Partner system a major landgrab of a different sort...
  9. btw and what does he mean with "the current system"? :geek:
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