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Project Entropia launches into Commercial Open Trial

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EntropiaPlanets, May 17, 2002.

  1. MindArk have published the following press release today:

    Date: 17th of May 2002
    Author: MindArk AB
    Content: MindArk

    Press release

    MindArk AB
    Järntorget 8
    Göteborg, Sweden

    Frank Campbell, Stephanie Haines, Helen Praetorius
    Tel: +46-31-607 260
    Fax: +46-31-136 016 marketing@project-entropia.com

    For immediate release

    Project Entropia launches into Commercial Open Trial

    Gothenburg, Sweden – May 20th, 2002 – Hundreds of thousands of users have been asking for months to test Project Entropia. Their calls have been answered. The Commercial Open Trial enables them to download the software worldwide. Even before the official launch over 60,000 people have already responded to this opportunity.

    “The virtual universe of Project Entropia is ever-evolving, so features will constantly be added and enhanced,” says MindArk Managing Director Jan Welter Timkrans. “But now is the time to let the public in to experience an amazing product that has been over three years in the making.”

    Project Entropia is the largest virtual universe ever devised, where millions of computer users will be able to interact with each other at the same time. This ever-evolving universe offers a world of opportunity for gamers and non-gamers alike.

    Project Entropia incorporates a unique economic system, which allows users to exchange real life money for PED (Project Entropia Dollars) for use inside the virtual world and then back into real currency again. It is much like the process of traveling in the real world. The users will use their PED to purchase virtual items, entertain themselves, explore the world, and even to buy real things from real-world businesses within the scope of the Project Entropia universe.

    This business model sets Project Entropia apart from the competition. The goal is to have 25,000,000 active users, with 1,000,000 users online at the same time, within a four year period. Each user is expected to put in between $4 to $8 per hour, a small fee for quality entertainment. Within the platform there will be advanced communication capabilities as well as services provided.

    MindArk Supervisory Board Chairman Benny Iggland says, “Project Entropia is unlike any other MMORPG on the market. The scope is much grander as it targets both ordinary gamers as well as people who never play games. For this is not merely a game, it is in truth a virtual world.”

    The world of Project Entropia is set to take you on an epic journey far into the future where you can help shape the creation of an entire civilization, the next foundation in mankind’s quest for prosperity. Take the journey. Experience the future today. For any additional information, log onto the official website at http://www.project-entropia.com.

    MindArk AB, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, develops Internet technology solutions. With novel applications in the experience and entertainment sector, in browser infrastructure, and in massively parallel simultaneous interactive user presence on the Internet, MindArk is expanding the new universe.

    MindArk AB http://www.mindark.com
    Järntorget 8, pl:22
    SE – 413 04 Gothenburg
    Tel: +46-31-607 260
    Fax: +46-31-136 016

    Related URL: http://www.project-entropia.com
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