Project Entropia Beta Test Expanded

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  1. MindArk welcomes 500 more participants to Phase II testing of its innovative online entertainment venture

    Gothenburg, Sweden - October 16, 2001 - MindArk AB announced today that the pool of participants in the current Phase II beta test of its pioneering Internet-based interactive entertainment enterprise, Project Entropia, has been expanded. The addition of a group of approximately 500 effectively doubles the size of the test. Phase I technical beta testing began in May with some 50 testers, progressing into Phase II in early September with more than 500.

    "Beta testing is absolutely critical to making Project Entropia the very best it can be," stated MindArk Marketing Manager Patric Sundstrom. "We're extremely pleased at the progress our development team is making, and a portion of the credit belongs to the beta testers, some of whom have been exceptionally helpful in identifying bugs and other problems. As a result, we're also happy that we can now accommodate approximately 1,000 participants to take part in continuing testing as we move forward with the implementation of new features and content."

    Project Entropia is a groundbreaking new form of interactive entertainment based upon a fully featured 3D persistent state world. It will be made available with no initial cost or mandatory subscription fees to millions of Internet users around the world. In the roles of human colonists on the seemingly idyllic virtual planet of Calypso, they will have the chance to meet and socialize or to explore and adventure with each other while facing challenges from wild indigenous creatures and invading robots.

    Applications to participate in further phases of the Project Entropia beta test are still being accepted at

    Additional information about Project Entropia can be found on the official website at

    MindArk ( develops technology solutions that address the entertainment needs of millions of Internet users. With novel applications in the interactive entertainment sector and browser infrastructure, MindArk is a world leader in expanding the new universe.
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