Project Entropia Beta Phase Announcement

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  1. Project Entropia Phase II Beta Tester Selections to Begin July 23, 2001
    MindArk prepares to expand the testing of its revolutionary online entertainment project

    Gothenburg, Sweden - July 12, 2001 - MindArk AB announced today that the selection process to expand the pool of beta testers for the eagerly awaited Project Entropia, its innovative online entertainment environment, will begin on July 23, 2001. Approximately 500 new Phase II testers will join the initial group, which has been participating in closed technical testing for the past several weeks.

    "Project Entropia will offer millions of computer users the opportunity to create on-screen characters that can live, adventure and interact with each other in a huge, exciting virtual world called Calypso," said MindArk Marketing Manager Patric Sundstrom. "We're thrilled by the unexpected number of people who have already applied to join the testing, and we also encourage anyone who has been waiting for the next stage to fill out the application at before we start choosing the next group who will help us take this huge and critically important step forward."

    Project Entropia is a revolutionary new form of Internet-based interactive entertainment that will be made available at no initial cost and with no subscription fees to millions of Internet users around the world. In the roles of human colonists on the virtual planet Calypso, they will be able to meet and socialize or adventure into wilderness areas where they will face challenges from wild indigenous creatures and invading robots.

    Information about Project Entropia can be found on the official website at
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