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Discussion in 'Professions and Skills' started by GeorgeSkywalker, Dec 28, 2009.

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    Anyone know what skills/professions affect the new Tier Upgrader profession?

    Perhaps we should start noting down when we get a profession increase and what skill gain we received when it increased.
  2. Jdegre is already at it over on EF, so far the skills that have been nailed down are as follows:

    Computer @ 5%
    Mining @ 4 % (!!!)

    and so far unknown percentage:

    Analysis (!!!)
    Tier Upgrading
    Manufacture Enhancers
  3. Engineering seems to be at 11% (could be 10% as well, not clear)
  4. Wren

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    How would one help with this endeavor?
  5. Sorry I can't be more accurate as I wasn't looking for it, but I chipped out aprox. 2300 points of Scan Human and lost 1 lvl from Tier Upgrader.

    12.5 to 11.5.
  6. hmmmm, are you sure about that???? the only scanning-related skill that seems to contribute is Analysis, but nobody has claimed so far that Scan Human could be related to Tier Upgrader.

    could it be that you chipped out Analysis, along with Scan Human?

    btw, the current skill breakdown for Tier Upgrader seems to be pretty accurate; check it out in the chipping optimizer page.

  7. That'd be ~4%, i guess you wouldn't have overlooked such a big percentage up to now.

    Btw, the scanner shows my pro standing at 10.99 and the ingame profession panel shows a full bar (level up soon), so my skillset is calced spot on.

    (If you need that for the brute force calculation, i updated my skills in the scanner db yesterday, level bar is completely shown)
  8. thx wizzszz. i think that the "common" skills are pretty much set. only missing info would be high level unlocks. the current breakdown predicts levels up to ~30 quite accurately, but beyond that, there is no data available.
  9. I put my skills into your optimizer, (nice page BTW I use it allot), and with my current skills the professional lvl matches my skills.

    So I don't know what to say. When tiering first arrived I was a lvl 12.5 Tier Upgrader. I chipped out Combat Support, a couple weeks later I chipped out Scan Human. Those were the only 2 things during that time period.

    I noticed after I chipped out Scan Human my Tier Upgrader had dropped to 11.5. At least that's what I thought I saw :dunno:

  10. MA changed the percentages after a couple of days and added an unlock instead, that could explain the 1 level drop.
  11. Imagine that, perhaps that why i chip out and not in.
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