Selling Prison cell, Castle, Hangar, Omegaton A204 Overcharged (reduced), Personal Manufacturing Terminal

Discussion in 'Trading' started by GeorgeSkywalker, May 16, 2023.

  1. GeorgeSkywalker

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    [Robot Easter Bunny, Gold Pet] SOLD

    [Athenic Ring, Perfected] SOLD

    [Easter Ring 2022] SOLD

    [Omegaton A204, Overcharged]
    SB: TT+15k TT+14k REDUCED
    BO: TT+15k TT+14k REDUCED

    Hangar North Space Base Docks B #1

    /wp [Calypso, 88453, 93932, 316, North Space Base Docks B #1]
    SB: 30k
    BO: 30k

    Raven Valley #5 House
    /wp [Calypso, 77517, 94554, 341, Raven Valley #5]
    SB: 7k
    BO: 7k

    N.WO. Solitary Confinement Cell #10
    BO: 21k

    Strength Keep Castle
    /wp [Calypso, 78399, 74771, 105, Strength Keep]
    BO: 189k

    [Araneatrox Skull]
    BO: tt+4k

    [Personal Manufacturing Terminal]
    BO: tt+21k

    [The Captains Lost Hat (M)]
    This is a unique in game item.
    No start bid or buyout set for this. Make an offer.

    [Robotic Bunny Ears Gold (M)]
    Make an offer.

    [Harbinger Mask Gold (M)]
    Make an offer.

    [McGrangus Lost Log, Entry 5]
    Make an offer.

    [McGrangus Lost Log, Entry 6]
    Make an offer.

    [McGrangus Lost Log, Entry 9]
    Make an offer.

    [McGrangus Lost Log, Entry 10]
    Make an offer.

    [McGrangus Lost Log, Entry 12]
    Make an offer.

    [Synchronization Chip 8]
    SB: tt+39
    BO: tt+39

    [Synchronization Chip 11]
    SB: tt+70
    BO: tt+70

    Entropia Unreal Token
    Remaining on Calypso: 34
    Remaining on Cyrene: 18
    SB/BO: Make an offer

    Selling Full Boar Male Limited Armour set
    BO: 106%
    [Boar Harness (M,L)]
    [Boar Shin Guards (M,L)]
    [Boar Arm Guards (M,L)]
    [Boar Helmet (M,L)]
    [Boar Thigh Guards (M,L)]
    [Boar Foot Guards (M,L)]
    [Boar Gloves (M,L)]

    Selling [Svempa XT (L)]
    Tier: 5.29
    Tier increase rate: 1870
    TT: 357.25
    Damage per second (as shown in game): 103.8
    SB/BO: Make an offer
    Market history price for decade: 208% (no history for year, week, day)

    Message me on here or ingame
    My avatar name: George Ace Skywalker
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