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PR: Futuristic Virtual World Next Island Debuts at Pepcom

Discussion in 'Entropia Universe in the Press' started by EP-Newsbot, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- After a successful pre-launch "media and pioneers-only" month-long open play session, Next Island is opening its virtual doors to casual and hardcore gamers to experience the next generation of virtual world entertainment and massively multiplayer online social gaming.
    New players can sign-up now on NextIsland.com, download the free client, create an avatar and discover a virtual world inhabited by strange beasts, space/time anomalies and a vibrant online community.
    Next Island was created by David Post and developed by Neverdie Studios. Prior to starting Next Island, Post founded Page America the first paging/messaging network to open the consumer market and the first brand. It went from standing start to the industry's largest company. Post also started Cellular Systems, Inc. which won the New York City Cellular license. Post has been the primary funder of Next Island.
    With the success of our media and pioneers launch, Post says, "we already have a great base of players ready and willing to welcome new players to an online world filled with compelling game content, great entertainment partners like Carolines Comedy Club, real cash economy and social interaction."
    Next Island is a next-generation virtual world for the PC on the Entropia Universe platform, the same platform that created the highly successful virtual world Calypso. Next Island combines the best of story-driven MMOs with the social interaction of virtual worlds and online communities. The Next Island will offer players the opportunity to travel to different times and places. The first time travel location is ancient Greece, a blend of myth and history full of in-game events, quests, competitions and challenges.
    Players will also have the ability to earn real money through in-game crafting and selling virtual property and items.
    For further information go to www.NextIsland.com.
    SOURCE Next Island


  2. Interesting, so they aren't launching at CES proper, but at the Pepcom "digital! experience" show. I wonder what the headcount is for that show.
  3. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    "More than 900 media and analysts attended the last January’s Digital Experience! event"
  4. so they failed to get the update ready to get something presentable for CES? Wasn´t CES the plan in the beginning?
  5. Thanks, Tass.

    XeroX, Well.. they said they would be at CES. I don't recall them saying they would be exhibiting at CES.

    They would have to have reserved CES booth space well in advance. It's that kind of show.

    Keep an eye out for de Monchy on other people's TV shows while CES is running. It's what she does.
  6. I thought I read that the official release will be on the 5th of Janurary. Was anyone able to get a release date out of all the PR?
    I am confused and apparently waiting for nothing on NI... although I must admit mining is nice there :)
  7. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    "PR: Futuristic Virtual World Next Island Debuts at Pepcom"

    Pepcom "Digital Experience! will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 5th, from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. The event takes place at Caesars Palace hotel in the heart of the Las Vegas strip."

    That's 1 day before the official CES in the same city.
  8. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    additional to Tass's observation, the first sentance implies the launch is immediate: "Next Island is opening its virtual doors". that was the launch.

    i think you'll be waiting till next week for any changes though, MA usually update Tuesdays dont they?
  9. That's the usual pattern save for emergency (read: PED leaks on the server side) patches.
  10. As for Katlean de Monchy, I was correct. Here she is doing the same thing as last year. Disclaimer? What disclaimer? 1:22 into this video:

  11. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    how on earth did she get away with that? TVs, tv tech blah blah, we tried on Next Island its great, sign up to Next Island at Next Island.com, back to tvs... do you not have rules around TV advertising, that would be illegal for sure over here in UK :)

  12. We do, but they are more clear cut during childrens programming. My guess is since she's not an employee of the actual news staff of the presenter, there may be some leeway, or perhaps the news outlet hasn't done their homework. I know last years CES bit for the CW Network's The Daily Buzz morning TV news show, the anchor asked at the end of the de Monchy's lives shot "...and what's Next Island?" which is indicitave that the prodcers at least in part knew something about what was going on. In that case, I'd guess that de Monchy offered them a reduced rate for her time, or comped it completely to pimp the product.

    IMO, she should disclaim that she's a partner in Next Island, even though this particular time the spot was carefully worded to indicate they were just looking at NI rather than saying "OMG, sliced bread is now obsolete!"
  13. Well on the bad side i am shocked they advertise it the way it is now, on the good side it is nice that they take a good effort at promoting it.

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