PostModerna: Successful Physics Multiverse Test from a Blender Model

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  1. I have to say I wanted to jump for joy. I followed the instructions given to me by demi over at the Multiverse forums. It took me awhile to digest his instructions but I finally got it. Not his fault. It was all me.I was working on some modeling [...]

  2. I was ecstatic. The physics model conversion worked!!!

  3. Nice. But Flaps my man, what are the domes used for? Simplistic dwellings or is this just pure experimentation without implimentation?
  4. Hiya Shin,

    And Happy New Year. :)

    Yes they have purpose. :) They are a portable shelter made from the parts of the landing pods, supplies and local materials. These are just the initial ones at Base Camp.

    You'll see this develop as I start porting in the other models. :)


  5. Aha! Okay:) Still think we will need horses to plough the land and explore:) Or any horse like tameable creatures. Saddles? Waggons? Livestock?
  6. Hiya Shin,

    I agree. It is a concept on the idea board. :)



  7. Flapman,

    I am all there next to you and as exited. It would be kewl to see collonists band together doing a "Big trek" into the great unknown, waggons oxen, pets, peops, dust cloud as the whole mass moves, the crack of whips, men yelling. Exploration, finding land, pestering natives, settlers, outlaws.

    Mabe you should considder postmoderna as a Mining planet also. Current mining gear compatible. Why? Well this is one area that will atract others to Postmoderna and especially prospectors. Good for revenue too. land areas, tax you get the feel. Great for Interplanetary trade, and manufacturing.

    O ye, think about this. A animal cannot be ridden without a saddle. And a settler must earn his own saddle or the privelage to own one.
  8. Hiya Shin,

    Love it. :)

    Hey just for you, a sneak peak of concept from the demo. All content is story-based. When players start out, it really is the unknown, wild frontier. No cities, just settlements set down by New Worlds Corporate. What is visible later only happens through the quests.

    Mining, :) , POI 2 is Crystal Canyon. What is famous for? The high-density crystals used for manufacturing and bioengineering by the early inhabitants of Postmoderna. Light absorbing by day and emitting by night or in shadow. The high-density rock scattered around the landscape is also necessary for construction. Not to mention that farming and cultivation is required! Build on Postmoderna? That's how your do it. Mining and Farming! No way around it and no way for an uber player to gain an advantage. That is because you have to quest and participate in the story to gain access to better areas. Higher skills however, in theory, will make you more effective in harvesting.

    I hope that helps.


    PS. Sign on the dev forums and add your comments to the idea store. I can give you credit for it myself but would love to have you on there.

  9. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    some interesting ideas outlined above. I and others had similar ideas sketched out in a project. not sure how it would work with in the tight framework of EU though? the more i see of the postmodern project, the more i see you are only a business plan away from an independent game.
  10. Flapman,

    Youre gonna have to stick to the mindset that youre part of a Galaxy with multiple planets. tourism should be catered for also by PostModerna, why? Peops and especially Miners will get curious.

    In my Piloting posts I pointed out the need for a Serious Airport-Space -hub. Depending on which Planet you go to, Custom rules for that Planet applies, including attire, Gear, etc. The respective destination portals to flight boarding should Initiate the automated Customs scan and removal/storage.

    For example, I would want my Cobra or viper Whip from calypso to go with me..... he he he cmon must be compatible.

  11. Hiya Aridash,

    You could be right. I guess the solution is to let "virtual nature" take its course. Nah, I am too hands-on and "get things done." :)


  12. For now, I too have that mindset, but this is definitely a unique place with lot's of unique challenges and experiences.. :)


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