Portal Guardians

Discussion in 'Creatures' started by Softhart, Jan 20, 2011.

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  2. Nice... they are fun to hunt.
  3. scanned the robots they look like robots they sound like robots. but scans say there animals. they drop same loot as animals. NI needs robots to be robots. lots of bp matts take robot parts.
  4. Since I've been hunting these meatbots (and hanging out at Serpentine Village), I have two things to say...

    1) They follow the ranks of Humanoids in EU with one exception - Young, adult, scout, gatherer, OBSERVER, scavenger, raider, hunter, warrior, and leader. Normally in the Observer position would be the Guardian, but that would be a Portal Guardian Guardian.

    2) It is just weird that they are not Robots (by rank, loot, attack, etc) especially since bots are a huge part of the story. Arthur & the Robots could be the house band at Caroline's.

    Will Portal Guardians ever become real bots?

  5. Now also found between Biological Research Area TP and Crystal Cove TP
  6. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    The loot lists for Portal Guardians have recently changed. :) Just in case any intrepid explorers want to determine and record the new drops!
  7. Trying to find a mid level maturity spawn (lvl 14-17 ish) that's not infested with no looting youngs/matures. Any ideas? I know I ran into some out mining the other day but can't remember where. Just know I TP'd out cuz I didn't bring any armor/ammo with me.

  8. Check west of Neophyte village. Mostly LvL 10-17, but at least no youngs.
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