Portal Guardian

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  1. *reserved for further features (eg Events) and/or future features (eg Taming)*
  2. Entropedia has more information on Portal Guardians.

    A few questions:
    What's their story?
    Who are they guarding that one inactive portal from?
    (And what about those rogue PG's far from any portal?)
    (And why don't they guard the AG portal?)
    Who am I helping by slaughtering them? (which I do :D )
    Is there a reason why PG's loot animal parts instead of Bot parts?
    Will they ever be proper bots or are they some sort of meat-bot cyborgs?

    Just Curious,

  3. And are they humanoids or robots?
  4. Getting right to the heart of the question ;)

    They deviate from the Humanoid maturity sequence, with Observers in place of Guardians (so that there are no Portal Guardian Guardians). I think they were just some quick copies based off of the common Argonaut (much like Chimera) and so they inherited "humanoid" characteristics.

    I posted my questions with the hope that NI will create some back story for them. *hint hint*

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  5. I'll second that :D

    Being able to craft "universal" blueprints would help a lot, since there is a shortage of gear for midlevel players. This would keep the economy flourishing and at the same time take some pressure of the devs allowing them to bring out NI specific gear without too much pressure.
  6. yupyup exactly. I notice the robots on that new cyrene loot robot generic parts so that makes a PILE of bp's usable right away there.
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