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  1. Wow, that screams completely useless. Does Mr Post intend to hire at least one person qualified? I'm all for creating jobs but for gods sake you need experienced people to lead.
  2. red


    wow. I'm really not sure what to make of that.
  3. Sr Torz Man

    Sr Torz Man Freelanser

  4. Sr Torz Man

    Sr Torz Man Freelanser

    from Entropia platform - Becoming a Planet Partner

    Becoming a Planet Partner

    There is no text book definition of a Planet Partner. However, to successfully create and maintain a planet, a Planet Partner should have a long-term perspective, a creative mindset and a secure and stable economy for marketing, personnel and planet operations.

    Each Planet Partner must have a unique concept to increase the diversity in Entropia Universe and must contribute with a new market, rather than just utilizing the existing end user base. Furthermore, there is no acceptance for concepts and content of gambling, a pornographic nature or any other concept that MindArk deems inappropriate or that is illegal.

    ((Planet Partners with strong unique ideas, ability to bring in new customers and with sufficient funds for planet content production and marketing have a high probability for a quick return of investment.))

    If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Planet Partner, please contact us.

    I want to do it :)

  5. I contacted them a year ago, guess they called my bluff about Planet Gaul as I still haven't heard back. Damn, so much for getting inside info by pitching a fake planet. Damn Planet Gaul was nice too, beautiful landscape, diverse wildlife, good back story....anyone got about 5 mil US I can borrow to make the planet :)
  6. David Post is a man who gets an Idea and finds investors to make it happen. No offence to him but he's not really a business man... he's just a VERY ambitious sales man.

    He needs Menace to point him in the direction of making money off of Entropia Universe. I'm in the same boat as Corey.... I'd LOVE to pound out a kick-ass planet. I'm just 5 mil U.S. away from making it happen.

  7. by the way corey i do have a hard copy of the Planet Partners Agreement and the NDA contract as a person that was in the market research business in the entertainment industry in the past before my hospitalization several years ago I pulled some strings through my old contacts in obtaining a copy, so I know everything about how to get started, and with my background knowledge its interesting what other info you can get, theres not as much red-tape as you think...:)
  8. So how much pull does MA have over PP? Can they dictate what they can and can't add? Do they have hush power over them? Anyway for us to get copies of the agreement and contract? :)
  9. (removed by request)
  10. Interesting, but "in game mechanics" could be defined lots of ways. What if I had a planet and on it I had game rooms. Which players came in and played board games. No peds to play, no peds to loot. Do that effect the "in game mechanic"s?

    What about Rocktropia adding sharks when they were on NI, doesn't that taking away from the uniqueness that NI had to start with, or is it because ND was involved with NI?
  11. Sharks are not considered a theme , the theme of Next Island is time travel, Paradise .. and personally i dont see many more themes that were in the original plan for Next Island come to life, but definately time travel, and crafting crystals is exclusive to Next Island and a Paradise theme planet. (removed by request)
  12. LOL its a conspiracy! This just gets more ridiculous.
  13. I don't think he knows anything about games or is a very good judge of employees. I think it says something about the planet, that David Post has lost developers, the replacement producer, several PR staffs. The only person still connected to Next Island who was connected to Next Island at the "launch" is Meg. Much as we love her, it's clear that Meg could not deal with the confused marketing aspect of this game any longer.
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