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Planetkiller destroyed! 27 Sep 2005

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by itto, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Calypso celebrates as the Imperial forces managed to destroy the meteor threatening mans first colony! This sudden turn of events took place in utmost secrecy. Apparently, a small, cloaked, unmanned, spacecraft carrying some sort of high-powered, hi-tech, disruptive device succeeded in getting past the robot fleet surrounding the rock. When the device was detonated, the meteor split in million pieces of rock, dust and debris, which also crippled the robot forces.
    Huge pieces of mineral-rich rock will travel through the Calypso atmosphere and hit planet side later today, but the estimated destruction is expected to be minor. The bombardment of rocks will continue for several days, but a lot of the debris will probably be incinerated while moving through the atmosphere, and thus will never hit ground.

    Sources close to EBN confirm that the secretive Research & Development Institute ("RDI") had been present right before the launch of the spacecraft from the Exodus. No official statement has yet been made, but the same sources claim that the earlier gathering of robot technology by the intrepid Calypso colonists was an essential key to the success of the meteor destruction.

    EBN tried to get in contact with the designated leader for this mission, CDF Captain Jenny Carramone, but she is unavailable for comments.

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