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  2. Planet Calypso

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2021.0.5



    • Adjustments have been made to mining resource availability throughout Calypso.
    • The Ares Ring, Mayhem item information is now more descriptive. The debuff now gains a stack every 120 seconds instead of every 60 seconds.
    • The cost of several items in the Mayhem Token Trader have been adjusted, and some items have been restocked.
    • The New Treasure Island area has received many changes, including:
      • Updated natural creature spawns. Creatures previously spawned via DNA samples in fertilizer stations are now part of the naturally occurring creature habitats, and range from low, medium, to high maturities.
      • Several other creatures have been introduced to the area, including Daspletor and Cornoanterion.
      • Numerous terrain improvements and cosmetic changes.
      • New Treasure Island is no longer divided into “Land Areas”, and therefore no longer has any hunting or mining taxes.
      • PvP has been disabled on all areas of New Treasure Island.
      • For more information about New Treasure Island, visit:

    • Increased the respawn rate for the Proteron Divine creature.
    • The regular Horn and Cape textures have been restored.
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  3. ROCKtropia

    Any idea where to get RT release notes? Please let us know!
  4. Next Island

    New Content
    • A new quest chain for a new armor plate series begins at Sypherton Gardens
    • A new Loyalist V.I.P. house, located near the First-Wave Settlement TP. Speak to the NPC just outside to check if you’re worthy of entering or if you will need to explore more of Next Island first. Two new daily missions are available inside. Hunting and Crafting.
    • The crafting daily will offer new BPs as rewards, 5 clicks each
    • The PVP area in Ancient Greece has been reworked to be more conducive to both pvpers and miners
    • The centaur hunting area east of the Gorgon Wave has been reworked to be more conducive to hunters
    • Micro-estates have been added to the Shepherd’s beach area, and will be on the in game auction soon
    • All AG estates now have a service center
    • A small gift for a certain Cat has been created
    Corrections and Fixes

    Some damage types have been adjusted on certain creatures
    Spawn density for many of the mission related creatures has been increased
    PVP has been removed from the ruins region
    Loot has been adjusted, adding some much needed items to the system on NI/AG. This includes a variety of Mindforce loots
    Ore drops have been removed from Molochs
    A storage has been added to the magical forest
  5. Planet Arkadia

    No release notes available when this post was created. Please let us know when you find them.
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  6. Planet Cyrene

    Planet Cyrene November 30th 2021 VU Notes

    New Additions:
    • New Janus Island:
      • This is a place that is fully focused on retail and estates, away from the missions and mobs. We will continue to develop this area further with non-combat related activities and areas.
    • New Janus Real Estate:
      • New Janus Tower apartments 11 floors high featuring small, medium, and large apartments on each floor.
      • New Janus Shops featuring 7 shops per quadrant with 2 quadrants currently open.
    • Zyn’Dar Pet Master:
      • Pet Master: Daily Cyrene Taming
      • Pet Master: Daily Cyrene Pet Turn In
      • Developer’s note: Zyn’dar will have a larger impact in the future and be a stepping stone to more tamer focused missions down the line.
    • Holiday Missions:
      • Zyn'oddy's Oddities - Sculptures (2021)!
      • Help Rudolph save Christmas! (2021)!
      • Find the Missing Holiday Textures (2021)!
      • Holiday gifts from Cyrene Staff (After December 15th, 2021)
    • Holiday Spawns:
      • Jolly Jellyworms
      • Jolly Lurkers
      • Jolly Pleaks
      • These spawns can be found near this location: [Planet Cyrene, 136458, 77173, 189, Waypoint]
      • Developer’s note: This year we set the spawns normally instead of having the event spawn to try and make the hunting more similar to the normal Cyrene experience.
    • Changes to Final Mission Chain - The Cypher
    • Drop chance has been increased for the following:
      • Molten Heart Shards
      • Tide Claw Pincher Sinew
      • Intact Duster Ears
      • Fenris Soulchips
      • The kill count for Infected Lungs has been changed to count for every kill.
    • Ocean overhaul:
      • Life has been added to the ocean with the new overhaul adding kelp forests, coral, and the occasional fish.
    • Players can no longer refine Weakened Power Crystals into Lesser Power Crystals
    • Various vegetation and terrain changes
    • Minimap updated to reflect these changes
    • Overhaul of The Exchange area located inside the Supply Depot
    • Various changes inside A.R.C Headquarters
    • Added a Cyrene Booth TP
    • Resurrection terminal added by Mutated Dire plants so upon death players no longer resurrect at the Rift Station
    • Kwarn, the Destroyed City TP has been relocated to Ryvox’s canyon
    • Added storage terminal next to A.R.C. Immigration- Zyn TP
    • Shrapnel amounts for A.R.C vendor armor tier 1,2,and 3 have been reduced
    • Changed model of the summoning totem
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed Dr. Nikolo’s Bug Problem so kills will count while in the appointed area
    • Fixed Help Rudolph Save Christmas! Mission
    Known Issues:
    • Ice sculptures appear extra tiny in players inventory
    • Kwarn TP sets players underground, this will be fixed in the mini-patch
    • Support weapons are not currently working properly, this is a platform issue
    • All Cyrene vehicles (P.I.G.V., Spear, Lancer, Dragonfly) have default sounds, this will be addressed in a future patch
    • A supplementary mission for Rank 5 of Brown Beetles to give proper mission rewards is not working correctly and will be fixed in a future VU
    • Some Quality Ratings information in the blueprint book: A.R.C. is incorrect

    Please give RNGesus some time to ensure all items reach their intended recipients and MindArk time to make sure that all missions are activated.
  7. [​IMG]


    As Synial approached the secluded tent he sensed that his great quest was nearing its end. His months of toil were near completion and so was his quest. A quest of faith, a quest that took him to distant lands and challenged both his intellect and physical prowess.

    Synial handed over the broken crown retrieved during his epic battle with the Otis Commander to the mysterious crafter who stood before him. Some words were said and the Crown of Sahar appeared on his person.

    He felt a strange sensation as the crown sat atop his head, a fleeting moment of change passed and he felt different.

    “Greetings brave warrior” Synial recognized his Queen as soon as she appeared and fell to his knees.

    Queen Nara studied the warrior, he held the courage to stand before the strongest yet the humility to fall before his Queen. He will do, she mused, he will do just fine.

    “Rise Lord Synial, First of the Order and Protector of the Golden Doors”

    “My Queen?” He stammered as he slowly rose and met her glaze. “What order do you speak of?”

    “The Lotus Guardians are an ancient order who give their life to the protection of the Lotus Temple and give their life they did, to a person, as Elara fell.”. The Queen continued. “You see my Lord, there are those that do not hold the love for Toulan that we do and seek to destroy it.”

    “I heard tales of Elara and the Lotus Temple in my youth but what threat do they hold to Toulan?”

    “They are not tales, my sweet child but fragments of a history seldom told. A history of our shared origins and the role we Safians play in the protection of this realm.

    Queen Nara regaled him with her account of the history of Elara and it’s invasion by the evil corporation. How her disciple known as DEC had helped her to escape and sealed Elara for it’s protection.

    “But why me? Why now?”Humble in his confidence yet courageous in his character, thought Nara.

    “The Lotus Temple, whilst being the spiritual home of our ancestors, also serves another purpose. Through inter-dimensional doors that draw on the power of Nawa we have imprisoned the most dangerous of creatures from Toulan. We serve as protector and enslave the evil lest they return.”

    The Queen Continued “As to why now, well many moons ago I became aware that the temple had somehow been infiltrated and the Imprisoned freed. This poses a great threat to our realm and I fear the attacks may one day be too much if we do not act now.”

    “But my Queen, why me?” Asked Synial.

    “It became clear that the Lotus Guardians were needed once more and so we devised a scheme to find the most worthy among my subjects to lead the Great Order. You completed this quest of might, intelligence and great courage. You were also the first. There will be those that follow, of that I am sure. They will seek glory and fame but yours was a selfless act in the service of others.”

    “The Great Lord Sahar was the first of the Guardians and by retrieving his crown an enchantment of sorts has been bestowed upon you. You see only a Guardian can retrieve the key parts needed to construct the Golden key required to enter the Golden Chambers alone. It is only you and those that follow who are worthy of deciding who can enter as a solo warrior.”

    “Do you Lord Synial accept this great burden and vow to protect the Lotus Temple and clear it’s chambers of the enslaved and repel the invaders?”

    “Yes my Queen, I am and forever will be your humble servant”

    DEC has unsealed Elara and provided access via a teleportation device located to the north of DSEC-9 to allow the people of Toulan to come to the aid of the Lotus Temple. Lotus Invaders have been sighted and have found a way to infiltrate the temple.
    • A new Mob with a new Codex entry – Lotus Invaders have been sighted on Elara
    • Crafting has been enabled and Toulan Blueprints can be looted from the crafting Terminals at the outpost and the Lotus Temple
    • Wahesh Hatchlings and Caboria Ancients have infested the waters
    Nobion has once again collaborated with the Virtualsense team and brought his latest atmospheric music to Elara. Thank you!

    The Lotus Temple located in the center of Elara holds Imprisoned mobs from Toulan for the realm’s safety. The chambers are accessible via gates on the first floor with keys acquired by refining molten from hunting loot.

    Players who have completed the DSEC Emissary mission and retrieved the Crown of Sahar have the exclusive ability to loot Golden Key Parts from the Lotus Solo Instances. These key parts are refined to create the Lotus Gold Solo Master Key which is used to enter the Lotus Gold Solo Instance.

    • No Chest, Loot is received as mobs are killed
    • Imprisoned mob varieties of Toulan Mobs
    • Guardians have the possibility to Loot Golden Key parts (see Guardian Loot)
    • Black, Blue and Brown keys are created by refining molten of the appropriate color acquired in hunting loot
    • Team Instances have chests to open once they are completed
    • Imprisoned mob varieties of Toulan Mobs
    • Red, Green, Silver keys are created by refining molten of the appropriate color acquired in hunting Loot (Green and Silver key Molten is only found in the instances)
    • Mirsal Tokens can be Looted in Team instances from the chests
    • Both Solo and Team instances have chests to open once completed
    • Lotus Gold Solo Master Key is created by refining the key parts looted by Guardians in the Solo Black, Blue and Brown Instances
    • Lotus Gold Team Master Key is created by refining Golden Key Molten acquired from chests in the Lotus Team Silver Instance.
    • Mirsal Tokens cnd be looted in Lotus Gold Instances
    • Lotus Armor can be looted from the chests in Lotus Gold Instances
    • Lotus Armor Plates can be looted from the chests in Lotus Gold Instances
    Unlimited Lotus Armor can be looted from the Chests in the Golden Instances as rare loot.

    • 3 part – 5% Increased Evade, 5% Decreased Critical Damage
    • 5 part – 10% Increased Evade, 10% Decreased Critical Damage
    • 7 part – 20% Increased Evade, 20% Decreased Critical Damage
    Unlimited Armor Plates can be looted from the chests in the Golden Instances as rare loot.

    Two new Nawa Vial powered vehicles have been added. Due to restrictions placed on these vehicles they can only be spawned and used on Toulan Territories (Toulan and DSEC-9).

    • Both powered by Nawa Vial
    • Nawa Flying Carpet(L) is a one person flying vehicle that can be obtained via ‘The Magic Within the caves” Quest
    • Festive Nawa Sleigh(L) is a three person flying vehicle that can be obtained by the festive quest throughout the month of December
    New furniture blueprints(L) are now waiting to be discovered. There has been a particular focus on items we feel may be of interest to our dedicated Shop Owners.

    Collect Christmas crackers whilst hunting non instance mobs during the month of December and hand them in for festive rewards.

    • Stage 1 – A Turkey Mask (who doesn’t love to wear a turkey on their face)
    • Stage 2 – A Festive Tree (Bring some festive cheer to your apartment)
    • Stage 3 – A Festive Sleigh powered by Nawa Vial and restricted to Toulan Territories (Jingle Bells :P)
    Speak to Valeria on DSEC-9 or Thana on Toulan for more information.

    Collect parts from the CUHOF instances on Toulan or the Lotus Instances on Elara and hand them in for your own flying carpet.

    • Powered by Nawa Vial and restricted to Toulan territory meaning it can only be used or spawned on DSEC-9 or Planet Toulan.
    Speak to Lord Synial on Floor 1 of the Lotus Temple or Yasmina at the CUHOF caves for more information.

    No sooner has a lost and found department been added on Floor 6 when a frantic person has appeared having lost their pets.

    • Designed to encourage players to check our the Toulan shops and Toulan stable
    • If Shop Owners happen to see one of these wandering pets in their shop please alert the community.
    • A 10 Mirsal Token reward is offered for any player that can find all 15 pets!
    Speak to a frantic lady on Floor 6 by the information desk for more information.

    After constant and excessive petitioning to the Office of Her Majesty Queen Nara. It has been decided that Toulan Citizenship will be granted to those who risk their life in defense of the realm.

    • Earn contribution during Toulan events by ‘participating’ in the killing of Event Mobs
    • Those granted Toulan Citizenship will receive The Toulan Born Shirt and Pants and be eligible for any community benefits afforded such citizens
    • Once Toulan Citizenship is awarded the avatar will be marked as Toulan born for the purpose of present and future quests (will be able to complete Toulan Born quests)
    Speak to Haneen at the Information Desk for more information.

    A new repeatable Quest has been added to the event area that involves sweating, hunting and harvesting. Speak to Khalil by the event area for more information.

    • Khaffash, Dahar, Sunjoq and Wahesh figurines have been added to the QUWA challenge quests
    • Return to Moftah to receive your reward if you have already completed them.
    John has lost his Otis Toy!

    • Hunt Otis and receive a Toy as a reward.
    Look for the plushie outside the Terminus area to initiate the Quest.

    • New Items have been added to the Mirsal Trader
    • The Items are things that may be useful to Shop Owners!
    • ‘Toulan’ has been added to Global Messages
    • Correct efficiency is now displayed on the Salafa laser sights
    • Storage added to Event Area
    • Fix spelling on Maharesh BP
    • Updated CUHOF daily rewards descriptions
    • Issue with Mawlood Recruit arm Guards Female stats fixed
    • Duhol Wave Spawner adjusted (lowered some maturities)
    • Removed Khaffash Marauders from Volcano
    • Adjusted Khaffash spawning behavior at the temple
    • Updated the names of the CUHOF Gates
    • Adjusted Sound on Mokhat
    • After receiving feedback the picker mission will no longer be required to loot damaged parts and can be obtained in normal loot
    • DSEC-9’ has been added to global messages
    • Fixed looting action in DEC Emissary quest (when looting two items at the same time they now both count)
    • Harvesting has been added to DSEC-9
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  8. Monria

    No release notes available when this post was created. Please let us know when you find them.
  9. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I think with the announcement of Untropia... we can safely assume this will never ever be "patched" now. Replaced with a whole new game engine maybe....

    Also is... is it me... or does that Toulan update has a certain.... purple... quality to it... almost as if it's been MS9'd ,-)

    Finally MAGIC CARPET!! (applause!) I seem to remember always saying back in the early days of Toulan that it NEEDED a magic carpet vehicle or it would just be sad. Glad to see that's FINALLY happened. I just hope it isn't impossible/expensive to get... I expect to see the word ALAKAZAM play a part somewhere too next!
  10. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Can we talk about the effort that went into this landscape?

    actually... no... I'm not sure we can...
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