Pirate Skeleton

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    welp unless your high level, medium level with nice equipment, or a big team of low-medium level players, i would suggest staying away.

    this mob hit me for 80.4, and 48.2 damage.

    ghost or gremlin might suppress some of that, but i think these might need medium level armor for.

    PS: please help to provide info on this if you can fight these mobs.
  2. Yes they are nasty. I was able to take them down ONE at a time. But see what happens when they bring friends! LOL!!

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  3. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    I see they don't like cars either!! LOL :cool:
  4. LOL no, they were quite pissed when I ran them over.
  5. These are actually easily huntable with Kobold & 5b or 8a plates and a p5a 104 combo. Sea Artists hit for 1 pt. masters,gunners for 20-35 points surgeons next to nothing. Carpenters and Cabin boys are a bit tougher with this set up - but still do able. Get my Arse handed to me with anything higher ( quartermaster etc. )
  6. Martial works fine and a p5a +A103...quartermaster is out of my league but sea masters, strykers, cabin boys, masters are all mostly doing 1 dmg with the ocasional higher hit up to 30...
  7. Dropping lots of armour gloves and masks - pixie, gnome, hunter, paladin, gremlin, kobold.
  8. Tom


    There are also some various type Buccaneer Skeletons several 100 meters North of the Mount Pele TP.
  9. Any has any info on the following would be a great help.

    Scanned a heap of skeles today.

    The maturities for Buccaneer skeles, pirate skeles and space pirate skeles are exactly the same as expected - with one exception.

    The pirate skele sea artist is a much higher maturity in terms of HP compared to other pirate skeles, whereas sea artists for buccaneers and space pirates are of a low maturity according to HP. Its the only discrepancy between the all the maturities within these three sets of mob.

    Any ideas?
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